Hillary’s Top Achievements

January 1, 2013, I posted a piece asking for anyone to list Hillary Clinton’s top diplomatic achievements and finally my query has been answered, by a loyal Democratic mouthpiece no less.  Bob Beckel moments ago appeared on “The O’Reilly Factor” and the discussion started out about the latest State Department embarrassment over a female Egyptian activist, Samira Ibrahim who was scheduled to receive an International Women of Courage Award tomorrow from our new Secretary of State, John Kerry.  Her award was postponed when her gleeful postings about terrorist attacks killing Israelis and other sundry postings praising Hitler and the 9/11 attack were found on her Twitter account. The Washington Post story is here.  One might think some careful vetting by the Hillary Clinton State Department would be standard operating procedure, but alas apparently not.  Most likely no one will ever whisper who suggested these women or who was responsible for vetting them, but it’s just one more symptom of a department adrift with no real leadership.

Bill O’Reilly asked Bob Beckel to list the top achievements of Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State and I’ve been waiting for someone………. anyone at all, to tackle that question.  Beckel listed that Hillary strengthened  NATO, she expanded women’s rights in China and she increased Poland’s security.  Prodded by O’Reilly to amplify on these stupendous achievements, Beckel mumbled idiotic supporting statements, like NATO is stronger, because she made other countries take on more responsibility.  Poland is safer because she denied Poland the US missile defense system that President Bush had promised them and her greatness speaking about women’s rights in China led to an actual increase in women’s rights in China (well not so much, but hey Beckel thinks it is so).  Sometimes less is more, but that usually refers to make-up advice and style advice, both areas that Hilliary’s feminist feathers would most assuredly be ruffled if she had to trifle with.  No, she deals with the important issues in the world where according to Beckel, she makes an institution stronger by less American leadership, she makes a country’s national security stronger by weakening it’s defenses and she expands women’s rights in a country merely by the power of her words.  What a woman.  It must be similar to the way she takes responsibility by not taking any responsibility and brazenly and with righteous indignation spouts, “What difference at this point does it make.”, to deflect questions about the cause of the attack on the consulate in Benghazi.  She preceded this with mentioning the lame video rationale or whether these people were just out for a walk and decide to attack and kill some Americans, but no where did she touch on the possibility that it might have been a premeditated, coordinated attack and after all, in her mind, “what difference does it make”.   And here I thought the touting her frequent flyer mileage as testament to her remarkable diplomatic achievements hit the low water mark on lame-brained sycophantic drivel from the left, but leave it to Bob Beckel to prove me wrong.

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