Messages of mhere (an American tale) Chapter 4

Growing up out in the country, mhere loved spending time outdoors and she loved gardening.  Traveling around for years in the Army provided a wealth of experiences, but mhere constantly told hotshot82nd that someday she yearned for a garden of her own.  mhere loved to take care of plants and considering just about everyone where she grew up had at least a small plot to grow some vegetables, she had learned from an early age how important it is to be able to grow your own food.  She loved helping can vegetables and make pickles in the summertime.  One of her favorite chores as a child was to trim around the house and along the sidewalks, long before weed-eaters existed.  Her mother would hand her a pair of grass shears and she would happily work her way around the house and along the sidewalk.  Another chore she loved was to spend time weeding the garden.

When they had bought their home, mhere’s parents came to visit and mhere excitedly told her father that finally she was going to have a garden of her own.  mhere’s father walked around the backyard with her looking at the sky and then picking up handfuls of dirt here and there as they talked.  He pointed out which side of her yard got the best sunlight, then he kindly told mhere that her dream wasn’t going to be easy, because the soil wasn’t fertile like back home where seeds sprouted without effort.  He told her, “all you’ve got here is sand and clumps of clay.”  mhere had waited many years to have her garden and she decided, “I don’t care!  I am going to have a garden!”  She told hotshot82nd what her father had said and how she thought if she added plenty of compost, over time, she could build up her soil.  She went to the library and signed out books on Southern gardening and then she told hotshot82nd that what she needed was a compost bin.  He built her two large bins back by the edge of the woods behind their home and he started adding yard scraps to begin the process to build up her soil.  Now, hotshot82nd didn’t know anything about gardening, because he grew up in a city, but when she showed him books with diagrams and happily waxed on about her dreams of a garden of her own, he jumped in to help.

hotshot82nd had decided what mhere needed was a fence with a gate to keep the kids and dogs out of her garden, so he built a fence.  The first couple years mhere’s garden didn’t produce much of anything, but by the time this new scandal hit America, mhere happily told her mother that her garden actually was starting to grow like the gardens back home and mhere felt that the few years she had spent adding compost over and over and over had finally paid off.

One night, mhere got up during the middle of the night to use the bathroom and she noticed there were lights on at the house across the street where the neighbors had moved and the house sat empty awaiting new neighbors.  mhere glanced through the slats of her mini-blind and thought it odd that there were several vehicles in the driveway and the floodlight in the backyard was on.   She always had many chores to do around her home, so she put this out of her mind and didn’t give it more thought until much later.

One morning, mhere went outside after her children had gone to school and she started sweeping her front porch.  An odd sensation hit her, and she couldn’t quite describe it because she had never felt like this before.  This sensation continued wherever she went in her house and even in her backyard when she went outside to work in her garden.  It was Fall and mhere wanted to plow under her garden, but when hotshot82nd said he’d get the rototiller out to do that, mhere told him she liked doing it by hand with a shovel and there were many weeds she wanted to pull out when she did it.  As she worked this sensation of being “tracked”, would be the only word she could use to describe it at this point, followed her.

Strange things began to happen to mhere.  The sensation of being tracked continued and as the days passed many times when she was in her home near hotshot82nd, she started to feel jolts that knocked her off-balance.  She started to get scared, but since mhere was scared of everything, she kept her fears to herself.  All her life, she had been the little cry-baby – scared of the dark, scared of strangers, scared, scared, scared.  Her fearful nature caused her children and hotshot82nd to make fun of her often, because at the first hint of a storm, she’d rush to get the flashlight handy and start thinking about all the what “ifs”.  She worried about everything.

Days turned into weeks and these jolts continued.   One day mhere was back by the woods at her compost bins and she noticed that a nearby tree had a brand-new tree stand and it was situated to look directly into her backyard.  She thought that was very odd, because for the years they had lived there, an old dilapidated tree stand had been in that tree from years ago before this neighborhood had houses.  Fear rippled through mhere, because she was beginning to worry, but she kept telling herself, “stop being ridiculous!”  She had noticed that when she left her house that odd sensation disappeared, but when she returned home it started again.  When hotshot82nd got home, mhere told him about this tree stand and he walked back there to look at it .  He thought that was odd too.

