Time For A Truce?

The hardcore  feminists, with their rigid orthodoxy when it comes to the “proper” way to refer to a lady, oops I meant “woman” hit the warpath again..   President Obama unwittingly walked into this fly trap of word choices, when he referred to Kamala Harris, CA’s attorney general as the “best-looking” attorney general in the country during a fundraising speech on April 4, 2013 (here).    One would think that after the Clinton years, where the prominent feminist mouthpieces found new and creative semantic contortions to salvage Bill Clinton  from the misogynist manure pile, their hypocrisy had reached its zenith.  They feverishly worked to convince people that his behavior was not  that of a “cad” (now there’s a word from the bygone days when “gentlemen” existed).  Instead, the fault rested with right-wing haters who exposed Clinton’s private conduct.  Now, President Obama for merely stating (what is obvious to any objective person ) that  Kamala Harris is a beautiful woman got that feminist hornet’s nest buzzing in outrage and of course, President Obama quickly apologized for his choice of words.    Despite the social conditioning from the feminist relics of the 60s, yes, people (and men in particular) still notice beautiful women and despite all the lip service to feminism, women spend plenty of time and money on their appearance and seeking male notice.  President Obama noticed what is obvious and the shrill feminist response should make rational people laugh these tired old feminist harpies off the national stage.  That a rather innocuous remark should illicit so much press and debate, demonstrates that the feminists will never be satisfied, as they keep demanding  an ever-widening array of concessions and adherence to their evolving “code” of what they deem acceptable “gender neutral” living.   Men and women really are not interchangeable parts in society, but on the serious sociological plane –  they will always be different and those differences should not be the cause of so much angst.

In the same week, a Princeton graduate, Susan Patton, came under fire for writing an article urging Princeton’s female students to seriously think about marriage and finding their catch (future spouse)  from the prospective pool of males who swim in the male undergraduate pond. (story here).  Once again a feminist furor arose.  How dare this woman suggest young women think about marriage, when career should be the defining role for these bright young women.  Of course, in perfect timing with this Princeton uproar and President Obama’s alleged “sexist comment”, comes Hillary Clinton droning on about how the clock is turning back for women in America, in a speech at the Women In The World summit, April 5th, in New York (here is a news report from the Washington Examiner).   Obviously she lives a life disconnected from the real world where many employers have shed full-time positions and opted to go with less of a benefit burden using part-time employees, as they await the full impact of Obamacare to hit their bottom line.  She’s yammering for equal pay and paid family and medical leave benefits in this depressing job climate.   Most women I know, unlike Chelsea and her friends that Hillary cites as her link to average women, want to keep the jobs they have, even if they are working well under their educational qualifications.

Frankly, many people, both men and women, seem pretty happy just to have a job these days and this clamor for more benefits comes from the mouths of out of touch wealthy women like Hillary, who have never had to struggle to make ends meet or struggle to maintain a home, care for their own children and work outside the home too.  Average women don’t have the luxury to sit in their ivory tower whining at symposiums about how much more the government should interfere in our daily lives; we do the best we can to manage our own homes, our own children and our own lives.  The more these agents of change have undermined traditional family values, the worse off way too many women are when it comes to finding a happy balance between family and career, with feminists at the ready to denigrate women who opt for less career and more family time.  Hillary’s advice is truly outdated, as thousands of young female college grads can’t find jobs and those who wasted money on degrees in useless fields like “women’s studies” face a very limited job pool and stiff competition in academia or think tanks that have use for that niche degree.  Perhaps college counselors should be advising young women on career paths where there is a real job in the real world upon graduation, instead of promulgating so many useless degree programs.  Forcing employers to pay full family and medical leave benefits, in addition to all the Obamacare demands will leave women with less jobs – in an already dismal job market.  It’s just the same tired old retreaded dogmatic feminist mantra, so they put their bras back on (thankfully) and young women are fully indoctrinated in feminist doublespeak, so when is enough “equality” ever enough?  For Hillary, it’s when she gets to sit behind the desk in the Oval Office (let me find a safe place to move when that happens), but for millions of other women, living life as a constant victim and as a combatant against manhood doesn’t hold any luster.  Most women want to get married and many even still want to have children, as part of their path to a happy fulfilled life.

Woe be it for me to point out, but despite the social engineering feminists of old, many smart young women still want to fall in love, get married and have kids.  How dare they yearn for more than smashing glass ceilings and blazing feminist trails that so animates these feminist relics and remains their same-old feminist chorus.    A man compliments a beautiful woman and the woman says thank-you – that should be the end of President Obama stating the obvious.  Kamala Harris is a beautiful woman.  Men complimenting women or treating them respectfully shouldn’t be the cause of a national debate on “sexism” and vice versa, a woman commenting about a handsome man shouldn’t cause a clamor.

From my viewpoint, I loved being a homemaker, which suited my strengths – taking care of people, baking, cooking, and I always liked domestic chores, even ironing.  And it provided many opportunities for me to do volunteer work in my kids schools and in our military community, which full-time working moms don’t have time for.  My parents pushed career choices and were all that is encouraging.  My Dad, who thought I should be a lawyer, was dismayed when I told him I didn’t want to do that and he asked me what career I wanted to pursue.  I told him that I want to be a homemaker and that is exactly what I did when the opportunity presented itself – best choice I ever made for me and my family honestly.  I respect women, like my sisters, who pursued careers and made some tough bargains to manage family and career obligations or my mother who took care of six children and still worked as a registered nurse at a local hospital, but we should be encouraging young women to respect different choices and to finally call a truce in this battle of the sexes.

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