“Disposable People”?

I often read news from foreign news sites and considering our Cold War focus on the USSR, I’ve got a particular fascination with Russia.  Yes, the Cold warrior mentality lives on in some of us. We were living in West Germany when the Soviet menace collapsed.  For those in the US military that meant training to defend the Fulda Gap.

For the best ever depiction of what that war might have looked like, nothing tops Tom Clancy’s “Red Storm Rising” (my all-time favorite Clancy novel, bar none).

So, despite the entire defensive posture changing  for western Europe, the same old geopolitical points of friction remain.  Geography doesn’t change, nor do deep-seated cultural perceptions.  Too many geography deficient  morons and clowns without a clue about history, within the highest levels of our government,  provide little more in the way of meaningful analysis than potted plants.

I came across this opinion piece (here) in Pravda.  Sadly, this is the sort of ridiculous drivel that our kids often hear from their college professors.  While courses for cultural studies abound in American colleges, courses on military history have been almost completely killed off by the leftist loons who control academia.   Thus we get intelligent people spouting drivel, like “Islam means peace”, to try and rationalize away the expanding threat of  Islamism.  And this educational void on teaching military history and insisting that you can’t understand other cultures (or our own) or have a clue how the world operates, if you don’t understand military history needs to be addressed.

We shouldn’t have people working within the State Department (to include Madame Secretary) or Pentagon, who are completely uneducated on the history of war.  Oh, no, that phrase “history of war” brought to mind one of my favorite military historians, John Keegan, who passed away recently.

Okay, back to the subject at hand.    We have to understand not only what our allies think of us, but it behooves us to learn as much about our adversaries as possible too.  The piece contains this pearl of wisdom, “The capitalist system sees people as a disposable commodity, to be thrown out if not productive or useful in some way.”    It felt almost like I was in a time warp back to the 8os.


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