The Tea Party Lives

On Wednesday the junior Senator, Rand Paul, from Kentucky breathed life back into the Tea Party movement with his gutsy filibuster, while rankling the old goats of the GOP.  He showed the disenchanted Republicans throughout the country that one voice does matter and one citizen committed to the Constitution can force even hard-nosed political operators, like Eric Holder, to respond. Paul explains his motivations and beliefs in this Washington Post article (here).   So far, Holder deflected answering the Fast and Furious questions honestly, trying to change the message and hoping time will distance the demands for answers.  Considering Holder honed his political muscle in the corrupt and overreaching Reno Justice Department, Rand’s feat played out as one of those David and Goliath moments, where one man, taking a principled stand,  stood against the political powers that be in Washington and actually won.  Holder caved and responded to Paul’s demand for an answer on the limits on drone strikes (here) on American soil.  Even the reliably left-slanted Slate website carried a piece headlined, Rand Paul: Filibuster Shows “Americans Are  Looking for Someone to Really Stand Up, (here).  Ted Cruz, Texas’s newest  Senator,  jumped into the filibuster and let’s be hopeful that he continues speaking up and taking on the fight for responsible federal spending,  serious debt reduction, and championing  limited federal governance as our constitutional republic demands (he turned me into an admirer already).

Typically, John McCain and Lindsey Graham, rushed to the nearest microphones to deride Rand Paul’s filibuster, because these two windbags seem to be the self-appointed airwaves traffic controllers for the GOP, believing they direct the GOP media efforts and set the GOP agenda.   Paul’s shining moment angered these two , because for once Americans saw that there’s a new GOP wind blowing in Washington.  No one cares what John McCain says and while Eric Holder’s tenure as Attorney General causes one to shudder in horror, the specter of Lindsey Graham running the Justice Department offers not a bit more comfort.  Just like a McCain presidency most likely would offer little more coherence than Obama’s, considering McCain’s  murky, shifting positions on national security issues and his need to be popular rather than right on the issues.   Truth be told, their constant rush to get on every cable news outlet and hog the spotlight diminishes them to merely cartoon-like stature and considering how many times they flipped positions on national security issues, the Obama administration’s strong-arm tactics and just about every other important issue, do Republicans even care about what they say?   The left-leaning media elites keep shamelessly using these two useful idiots for the Democrats and even President Obama makes use of their preening need to get in front of any camera within a mile.  Does anyone think President Obama’s reach-across-the-aisle dinner came about for any reason other than to improve his sinking poll numbers over his overplayed hand on sequestration?  Only dupes like McCain and Graham could be that gullible. And how dare these GOP upstarts garner some national media attention, without first seeking their blessings, seems to sum up their angry reaction to Rand Paul’s  impressive filibuster.   This President doesn’t compromise as he relentlessly plods along with his transformation of America into a socialist mecca, where government of, by and for the people gets buried by executive fiat,  in favor of government “takes care” of the people – literally, if you don’t like it,  the government will most assuredly “take care”  of you, Chicago-style.  PJ Media writer, Michael Walsh, penned a scathing review of John McCain’s actual biography, hinting that the automatic hero-worship aura, may finally be approaching an end (here).  Hope springs eternal, in this season,  where mayhap some new conservative voices will burst into bloom and the old goats get put out to pasture to chew their cud (here).

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