Beyond the long arm of the law

When the Edward Snowden scandal broke I wrote a rather mealy-mouthed take on his theft of national secrets he was entrusted to safeguard.  Barack Obama and Edward Snowden might seem very different, but they’re two very similar men when it comes to their core characters.  Barack Obama  played his race for all its worth to end up attending some of America’s most prestigious universities and I have read speculations that he used his Kenyan ancestry to play games to receive consideration as a “foreign” student, akin to Elizabeth Warren dishonestly latching onto her Native American heritage to get special consideration in her teaching career.  He specializes in latching onto people who can advance his political aspirations and he ditches people just as adroitly once they have stopped being useful to him. Snowden appears to have honed his computer skills and used them to advance way beyond what his educational achievements would warrant and he seems to know how to latch onto the right people to advance his objectives too.  Snowden reached a level of political maneuvering way beyond his capabilities and thus we can see his glaring inadequacies in his silly rants about countries that refuse to give him asylum and while his communist handlers puffed up his importance to gain access to the information, they now want him to quietly disappear into the annals of duped American idiots.  Sadly, President Obama doesn’t know much more about the world or foreign policy than Edward Snowden and woe be it for us, he doesn’t realize that America’s adversaries aren’t done using him and playing him for a fool too.    It’s pretty pitiful to watch Putin orchestrate this Snowden situation and milk it for all its worth to make President Obama look like a helpless dupe.  And this is the man America chose to lead – the one who had a staffer thinking it was clever to say the President leads from behind.   I can assure you that no one working for Valdimir Putin would ever have thought to suggest such a milktoast sentiment as “leading from behind”.  I can picture Vladimir Putin,  sitting with his feet propped up, laughing big belly laughs as he reads American political news and reads the conflicted, disjointed, disorganized mess that passes for American foreign policy coming from this White House. This President really thinks it makes America look stronger to get all gung-ho to put women at the front in combat, while he simultaneously talks about slashing our military??? And I would imagine the President blabbering on about “Global Zero” and now the “zero option” for Afghanistan has most of  America’s adversaries laughing at us, thinking, “here he goes again, null, nada, nothing as usual”.

Now, I’ve spent most of my life baking cookies, taking care of kids, doing needlework, and  oh yeah, reading a lot about military history and military strategy, but here is what I would do. I would say hell no to women in infantry units and hell no to cutting our nuclear arsenal too.  I would say hell no to negotiating with the Taliban too.  And I sure would weed out every single one of President Obama’s Islamist sympathizers from our military and we would start naming our enemies and our adversaries, not hiding behind touchy-feely political correctness.  I would talk to other world leaders like adults and point out areas where we might be able to deal and I sure would talk about points of contention.  The worst mistake you can ever make as a parent is the same one a world leader should avoid – don’t make threats you don’t plan to follow through on.  If you tell your child, “Stop that or I will beat your butt!” and then your child continues to do that over and over and over again and all you do is repeat the same threat, well, even small children realize your threats ring pretty hollow.  The same goes for a President blabbering about “red lines” and telling Iran, “stop developing nuclear weapons or I’ll, ummmmmm, I’m not sure what I’ll do, just believe me I will not allow Iran to develop nuclear weapons!”  Pretty pathetic, right?     Here’s the difference between me and President Obama, I don’t say it unless I mean it.  And I do love reading about  military strategy, foreign affairs, military intelligence (both ours and lots of other folks).   Now I never intend to ever run for any political office, so you’re all safe from my strident, assertive American posture in the world, but really I wonder why Americans elect and fawn over so many people with weak characters.  The single most important trait our leaders should posses is a strong, honest character.   Failing that we end up with a government run amok, where respect for the rights of the people that should be of the utmost concern at all times, ends up trampled and discounted, in an ever widening cesspit of corruption.

Here’s where we end up when we bestow grave responsibilities and entrust unworthy people with power that they lack the character to wield fairly or wisely. The widespread corruption within the Obama administration, where privacy rights were violated cavalierly demonstrates that political  concerns matter most to this President, first, last, always.  His one claim to fame on leading – the bin Laden raid,  shows that puffing up Obama’s image mattered most and the egregious grandstanding by top administration officials after the Bin Laden raid led to the blowback attack by Taliban insurgents three months later that left 30 American warriors dead from their helicopter being shot out of the sky (here).  Yes, this President and his present-day CIA director didn’t have the sense to keep their mouths shut after the Bin Laden raid and named Seal Team 6 and wanted to regale the world with a minute by minute account of the raid, releasing way too much sensitive information on Seal Team 6.  In fact, everyone in this administration wanted to blab to the press about the Bin laden raid and I remember being struck by the insanity from the minute the news broke.  The Pentagon should have handled the release of any operational information and ALL questions regarding the raid should have been referred back to the Pentagon, where military professionals could control and make the decisions on what information could be released and what information needed to be safeguarded to protect our special force operators and their methods.   So, when this Snowden scandal hit, I found this administration’s lamentations about national security just a tad disingenuous.

This president isn’t fit to be a commander of any sort, especially not the commander-in-chief of the United States Armed Forces.  This president doesn’t understand any military issues, except the most superficial, divisive issues that  get used by left-wing activists to transform, remold, dismantle our military as the most highly trained fighting force in the world.  He truly thinks some big focus on “gay rights” will create a stronger military???  How about he study some real military issues and maybe read some real military history.  He has no respect for the US military and how people can conveniently forget that this man accused US servicemembers of being terrorists while he was a US senator leaves me baffled.  The truth is he never developed the character traits required of being a good military leader as a teenager getting high with this Choom Gang (ABC story here) or from his mentoring by his dear Uncle Frank Marshall Davis, an avowed communist.  He has immersed himself in far left grievance politics his entire life and has never done a single thing  that required personal sacrifice.  He doesn’t understand national security issues very well either and that is why he operates such a slipshod drone program using John Brennan to decide who lives and who dies as they secretly compile their kill lists and execute even American citizens with no oversight.

From just the things President Obama bragged about in his own autobiography, well, he would not be suitable to receive a security clearance – truly he wouldn’t.  Yet this is the man who is entrusted with enforcing his own “Insider Threat Program” (here), to stop the Edward Snowden types from betraying our country.  We’ve got a man who sees everything through his own personal political advancement.  He does not care about national security or the military  – he cares about his own big ego and everything that he can control, use, abuse, to advance his big ideas or make himself look good, as he and his staff of amoral political hacks charge recklessly ahead with no thought to the moral high ground or doing what’s right for the country.  This lack of character keeps the scandals churning and surely many more will follow.  Edward Snowden most assuredly damaged our national security a great deal, but then again I wonder if the damage is as great as that inflicted by this inept President and his band of  far-left loons, who waiver, waffle, weasel and wimp out of making tough decisions or following through on much of anything.  So, therein lies why I reacted in such a muffled manner, when I should have realized that just because one person is corrupt that doesn’t absolve another person of violating the law to highlight that corruption.  Sadly, neither one will ever be held to account for their actions, unreachable beyond the long arm of the  law.

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