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  1. Justin

    Might “enjoy” this LibertyBelle. If you wish to limit yourself to a single page – make it Page 3.

    Click to access HHRG-113-FA18-Wstate-ZelinA-20130710.pdf

  2. Justin, It’s the perfect weather for a little Fall blog housecleaning. Never fear, libertybelle is a notorious pack rat for keeping cards, letters,mementos and such from friends. Paperwork clutter is the bane of her family’s existence. Even though she chooses pretty floral colored boxes and such, they constantly wonder why she keeps stuff like that. Just wanted to let you know, in case you noticed.

    • Justin


      Don’t tell any of your (if you have any) Arkansas pals “Ol’ Justin even joined in the fun and cleaned the cab of his pickup out. He’s even considering hiring his nephews to wax the paint.”

      (There is [slight] added motivation for this – the VA has requested my presence. In traffic, I like to be seen.)

      And as for your observation not so long ago. Last night’s temp was 47° – I noticed not a few folks wearing jackets. Two actual coats! [Tho’ the tags did declare Florida.]

      • No Arkansas pals, in fact, I’ve only been through Arkansas one time and must admit all I did was remark about how beautiful the scenery is. Lived at Fort Leonard Wood long ago and loved it there too. Something I read on the Gypsy Scholar blog the other day struck me though. Long, long ago I went to Washington DC for the Presidential Classroom for Young Americans and my roommate just happened to be some girl named, Roxanna, and she was from Arkansas. She just loved the BeeGees and that stupid song, “Night Fever” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ihs-vT9T3Q. She jumped upon her bed in our motel room and she began to dance and now reading about someone’s advice to move your body in three directions, well, at last it all made sense – it’s an Arkansas “thing”.

  3. Justin

    Not “all” one reads on the Net is wholly true, LibertyBelle. Matter of fact you managed to land on the exact post that finally ended Justin’s “for public consumption face.” The guy wrote that hadn’t seen or heard from ol’ Justin at that time for oh, 35+ years. For all he knew Justin was no longer in the land of the breathing.

    But it all worked out fine. The windmills of the adventure changed, but at least one wasn’t as apt to get shot at.

    Best of all?

    No sand.

  4. The enthralling was on a totally different thing – on a picture in fact. I was only teasing you. No need to worry about damage control, ie, like explaining that firecracker thing or this other thing. I always try to look for the best in people and life’s complicated. What is the “Big Squish” though, I must be an idiot, because I’m not sure what that phrase means?

    • Justin

      A big piece of rolling steel had the dirt spewed from under one side of it.

      I was downslope. It didn’t hurt


  5. Justin, I removed your last post from being out in the open. I am sorry to have hit a nerve, because that was never my intention to make light of that “other” matter or of you either.

  6. Justin

    You’d have to work really really hard (get very sweaty indeed) to get on my nerves LibertyBelle.

    Frankly. I doubt you’re up to it.

    But thanks – apparently “extremely cool under extreme circumstances” isn’t heritable. Good thing Justin is solely apparent on the one site. Surprises on the Net are one thing, but nowadays it’s kinda difficult (not impossible) to move in more than a single direction at the same time. Thing is, I’ve slowed.

  7. The oddest thing happened at work today. A German lady, who was a friend of Renate’s, stopped by our store and she was talking to me on the patio in lawn and garden. We chatted about it being a year since Renate passed away. She mentioned that she intended to go visit Renate’s grave and put more flowers in a container she had placed there. She informed me that Renate’s grave has lots of flowers growing on it that came up on their own. She walked over to a hanging basket and said, “it’s flowers like these, I don’t know what they’re called.” At that moment, I felt like God was smiling on me, because amazingly enough those flowers were pansies. I told her how amazing that is, because pansies were Renate’s favorite flower. In a heavy German accent, she told me, “I did not know this!”, but she was smiling too. I plan to visit Renate’s grave soon and hope to see the pansies for myself. Now, my practical side feels sure someone either planted some pansies on her grave or someone else planted pansies in that soil before Renate was buried there, because pansies don’t grow wild here. But, at just that moment when this German lady pointed at those pansies, well, it made me believe in miracles and also that pansies really are smiling at me.

  8. Justin


    I stuck this in on Dip’s site when I began commenting there (via formerspook – enter Springfield, Missouri in that site’s ‘Search’ , … I’m pretty sure …)

    Dip though has ignored it. Duff however had it posted oh, maybe 16, 20 hours go. My guess is … you however being the foremost – I use words more carefully than some might consider. Anyway, David I figure is reading this at our moment – GMT 6 hours ahead of my CDT:


    The D&N post:


    • You keep me searching for those needles in a haystack, lol. Read Mr. Duff’s blog post and the FPRI piece too. Even followed the instructions – still unclear as to what I “found”, as I had no idea what I was “looking for”. As with many of your enigmatic statements, DQ, once I walk away and stop thinking too hard about it, *POOF*, it comes to me and then I wonder why I didn’t get it immediately, when you led me straight to “it”. I haven’t got to the “it” in the instructions this morning, might need another cup of coffee to jolt those sluggish synapses, lol. Heading off to work in a few, so I’ll be pondering this for 8 hours 🙂

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