Messages of mhere (an American tale) – Chapter 9

One day hotshot82nd and some of the children came to visit mhere.  hotshot82nd sat down on mhere’s bed and he rubbed her back and quietly begged her to start cooperating with the doctors, so she would get better.  mhere felt so much anger that hotshot82nd wouldn’t listen to her, but mhere blamed herself too.  She always let hotshot82nd be the big deal and she catered to all his whims.  Even when she thought she knew more than he did on a topic, she wouldn’t press the point.  For instance, mhere thought she was pretty good at understanding military strategy, politics, foreign policy, diplomacy and grand strategy, because she had been signing out books from the Army post libraries for almost two decades and devouring them.  hotshot82nd had spent a lot of time away from home training over the years and mhere took care of the children, their home, volunteered a great deal, but after the children went to bed (yes, mhere had a set bedtime in her home), she would spend hours reading about these topics.  She also would read the Army Times from cover to cover.  After she and hotshot82nd had been married a few years, mhere began to think, “I think like a commander and hotshot82nd thinks like a tactician.”, but she didn’t want to say that to him, because he thought she was a helpless female, who was scared of everything, which she was of course….  Now, mhere felt self-recrimination and guilt such as she had never felt before.  She kept silent, but she thought, “I wish I had just walked away from that message board, but I had to have the last word.”

hotshot82nd left mhere’s room for a moment and mhere’s older son quickly whispered to mhere, “Mom, that arrogantass#1 called Dad last night and Dad was crying.  They want to send you to a state mental hospital and lock you up permanently.”  He added, “there’s a hearing tomorrow.”

Desperation gripped mhere, but then she told herself, “think, just think.”  And as she paced the hallway, she thought, “I have to keep fighting!  Don’t give up!”  mhere kept thinking, “I have to get a message out of here and ask for help.”  Slowly a thought formed and mhere pulled out a tablet and she gathered up the facility’s brochure of “a patient’s rights”.

mhere sat down and tried to compose a coherent letter and she penned a plea for help with legal counsel.  mhere addressed the letter to countrystar1017 and then she waited to see the young blond woman who had moved on to the next phase of counseling and was no longer on mhere’s hallway.  mhere saw her outside the nurses’ desk and she called her name.  mhere asked her to please give this letter to countrystar1017.  mhere felt this woman knew she was an honest person, because on that woman’s first night in that nuthouse, she was sitting there shaking and she had bare feet.  She told mhere her feet were cold and mhere went to her room and got a pair of socks for her to wear and mhere had spent several hours listening to the young woman talk about her problems.  And over the next few days mhere and the young woman talked frequently and one afternoon after hotshot82nd left, the young woman said “your husband’s kind of cute!”  mhere had laughed and replied, “yeah, I think so too!”

The “good cop” shrink  took mhere into a private room and he urged her to sign some paper and mhere finally relented and signed the paper.  A while later mhere thought, “What if that was a trick?”  mhere threw another hissy-fit demanding to speak to the director of this facility and when that lady came to speak to mhere, mhere told her she wanted that paper back, because she didn’t understand it and felt like she was being tricked.  mhere also demanded a lawyer.  She told the director, “I think my rights have been violated and I insist on a lawyer.”  mhere also told this lady, “No one even told me there’s going to be a hearing tomorrow!”  The director did return that paper to mhere.

A short while later, a lady lawyer arrived and she took mhere into a private room to talk.  mhere told her lawyer that no one had even told her about this hearing and how she had been locked up for weeks already.  mhere asked her lawyer how that could happen and how long could they hold her against her will.  Her lawyer said she would start checking things out.

The next morning, hotshot82nd arrived and mhere’s mother was with him.  Before they entered the room for the hearing, mhere told hotshot82nd, “you never listen to me, but for once in your life just shut the fuck up and listen to me!”  mhere told him, “don’t say a word in here, I have a lawyer!”

Everyone took their seats around a long table in a private room and a lady judge at the head of the table took charge of the proceedings. arrogantass#1 was seated directly across the table from mhere and he threw mhere a contemptuous glare.  mhere’s hands were shaking.  Right out of the chute,  mhere’s lawyer addressed the issue that mhere hadn’t been informed of her rights or notified about these proceedings.  The judge turned to the attorney for the facility, who didn’t have an answer, but arrogantass#1 started to speak, but the judge cut him off and asked the attorney again if mhere had been advised of her rights.  The judge dismissed the case and told mhere that she was free to go.

mhere was free at last.

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