Messages of mhere (an American tale) – Epilogue


One might want to cheer mhere’s escape from being permanently locked up as a victory, but it remains but a shallow one at that.  mhere returned home and spent a few days visiting with her mother, but no one broached the subject of what had transpired.  Her “mental condition” (bipolar, to be exact) became a “fact”, after all real psychiatrists had rendered that diagnosis and so mhere’s family placed their trust in “experts”.  hotshot82nd and mhere tiptoed around each other and mhere knew he felt sorry for having her locked up, because he had purchased a large country-style hutch and new kitchen chairs for mhere’s kitchen table a few days before mhere’s release.  In fact, mhere knew he had purchased these before arrogantass#1 had called about having mhere locked-up permanently.

mhere kept thinking about clearing her name, but knew not how to even begin that journey, but being the stubborn person she was, mhere went right back on that politics message board and began posting messages.  presidentmendacity’s scandals continued and mhere felt she could never submit to a bunch of bullies, even powerful ones like thatwitch2016, because at heart tyrants are just big bullies who have managed to acquire power.  mhere still couldn’t make sense out of many of the events that had just transpired, but she knew who wore the pants in presidentmendacity and thatwitch2016’s marriage, because that harpy, shrew made it her primary duty to destroy the other women in presidentmendacity’s life.  It appeared that while thatwitch2016 hated the blatant betrayals of presidentmendacity, she found excuses for his philandering, while scheming of ways to destroy the other women. thatwitch2016 had decided  that her great sacrifices in her marriage entitled her to a richly earned reward – to become the first female President of the United States.  mhere may not have figured out all the details, but she knew who lay at the end of the horrors she had undergone.  mhere had made a vow the day she first saw her old Top in that nuthouse and as mhere’s new life, where she could trust no one began, mhere made a vow that, no matter how long it takes, no matter how impossible it seems, she vowed, “Someday I am going to drag thatwitch2016 to justice!!!”

mhere’s relentless posting on the message board began and mhere kept thinking that she wanted to try and tell her story to someone in the press.  One day mhere decided, “Eureka, I know who I should contact!”  mhere sent an email to bigkahunaincablenews, explaining about the dangers of spin and she told him her user name and the URL of the politics message board.  mhere received no response, but bigkahunaincablenews did declare spin would not be allowed on his show.

mhere also began venting by writing lengthy diatribes in the notepad window on her computer and she directed much vitriol to lambasting americanrommel and asking him how he could attack an enlisted soldier’s spouse for no damned reason.  Writing, for mhere, had always been a pressure valve, where she could turn to spill all her hurts and anger, because she certainly could never find the courage or the words to spit it out.  mhere would type away to get her anger out of her system, then she would delete her angry writings and try to focus on hotshot82nd and her children.  One day mhere went to her politics message board and the entire message boards had vanished.  A new realization hit mhere, thatwitch2016 had played americanrommel and he never had access to her computer at all.  mhere knew thatwitch2016 had used the power of the presidency to corrupt the chain of command and manipulate an attack on an American soldier’s family, all because some message board postings angered her.  mhere stuck to her quest too and although she now realized a Sisyphean obstacle held the high ground position, poised to crush her every attempt to drag thatwitch2016 to justice, mhere did not believe in insurmountable obstacles.  Both Top and hotshot82nd had drilled that belief into mhere’s head and long before that mhere’s kind and gentle father had encouraged all of his children to believe that in America anything is possible, if you work hard and play by the rules.  And of course, mhere’s mother also lived by the conviction that people can do anything if they set their minds to it.  mhere believed in justice and someday, somehow she would expose thatwitch2016’s evil to the world.

Years passed and mhere continued to make attempts to expose thatwitch2016.  At times her hope faltered.  Many years later, mhere still spent time every day pondering her quest.  mhere’s children were grown, her marriage had devolved into tatters because of this evil, which mhere euphemistically thought of as “that mess”.  mhere and hothsot82nd no longer talked and mhere didn’t trust anyone.  mhere’s parents had passed away and mhere had undergone many personal challenges, like an array of physical illnesses.  Yet mhere persisted.  She spent a few years posting on a politics chat room, looking at that venue as a means to expose her story.

mhere had formed a plan to expose thatwitch2016 . One might call it a highly optimistic plan at that, especially considering a frumpy, old homemaker came up with it;-)  In her mind, mhere thought of it as her Sun Tzu Deluxe Edition plan.  mhere decided that since she is scared of guns, she’d aim for: “that to subdue the enemy without fighting is the acme of skill.”  mhere had plans to launch a second American “revolution of ideals” without  a single shot being fired.   Hadn’t one of America’s top generals waxed on about “winning the hearts and minds” of some foreigners still living under a tribal system, funded by a narco state?  Well, surely there was more hope for success in America……. if we still have a heart.   Year after year, she kept reassessing her plan, making adjustments, and making small forays to try and break out in the mainstream media.  mhere knew she needed an online platform where she could keep her own “Radio Free America” voice alive.  Over a decade after the attack mhere began posting comments on columns written by one of mhere’s favorite military strategists, thepottsvillepundit, and she found there was enough space for her to write more than a few sentences.  mhere had tried facebook and that didn’t work.  After posting comments on thepottsvillepundits’ column, suddenly his columns disappeared.  mhere kept checking and her comments remained intact on his previously published columns, but then one day mhere noticed all comments had been removed.

mhere believed thatwitch2016 still was tracking her computer, but to mhere that seemed insane in the extreme.   Still mhere believed it was true.  mhere was no quitter, she fought on.  The internet had evolved and blogs had come into vogue.  mhere dipped her toes in the blogging pond by first posting comments on a blog devoted to issues of freedom in America.  That site’s orginator began sending mhere emails of interesting news and politics events  and he urged mhere to start her own blog.    Could mhere’s blog, at long last,  be the force multiplier she had been searching for all these years?

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