The journey continues

Former Democratic ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee and current president of the Woodrow Wilson Center, Jane Harman, says John Kerry should be nominated for sainthood for his handling of the Syrian debacle and his talks with the Russians in an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper (video here).  Harman offers only a “butterflies and sunbeams”  prediction of how this Russian-brokered  WMD deal will turn out.  With phrases like “Syria is in a box” and a slight cautionary  “all the puzzle pieces are still moving” , she gives herself a handy escape from her own partisan box of lies she unleashed in this interview.  She glowingly  professes that she feels certain Syria will turn over their entire chemical weapons arsenal, but….. when they don’t she can always refer back to, “….as you recall, I stated ‘all the puzzle pieces are still moving’ and the Russians own this mess, because they assured Syrian compliance!”   This woman spent “years” sitting through intelligence briefings through the 1990s and has in-depth knowledge of the WMD weapons charades and in her own words,  “the journey continues”.  In the meantime,  we can all sing along, “we all live in a yellow submarine”.

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  1. Justin

    Totally unrelated LibertyBelle …. just thought I might let you know more about recent posts on Gypsy might be something you’d not know the completest on.

    “Tuck” is a fellow I admire. Jeff posted an excerpt from “Emanations.”

    Tuck – Le Roy Tucker was in the same Marine Corps Unit with a fellow authored this:

    “Life” as I understand so far, “is something beyond understanding” which, I suspect, is likely.

    Your writing LibertyBelle, was so easily … uhm … “talent recognized” – of course your sway is something more along the lines I’d recognize.

    Jeff & Tuck each have produced good writings (which are available).

    I try to remain very obscure. … but I’m not unavailable to the cross-reference.

    Anybody who wants to be famous should have a psychiatric examination.

    That’s the difference between me and (apparently) any friends I might have.

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