The “zero option”

President Obama, in keeping with his big O plans, is reported to be mulling over a “zero option” for Afghanistan post 2014.  His entire presidency will be remembered for it’s big, fat zero ideas, so this idea is to leave zero troops in Afghanistan, assuring that our efforts and sacrifices there were really for naught (hint: that means nothing).  Here’s a USA Today story on this “zero option”.  There’s not even a whiff of a strategy or mention of US interests, it’s merely reacting based on personal animosity toward  Hamid Karzai, which this White House thinks justifies using US troops as a personal tool to get even with Karzai.  Don’t expect any big strategic plans from this crowd.  In Iraq his minions failed to get a status of forces agreement ironed out, leading to a precipitous American military abandonment, so this “zero option” continues the Obama leading from behind motif – nowhere to be found.  We sacrificed thousands of American lives so that President Obama can pave the way for the Taliban to return to power.  Hooray, for American leadership, right…..  I am so embarrassed to have these clueless fools representing our great country.  That often used to say, that while America plays checkers,  the Russians play chess comes to mind, except with this administration checkers seems to be way beyond their strategic-planning capabilities.

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  1. jalal michael sabbagh.

    Great insight look at BHO Barack Hussein Obama’s weak administration .All he and his cabinet members know/”:the don’t know”.Most of them Like Jay Carney who represent the “l don’t know, attitude.””they faild the American people.Jalal

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