Her days turned into anxious worryings and mhere noticed something strange, some of her message boards comments were being borrowed by right-wing pundits on TV.   The jolts had now turned into anxious hours spent feeling like she was being pressed down almost, so she would sit and try to keep the fears at bay.  Gradually, she began to think she really was being deliberately attacked and as soon as she would let that line of thought play out, the possibilities seemed so far-fetched that she would pull herself back and tell herself, “that would be impossible! I am just a homemaker, who would care about what I have to say on some stupid message board?”  Back and forth she would think, “well, what if I am being targeted, who would do this?” Only to be followed with thoughts of, “stop being stupid, no one cares about a message board.”

For many years America had been engaged in a far-off country, embroiled in low-level conflict – maintaining a no-fly zone and pressing economic sanctions after a short war, that hotshot82nd had participated in almost a decade before.  Now, mhere held presidentmendacity in complete contempt when it came to foreign policy, because he followed the same script as in his speeches, – lies, disingenuous promises, backtracking and waffling. He didn’t seem to have any set core principles or objectives and every move he made was weighed against how it would impact his poll numbers and his image.  He governed by poll numbers and his cadre of what mhere thought of as “sewer rats”, spent endless hours talking about presidentmendacity’s popularity, even as the fall-out from this latest scandal escalated.

The scandal inched along toward talk of impeachment and removal from office and mhere’s message boards became even more contentious.  News broke of presidentmendacity launching a new round of air strikes in this far off country and immediately critics charged this was a lame attempt to deflect attention from the sex scandal.  One night, mhere pointed out to hotshot82nd that the only high-ranking military officer who had come out in support of presidentmendacity’s military action was a commander hotshot82nd had served under long ago, in a war in that far-off country.  Now, mhere and hotshot82nd had very differing opinions of this commander, now a retired general, whom mhere thought of as the americanrommel.   hotshot82nd considered americanrommel a fantastic commander.  mhere knew americanrommel hated her, because of some issues mhere and americanrommel’s wife had during that long ago war.  Of course, hotshot82nd didn’t like politics and he didn’t want to hear about a bunch of “wives” stuff, when mhere had tried to tell him long, long ago.

The Army, just like America, had signed onto this “two for one” idea and instead of a “co-president”, the Army had a “command team”.  americanrommel’s wife certainly had proved adept at grasping the reins of power.  mhere thought of her as the queenoftherock and in fact, mhere’s neighbor had heard her glibly exclaim that she felt like she was “the queen of the rock”. To mhere’s way of thinking she was more akin to a petty tyrant, almost as bad as thatwitch2016.   Of course, mhere cattily thought, “of course americanrommel would support presidentmendacity, because if the scuttlebutt hotshot82nd heard was true, americanrommel couldn’t keep his pants zipped either!”  mhere remembered hotshot82nd coming home and telling her that story circulating that americanrommel had to retire,  because he got involved with a foreign reporter while serving in another far-off country for presidentmendacity.   mhere thought to herself, “of course he’d be sympathetic to presidentmendacity’s problem!’  hotshot82nd thought amercianrommel was a great commander, but mhere knew that americanrommel hated her.

Things were starting to get worse for mhere at home.  Sometimes when the kids were off at school and hotshot82nd was at work, her TV started flipping channels on its own.  The jolts were turning into hours upon hours of feeling pressed down and her heart had started skipping beats sometimes and she’d take slow, deep breaths to try and steady her heart, because it was beating completely out of whack, as the fear nearly paralyzed her.

One morning she awakened early and she noticed that hotshot82nd had poop all over his butt and she thought at first that he had diarrhea, but fear rippled through her.  It seemed odd to her, because it was on the outside of his underwear and it smelled like animal feces.  She woke him up and he cleaned himself up and she kept telling herself, “it was just an accident, think about normal stuff and this crazy stuff will go away!”  It was Christmas time and mhere loved decorating.  For the several years they had lived in their home, mhere and hotshot82nd took the kids to a nearby Christmas tree farm to pick out a tree and cut it down.    Time to think about baking Christmas cookies, which mhere loved to bake at least a half-dozen different kinds and store them in decorative metal cans, so the kids and hotshot82nd could happily munch on them for weeks.

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