Pet Peeve #2 – Too Stupid To Survive

We Americans love to believe we’re the greatest nation on earth and at some point I believed this too, but as things go from dismal to dire, such delusions might well prove to be our undoing.  Since President Obama took office every step he’s taken pushes us closer to a point of economic collapse from whence we won’t be able to recover.  He deflects attention like a political  Wizard of Oz, waving his hands, telling us to pay no attention to that man behind the curtain, while he systematically dismantles (transforms) our country into a country ruled by executive fiat.  Republicans run around in disarray with only enough discipline to form a circular firing squad when the Democrats lob the next legislative fire bomb .  No need to wait for impact, these GOP clowns shoot each other long before then, making this era of democratic scorched earth policy an unnecessary redundancy.  Both sides provide a decidedly sickening display of gutless, self-serving antics that is it any wonder no problems ever get resolved?  We’re stuck on a endless political hamster wheel,  round and round and round we go with phoney fiscal crises, fabricated doomsday hysterics, all pasted together with the brainwashing chant of some new catchphrase the media willingly repeats thousands of times a day.  A couple months ago it was “fiscal cliff”, today it’s “sequestration”.   The Democrats perfected this technique of public brainwashing decades ago and it works – repeat the same hypnotic talking point, using the same phrases and all of a sudden the general public follows along , not even caring where they’re being led.

Our government loves to warn us about China and Russia.  Beware they’re doing all these dangerous things that run counter to our American interests.  Well, yes they do and what does America do?  We run around creating a fiscal plague, poised to wipe out life as we know it and we want to take the moral high-ground???   China has been buying up US real estate for decades and American companies, but we pretend it isn’t happening.  We want all the cheap consumer goods, because our lazy, slovenly citizenry can never have too much junk, yet we mouth hollow rhetoric about how great we are and how evil they are.  There’s enough scary stuff written about Putin to fill a library and yet, as I watch how he leads, I sure wish we had even one leader in America with his backbone – just one!  It’s time to pay attention and realize that the leaders in Russia and China watch us and frankly they’re worried that we might pull the entire world into a financial tailspin.  They’re  unloading foreign exchange currency (US dollars) for gold, in hopes of boosting their chance of survival (here, here, and here).   They’re seeking secure energy resources, while we have this President and his EPA albatrosses wrapped around our necks, strangling the last breath of economic freedom from us.  They have leaders and we have this sorry excuse in Washington and sometimes I laugh at how ridiculous it is to hear American officials, like our illustrious former Madame Secretary of State railing about Putin or lecturing the Chinese.   In my heart, I long for real leaders in America again.

What  does it say about us when our most popular export isn’t our American values, but Honey Boo Boo?   She’s the perfect face of our American decline:  a chubby, rude, beauty pageant queen, prone to temper-tantrums and embarrassing public displays.  As a child, I loved watching re-runs of Shirley Temple movies and comparing real talent beside this bratty child, being exploited on TLC (The Learning Channel) of all places makes me cringe.  It’s a perfect example of American culture.  We have  a History Channel where no real history can be found, but you learn about the pawn business, trucking in Alaska and  alien visits.  We have music channels where they play no music and  news channels with more punditry than news reporting.   Since words no longer carry concrete definitions it seems quite fitting that we prefer to live in a perpetual state of national delusion, believing our financial Armageddon can’t happen to us,  – we’re so great.  So, while we slouch, sag, and vegetate and our elected officials point fingers at each other, many other countries have leaders preparing for the future.  Are we too stupid to survive?    Sad to think that we just might be…..

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