Margaret Thatcher, a true transformational leader

Margaret Thatcher (1925-2013) passed away yesterday, leaving behind a legacy of conservative ideas that far outshine all her political achievements.  Unlike political coattail hangers-on, like Hillary Clinton, who use a husband, father, or family connection to climb the political ladder, Baroness Thatcher fought her way to the top in United Kingdom politics by the sheer force of her own convictions and efforts.  Sure, the folks on the left made a cottage industry of chronicling what they perceived as her “evils” and many of the disrespectful, hate-filled, vile commentary upon her death, demonstrate their lack of civility and common decency.  She didn’t bother with spewing the easy political boilerplate or run around like so many American politicians with a set of focus group tested talking points.  When Margaret Thatcher spoke, you knew she truly believed in and had thought a great deal about that issue.

Many Americans, like myself, greatly admired her spunk, her commitment to conservative ideals, and of course, we found her friendship with our conservative standard-bearer, Ronald Reagan touching and reassuring in a chaotic world.  Their friendship transcended power politics and when they were together, it became obvious that on a basic human level, they actually liked and had a profound respect for each other. The world would be a much safer place if more leaders could move beyond political posturing and actually get to know each other and take the time to develop some warm bonds of friendship.

Hillsdale College posted a 1995 lecture from Margaret Thatcher titled, “The Moral Foundations of Society”, which highlights that our freedom rests upon a moral foundation that is embedded in the Judeo-Christian ethic.  This speech epitomizes the conservative moral underpinnings in a clear, straight-forward way, so emblematic of Thatcher’s style – no ruffles and frills, just simple and direct.

The eulogies hit the presses yesterday.  Many highlighted a remarkable woman and are respectful and touching.  Sadly, a barrage from the left, spewing hate-filled vitriol, so typical of  this crowd of hatemongers, hit with many leftists  trying to outdo each other on how low they could sink in their diatribes.  Amidst this media circus,  I found KT McFarland’s eulogy very simple and honest.  Based on her personal interactions with Margaret Thatcher, McFarland recounts the things she learned from this remarkable woman in her Fox News piece, “The Margaret Thatcher I Knew”.

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