Watching Elephants Dance….

Well, we’ve just witnessed another GOP spectacle of ineptitude with the Plan B collapse. It’s way past time for the GOP to have a “come to Jesus” moment and figure out what the heck the party stands for. It’s like watching elephants doing the hokey-pokey, while the Obama spinmeisters perform complex media waltzes. Last week I came across this short piece (here) on why conservatives are worried that there’s no way to stop Obama. It hit me as probably the closest to the truth take on President Obama. As this writer suggests, the Obama fundamental transformation doesn’t include any concern about the “fiscal cliff” or safeguarding America’s future. This past election has left me feeling very discouraged about our great country, because I truly believed the vast majority of Americans cared about the direction our government has taken in the past four years. A young man at work, who just graduated from high school told me this election was his his first time voting. He voted for Romney and he seemed perplexed why Romney hadn’t won and his take was , “I guess most people want free stuff.” I’m afraid he’s right, except all these people wanting “free” stuff seem totally oblivious that other people have to work hard to provide all this “free” stuff.  Watching the deliberate escalation of class warfare leads me to believe that Obama truly intends to alienate conservatives and attempt to take down The Constitution and replace it with his regulatory tyranny. And he’ll do it with smiley face populist appeals and duping people into believing it’s because he cares. Lord, protect us from utopian do-gooders!

So, what stands in President Obama’s way?  Not much, really!!! I’m already sick to death of Republican pundits offering up all these watered down values that they think will attract particular demographics of the electorate, where they think the GOP needs to pick up voters. What the GOP needs to do is define the party around clear-cut values and fundamental constitutional principles. If it becomes some progressive-light party, then I want no part of it. Our politically correct culture brainwashes people into believing that not offending a single person and appealing to everyone (branding above principles) lights the path toward GOP ballot success. I always told my kids that whenever they join any group in life, “you are joining them, they aren’t joining you”. By constantly chipping away at core beliefs and foundational principles, many great private organizations crumble into dim shadows of their original group. Purpose before polls has got to be the GOP mantra. Every parent uses the home truth rhetorical question, “if your friends jump off a cliff, are you going to jump too?”, yet at every turn the media throws out a poll number as if that denotes whether a stance has merit. It’s way past time for the American values reeducation tract to begin. So what if only 49% or 25% or even 5%  of the public agrees with us! Stop falling for that mainstream media trap and feint right with core principles over polls! If we believe in the principles behind our policies, that should motivate our party’s leaders to knuckle down and sell our ideas. Most important changes in American culture were met with public distrust or disapproval at the beginning, so being on the wrong side of the polling curve shouldn’t be a reason to fold up our tent and hike over to set up camp with our ideological foes. After we’re clear on what we stand for, then it’s time to move on to explaining our purpose in ways that appeal to various demographics.

Enough of weepy John Boehner and the man for all sides of political issues, John McCain. And is there any Republican that isn’t sick to death of Lindsey Graham’s grandstanding and hypocrisy. Oh, yes Lindsey and John, you pushed for military intervention in Libya and Syria, then when it blows up in our face in Benghazi, you turn tail and attack the President’s policy failures…. I’ll hold my specific comments about foreign policy disasters and muddled military thinking for another day, but it’s clear that no one in Washington seems to understand long range strategic planning or even has a clue what America’s long range strategic interests are. I see a bunch of knee-jerk reactionary claptrap and flimsy psycho-babble disguised as strategy (thank-you General Petraeus and your COINista nonsense). I long for some inspirational leaders in our country – people who can get us to quit wallowing in despair and move purposefully toward rebuilding America’s greatness. Yes, I admit it, I’ve been wallowing and it’s time to regroup and not get sucked into all these noxious remedies that amount to little more than purging our core principles for political expediency. It’s way too easy to tune out and throw our hands up in despair, but I’m reading De Tocqueville again to inspire me;)  We need to take heart that America’s greatness lies not in the yahoos in Washington, but in “We the people”! Federalism must be our starting point to revitalize our great country.

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