Our Ever Useful Idiots

Just when you thought  Sean Penn holds the title of most dimwitted celebrity foreign policy adviser, along comes Dennis Rodman.   Rodman, for reasons that defy rational thought, embraced the pudgy new leader of one of the most despotic regimes on earth, North Korea, and wonders be, serendipity struck as they found affinity through their mutual love of basketball.  If you found Field Of Dreams  tested your tolerance for sports-centered fantasy, take a stiff drink before you ponder Rodmans’ surreal meandering foray into the world of international affairs (here).  Prison camps, millions of starving citizens, chest-thumping missile launches, threats of war – not to worry, Dennis assures us Kim is a humble man, his “friend” and he loves basketball.  What more could we desire in a leader?   Oh, wait, we have one of those that loves basketball, minus the humble part.   Laugh at your own peril though, our official policy, direct from John Kerry’s lips, intoned with that annoyingly oh-so-superior accent, sounds much like Rodman’s delusional take on his new best friend, Kim Jong-un, the inheritor of the dictatorship of North Korea.  Last week Kerry held out that olive branch of direct negotiations with Iran’s mullahs and Ahmadinejad (here), continuing the Obama doctrine of  embrace your enemies, while you stab your friends in the back.    Yes, he wants the mullahs in Tehran to know that the United States, despite years of intoning a stay tough with sanctions and no nukes for Iran mantra, really just wants to be friends………..  and we know, a’la our nuclear talks with Russia, that this administration excels at negotiations of this sort (thanks, Hillary)….. well ok, not so much.  It looks good to hold your hand out begging for talks, right?

As guests know their standing based on their place card location on the tables, foreign leaders gauge their standing with the United States much the same way.  Kerry embarked on his first official  trip to the Middle East as Secretary of State and he will visit with Mahmud Abbas today, but no visit with Israel is scheduled (here), continuing the Obama administration policy of placing Israel at a remote table off in a secluded corner, while all the miscreants of the world sit at the head table……… where perhaps they can share hoop dream fables and plan future golf outings.   Israel lives in a neighborhood, where they can’t indulge in such vacuous posturing,  knowing they’re facing an existential threat since the Arab Spring unleashed the Islamist hordes.   It’s much more important to this administration that they let the Muslim world know that the US plans to continue the cozy up to our enemies policy rather  than support our closest ally in the Middle East – Israel.

If the sequester-athon last week didn’t disgust you to the point of swearing off following politics completely, you probably didn’t miss this latest insult to your intelligence.  We are broke, yes broker than broke, according to President Obama.  Life as we know will cease because of the evil  Republicans’ unwillingness to compromise and avoid the fiscal grim reaper, swinging with broad strokes.  And then John Kerry announced $250 million  in aid to Egypt yesterday (here), as a bribe of sorts to encourage Egypt to reach an IMF agreement to secure a $4.8 billion loan package.  So, I guess we’re not really broke, broke, only broke on assuring  our national defense needs receive appropriate funding.   Most days lately it’s easier to skip the news than to face the relentless insults to our intelligence heaped out by this administration and the equally disingenuous posturing by the GOP tap dance champions, Graham and McCain, doing their shim sham shimmy routine (here), where they repeat the same steps, over and over and over.  You might conclude that Dennis Rodman’s pronouncements on North Korea rank as lame-brained  and worthy of only ridicule, but if you stop a second and listen to John Kerry’s foreign policy rhapsodizing (here) about lifting the world’s poor, fighting disease and promoting human rights,  the distance between Rodman and Kerry isn’t quite so far.  We all know Dennis Rodman hasn’t a clue about foreign policy.  However, lest anyone forget,  John Kerry referred to Bashar Assad as “my dear friend”, according to a Commentary magazine column by Michale Rubin in December 2012 (here), hinting that when it comes to rogue regimes he  carries on the proud leftist tradition of being useful idiots for communist thugs.   And just  like Rodman, Kerry hasn’t a clue about foreign policy either.

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