Heading toward more rocky roads

Well, this is going to be a politics blog post. The Democrats and liberal media are busy at work gaslighting the right again. Back in 2015, Trump received billions of dollar in free media, mostly from liberal (mainstream) media, to become the “GOP Insurgent” and turn the 2016 GOP presidential primary into total chaos. Unfortunately, for Democrats Hillary was such an awful candidate and a lot of the right-wing base was so disgusted with the regular GOP choices, that Trump, with his showbiz pizzazz and rally sideshow, coupled with the media effort to promote Trump, gained more traction than Democrats bargained for. From late 2015 onward, Democrats and the liberal media unleashed a massive smear campaign, dumping every imaginable bit of dirt they could against Trump. Due to the Hillary corruption dramas and Trump’s unorthodox campaign style, Trump pulled out a surprising win.

In 2020 and 2022, Democrats and liberal media ran with this same strategy of trying to hijack GOP primaries again, by pouring money and free media into promoting the most extreme right-wing candidates. That’s how PA ended up with a showbiz doctor, who was part of the Oprah TV crowd, as the GOP senatorial candidate, a kooky lady in AZ (Kari Lake), who became the fire-breathing Trump candidate, despite her having been a John Kerry supporter and an Obama supporter and other oddball candidates that lost. Trump had a knack for promoting almost all of these oddball candidates that Democrats were pouring money into promoting.

Democrats poured money into promoting these extreme candidates in those GOP primaries, because they thought they would be easier to defeat in the general election – and they were.

Well, Democrats are up to the same thing and Trump, ever the opportunist and a liberal at heart, is back to chumming it up with CNN and CNN is happily giving Trump, the man they tried to silence for years and claimed was the biggest threat to democracy, sit-down interviews and working to sell him as the GOP’s best choice.

Hence, we come to the recent ABC poll that shows Trump beating Biden in a 2024 match-up and DeSantis, also beating Biden, but not by as much as Trump’s margin. This seems to me like more Democrat poll spin games. The liberal media is going to give Trump more oxygen and con right-wing Americans into believing that Trump is their best choice, even though all the other polling indicates Trump has lost support among the right and that Trump stands no chance of gaining independent voters, which he needs to win.

While it’s easy to be conned into thinking this ABC poll is about Biden’s unpopularity, it’s really more of the Democrat/liberal media spin games, I believe. Democrats don’t want Biden (or if there ends up being some other Democrat candidate, because after-all Biden is 80 years old) running against a younger GOP candidate, like Ron DeSantis. There’s also likely some Democrat spin game with this polling to try to float the idea to Democrat voters that perhaps Biden isn’t their best choice. Perhaps, within the highest Dem circles, there’s more damaging information on Hunter Biden corruption that involves President Biden and within Democrat power circles, they’re trying to prepare a Plan B option. Getting people to consider an idea gradually rather than cramming it down your own voters’ throats usually works better.

Whenever the liberal media runs something that might appear to reflect negatively on their elite, it’s usually mostly a con game of some sort to manipulate the right. Biden is running as the “MAGA Slayer” and that is the Democrat’s narrative, even if something happens that Biden doesn’t end up the Democrat candidate. Fanning the “MAGA Extremism” media narrative is a top priority in the Democrat’s 2024 playbook, even if Biden ends up being replaced.

Of course, there are plenty of Trump supporters who are probably cheering this ABC poll and citing it as proof that Trump is the GOP’s best choice, but they’re relying on a liberal news organization’s poll and narrative.

Then we come to the horrific shooting at an outlet mall in Allen, TX over the weekend and it felt like it hit closer to home for me, because my daughter shops at that outlet mall sometimes and she took me there last spring when I visited her. The pictures of some of the victims hit the media yesterday and seeing children slain is devastating.

However, here again, I believe powerful Democrats and the liberal media are playing spin games with information about the killer. First there was the hesitating to release the name of the killer, then both sides took their usual 2A positions and ran with their respective narratives – Democrats calling for gun control and Republicans saying there’s a mental health crisis.

So, some of the information on the killer makes no sense to me – first, I read the information that the killer, Mauricio Garcia, held white nationalist/neo-Nazi beliefs based on information from an unnamed government official. On Twitter a spin narrative battle raged with some of the right-wing pundit crowd poking holes in the emerging liberal media white nationalist narrative. Then right-wing Twitter was hyping that the killer was Hispanic and now liberal media has come back with a narrative that bridges his Hispanic ethnicity with white supremacy and even tosses in a Russian angle too. Very bizarre, that’s all I can say. The Pentagon verified the killer had served briefly in the US Army and was discharged for mental health issues. Then a narrative emerged, replete with supposedly social media postings by the killer on a Russian social media site… Interestingly, the liberal news media reporting I’ve seen couches everything is “appears to” and “might,” while the liberal news media punditry asserts these very same things as absolutes. By the way, right-wing media is off on mental health crisis narratives and trying to link this shooting to the illegal immigration crisis, even though numerous news reports state Garcia is American and graduated from high school in North Dallas.:

“So far, the official said, the evidence suggests the shooter subscribed to a “mish-mash” of ideologies that have led investigators to treat this as a case of homegrown violent extremism, that may have been ethnically or racially motivated.

Posts on that Russian social media page viewed by NBC 5 include Nazi propaganda and rants against racial minorities and women posted in recent months.

But, officials have cautioned it may take weeks or months to gather a more complete picture of the suspect’s thinking.”


We are being manipulated here too, I fear. It seems to me that with crime reporting for cases that garner national attention, there’s a great deal of partisan political motivations that often interfere with the facts being accurately reported. Whenever both sides of partisans latch onto news stories, the American people suffer from a deluge of spin that feeds the most extreme views on both sides.

We have some very serious cultural problems and neither political party nor some new legislation can fix that. Unfortunately, it seems to me the 24/7 news media and social media drama only exacerbates these cultural problems. With America entering another presidential election crazy period, I expect more mayhem and divides of all sorts to increase. And the news media will assuredly work hard to keep people foaming and frothing constantly. We’re headed toward more rocky roads ahead.

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