Obama’s Women: The cackling hens have come home to roost……

This morning brings the true radical agenda of Obama into clear view.  In fact, the mainstream media will need to dig much faster and deeper to bury the true extent of this administration’s  far left lunacy with today’s news that Susan Rice will become the new National Security Adviser, in the wake of Tom Donilon announcing his resignation (story here).  Since this position does not require Senate confirmation, President Obama, once again thumbed his nose at the American people.  Who cares that he sent Susan Rice out to lie to the American people about Benghazi?

And to complete the far-left turn in President Obama’s foreign policy trajectory comes Samantha Power, the relentless humanitarian interventionist, who has no respect for the US military, but wants to use them as her personal tool to wield her lofty, unbelievably naive strategy to end genocide in the world. (here)  Power advocates some principle she calls “the responsibility to protect”, to prod the US to intervene all over the world to stop “genocide’  (a term which definitely is in the eye of the beholder in most of these racial and ethnic squabbles).  She’s all for American unilateral military intervention on her terms and for the trendy causes that left-wing academics embrace. (American Thinker piece on her views here) She knows absolutely nothing about military matters, but that never has stopped any of these tough-talking, leftist ideologues from wanting to use the US military for their political  adventures.

As I stated in a previous post, only when the world’s major powers can act in unison and form a united front, should we intervene in these messy third-world situations, where we have no clear national security objectives.    Going it alone leads to mission creep and puts our troops in situations with murky, ill-defined military objectives and unnecessarily costs American lives.  For this administration the loss of American lives doesn’t count – this President with these pushy women prodding him, continues to lie about Benghazi, authorizes drone strikes killing American citizens with no outside oversight, and now has promoted two of the most ideologically left women to complete his second term foreign policy team.   So, let’s not act surprised when President Obama decides to ratchet up US support for the Syrian rebels or if he starts using the US military for more military adventurism in the Middle East.  With these two women tightening their apron strings around this indecisive waffler-in chief, don’t be surprised if Samantha borrows from her husband’s theories and turns those Sunstein “nudges” into “shoves”, as she tries to subvert American law to the will of her international legal remedies for the world’s humanitarian problems.

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