NSA Junk Mail Folders

This latest massive security leak over the NSA spying on American citizens routine internet usage and on our allies (as well as our enemies) triggered the press to jump into a frenzied mob, albeit a very mindless mob at that.  “How dare the government spy on us” seems to be what’s got them in a tizzy.  Skip the American press to get any solid reporting!  The UK paper, The Guardian, landed the major haul – an in-depth interview with the self-identified leaker, Edward Snowden, a former technical assistant for the CIA.  (interview here & here).

The dilemma for many of us, follow all the rules types, is that our instant reaction to this story is to demand they prosecute this leaker to the full extent of the law.  Whenever I catch wind of these stories of people with security clearances blatantly violating the trust placed in them by their government, well, I automatically judge that behavior reprehensible.  Since 9/11 our government leaped into overdrive on revamping, expanding and completely overhauling our intelligence capabilities, to atone for the colossal intelligence failures that led to that horrific attack.  The problem seems to be that with so many different agencies and contractors involved in this devilish monstrosity, that only big government can spawn, no one seems to be able to know for certain the full scope of our “intelligence-gathering” on ordinary, law-abiding American citizens.  The even larger looming security risk is with the government relying so heavily on private contractors for much of this work, our intelligence agencies set up a very insecure “team” to run this show.  Our premier intelligence agencies, which we’re paying through the teeth to fund, farm out much of this surveillance work to private contractors and seem to be placing our national security in their hands, rather than in the hands of fully vetted and accountable government employees.  (another piece from theguardian).

Amazingly, with so much spent to gather this vast amount of intelligence, the best this administration could come up with on Benghazi was blaming some lame video and offering varying “narratives”, minus any concrete evidence or hard facts.  No one in the administration has ever fully explained how Fast and Furious came about or who authorized it.  We’ve got an attorney general who blazed to national prominence  in the Waco/Ruby Ridge/Elian Gonzalez (corrupt to the core) Reno Justice Department and he seems incapable of speaking the truth, so help him God!   The former Secretary of State, told us, “what difference does it make?” and she, who rode her husband’s splendid political coat tails to power and who wielded many Presidential powers as the media cheered, “two for one”, to this day is hailed as one of America’s most respected women.  What a marvel there, where she ran a team of scurrilous sewer rats in relentless forays looking for any dirt she could dig on any and all she perceived as political enemies.   The media turned a blind-eye to her crazed witch hunts (the extent which hopefully someday sees the light of day).  She trolled the internet looking for a vast, right-wing conspiracy way back then – an internet trailblazer for sure.  And truly, no one in this administration has come anywhere close to understanding the Arab Spring or much of anything else going on in the world.

Billions upon billions spent for intelligence and this is the “quality” of what our government comes up with???  We’re spending a fortune for useless junk mail folders filled to overflowing.  The clowns in this administration  couldn’t put the pieces of some complicated intelligence puzzle together even with a numbered diagram in front of them and all the pieces already numbered to show them where they fit.  Basically we’re paying a fortune to fill up bottomless junk mail folders of useless minutiae.  What’s missing from all this reliance on computer wizardry and the ability to acquire so much information is a commensurate level of  human intelligence to provide the nuanced analytical requirement to produce a quality intelligence product.

A corrupt government deserves no loyalty and certainly this administration nudged out the Clinton thugs for the title of most corrupt administration in my lifetime.  So, I’m left in a moral quandary over this latest leaker, not ready to hail him as a hero for the people and not quite ready to demand we leave no avenue untraveled to hunt him down.  Our government is a national disgrace and quite frankly, we should all demand better, because let’s hope we, the American people, still hold true to some pride in being an honest, generous, worthy nation.   Let’s hope there are enough of us left who still believe in the Constitution and the rule of law.

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