Messages of mhere (an American tale) Chapter -3

Scandals seemed to follow this president and mhere thought of him as presidentmendacity.  Often she would watch him on TV and his oratorical skills amazed mhere, who due to her own lack of public-speaking ability, admired great public speakers.  Now, presidentmendacity fell into a category of his own, he oozed folksy charm, connected with people, and his mastery of using words struck mhere as totally amazing.  He wasn’t just a “good” public speaker, no, mhere thought he was right up there with President Ronald Reagan, who was one of mhere’s personal favorite presidents (of course, no president, good public speaking skills aside, could top President George Washington in mhere’s estimation – she just loved reading about George Washington and anyways, no president could top building his own army from scratch in mhere’s book).  Often,  mhere would watch presidentmendacity speak on TV and then she would seek out a transcript of the speech, to compare what she thought he said, to what he actually said.  mhere thought he might be the best liar in the world, because he had mastered lying so well that he didn’t even have any obvious “tells” that she could detect.

America embraced presidentmendacity, but the left-wing partisans and mainstream media tripped over themselves singing the praises of presidentmendacity’s wife, whom mhere thought of as thatwitch2016.  Oh my goodness, the press could not say enough about thatwitch2016, “smartest woman in the world”, “America was getting two presidents for the price of one”, “a co-president who wasn’t going to sit at home and bake cookies”  and the tributes to her abilities were hailed far and wide.  Now, mhere loved to sit at home and bake cookies and she didn’t see what was wrong with baking cookies – everyone likes cookies.   As a small child mhere loved playing for hours with her play kitchen set and as a teenager, her favorite job was babysitting.  mhere loved babies.  Of course, growing up in the girl power era, mhere felt compelled to think in terms of “careers”, but her romantic little heart led her to feel like all she really wanted to do was find her Prince Charming and live happily ever after in a castle filled with lots of children.  mhere loved reading books on interior decorating. Her grandmother had given mhere’s oldest sister a set of decorating books, which mhere read through many times and she loved to look at the pictures of the different decorating styles.  In fact, she loved reading about decorating almost as much as she loved reading about military strategy.

Many things confused mhere about presidentmendacity and his “co-president”, thatwitch2016.  mhere wondered why people thought she was such a trailblazer, when it seemed to mhere thatwitch2016 rode her husband’s coattails to power, because on her own mhere didn’t think many people would like her strident, harpy ways.  As time went by, scandals dogged presidentmendacity’s footsteps and mhere noticed something odd about thatwitch2016.  Instead of sweeping her house, like mhere did, thatwitch2016 spent her time sweeping presidentmendacity’s scandals under the carpet.  Oh my gosh, mhere thought, she’s got so much power as “co-president”and no one to check it except presidentmendacity (and mhere’s beloved The Federalist Papers warned about that danger)  And another fearful thought struck mhere’s heart – thatwitch2016 lied even more than presidentmendacity and she wasn’t going to let anyone get in her way to becoming “the first” female President.  mhere often thought thatwitch2016 believed it was her destiny to be the first female President, because as so many people told her, “she’s the smartest woman in the world” and she believed it.

When this new scandal hit America, mhere waited like an avid spectator to see how it played out and she wondered, “how many ways will they lie this time?”  Her answer came quickly and like those hordes of Genghis Khan, who swept across the Steppes, thatwitch2016’s storm troops operated using what mhere thought of as most like a “swarming tactic”.  They began immobilizing the opposition using spin (lies) to bombard all avenues of information dissemination.

mhere felt like the very pillars upon which America stood were under attack.  In her youth, she had sworn an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States, from all enemies foreign and domestic, when she joined the Army.  Another one of mhere’s pet subjects to read about was propaganda and oh my, Army post libraries were filled with books on that and military intelligence operations (another one of mhere’s favorite hobbyhorses), where she loved to read about how everyone else in the world ran their operations.   Being a cold war era little soldier, mhere focused mainly on the Soviets, but boy mhere read a book on Czech intelligence one time and she was impressed.  mhere liked cowboys too and she sure liked reading about the US Army in the American West.  In one Army post library she had found a really fascinating book filled with actual photos of the Army in the American West that she spent many hours looking at.  Americans like innovation and thinking outside the box, so mhere learned about the US Army Camel Corps too.

This new scandal involved presidentmendacity and a sexual relationship with a young woman, because he sure liked women.  All through his political career, stories of his philandering ways followed him and thatwitch2016 had made it her wifely duty to fix all these scandals and manage the political fall-out, because she knew presidentmendacity possessed all the political dazzle that she lacked and if she stuck with him, then she could climb to the top too.

When these new posters invaded the message board where mhere had gotten comfortable prosing on about her pet political and cultural topics, it quickly became obvious to mhere that they had come prepared to silence the opposition.  mhere never liked bullies and this sure seemed like bullying.  And as mhere watched, this was happening on TV, in the press too and mhere began to think wow, the Constitution really is under attack.  She believed that those entrusted with preserving the rule of law would do their duty, so she didn’t worry at first and she decided that she wasn’t going to let them get away with that on this message board.  She fought back with all her might as they silenced one after another of the right-wing posters.  And since mhere liked to have the last word, boy, she was a natural at these message boards.  So much of their spin struck mhere as plainly idiotic, so she began mocking them.

She watched, totally disgusted, as thatwitch2016 and presidentmendacity got people with fancy titles to go before the American public and lie.  A law professor from a prominent American university actually sat on TV day after day talking about how lying under oath didn’t matter in this situation.  mhere felt total disgust for so much lying all to keep presidentmendacity in power, but even more alarming to mhere was how thatwitch2016 launched attacks to silence and discredit all the other women involved with presidentmendacity.  mhere felt there was some great irony that the supposed champion of women, so doggedly tried to destroy other women.

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