A shortened rant

I apologize for posting such a long rant the other day, that ran off in a hundred different directions. I should have sat on that post and spent a few days rewriting it, honing it down to the essence of what I wanted to say, which is “we the people” elect these corrupt politicians and we also buy into the corrupt media spin war garbage too. Whether we trust left-wing media or right-wing media or some random social media influencers, who rush to get their hot takes and blare their clickbait headlines about every “breaking news” or “Outrage of the Day,” the people who pay attention to the spin war are why the spin war works. There’s also a niche of political punditry that uses “data” and endless charts and diagrams to take you on a ride down the Loco River, where you end up connecting the dots of dozens of disparate bits of information and coming up with “the truth.” Glenn Beck popularized that sideshow gimmick, but there are plenty of others online, of various political persuasions using that tactic too. The price of admission for those rides is the abandonment of rational thinking and the willingness to believe anything that feeds your partisan ideology.

I put myself into this category of paying too much attention to spin garbage too, because I’ve spent decades trying to understand the spin information war in America, but I’ve also fallen prey to buying into a lot of spin garbage. Learning to not rush to react to the spin garbage has taken me a long time. I still fail often. Some partisan agendas, both left and right, set me off – like the Democrat spin war corruption for decades, but now the right-wing has become just as committed to spin war corruption.

What got me riled the other day was I saw the crazy “national divorce” idea permeating online again among some of the right-wing pundits and social media crowd. That idea first started with an article at American Greatness, who also began that entire Flight ’93” (that Trump was the last hope for America or we were doomed) hoopla to sell Trump in 2016. That Americans, who claim to love America, so easily have bought into this “national divorce’ idea, not only disgusts me, it leaves me wondering about how easily these spin word games manipulate people. A “national divorce” isn’t like you go to court and sign some papers – it would be the end of the United States of America – no more hope of Make America Great Again, that’s for sure.

If you believe America isn’t worth saving, then, what’s with all the Make America Great Again claptrap? The thing is I know lots of Trump supporters, many are family and friends, and they’re good and decent people. I also understand their fears and abhorrence of the liberal agendas being force-fed to us daily. What I don’t understand is how so many look to right-wing media and react like trained seals to whatever hot take topic is being hyped each day.

The idea of a “national divorce” masks what it really is – a dissolution of the United States of America (and that sort of thing doesn’t usually happen amicably). Anyone who buys into that, while at the same time wrapping themselves in the American flag or running around blabbing “America First,” is either an idiot or being intentionally dishonest. If you get riled about people who don’t respect the flag or fight about saying the Pledge of Allegiance, but then buy into this “national divorce” idea, well, those two positions run directly counter to each other. Just because some slick pundits wrap these cockamamie ideas up by fueling outrage about the Woke culture and politics, that doesn’t mean there’s anything remotely like an amicable road to a “national divorce.” And the worst thing to do in a country where divides are growing is to keep trying to escalate tensions and deepen divides.

The lucky thing is I suspect most Americans don’t pay much, if any, attention to the partisan political garbage, and just go about their lives. I bet most haven’t even heard about this “national divorce” idea that keeps cropping up in right-wing pundit circles and on social media. Unfortunately, there are even some loud elected leaders in Congress, who have bought into this “national divorce” idea, like Marjorie Taylor Greene, who has rushed to NYC to throw flames on the Trump indictment situation, but mostly to grandstand and get attention – as usual.

The same goes for Ukraine and supporting our NATO allies, with the Russian threat on their doorstep. At this point, while I disagree completely with waging this war against fossil fuel and pushing the Great Reset agenda, at the same time as aiding Ukraine, I don’t see any benefit to America abandoning our European allies and NATO. By the way, besides launching a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, it’s been Putin who has been saber-rattling about using nukes – not Europeans and not the US. Yet, somehow among a lot of right-wing pundits, they blame the US and NATO for “poking the bear.” Good God, President Reagan would not recognize the right-wing in America today. I served in a Pershing missile battalion in Germany in 1980 – Reagan wasn’t backing down from the Soviet Union – he was offering to hold nuclear weapons talks, but he also left no doubt that the US was firmly behind aiding Europe’s defense against Soviet aggression.

Russia and China are rushing to build alliances to counter the US-led alliances, so for the US to walk away from NATO and our European allies, would leave us pretty much alone in the world and every ally we have around the world would quickly reassess their relationship with us. Abandoning Ukraine would also be abandoning NATO and our European allies. It’s also the fastest way to aid Russia and China’s aspirations to take down the US, as the leader of the free world. Yes, the climate agenda and Great Reset craziness is another major threat to American stability too – but compounding that economic insanity with walking away from Ukraine is like having a death wish for America.

Here’s a home truth about America – we would not exist without aid from foreign countries during the Revolutionary War.

Bottom line is “we the people” allow the corruption in our government and it’s now become the norm to engage in binary thinking about everything (selling the lesser of two evils) and one set of rules for your side and a different set of rules for your political enemies (double standards). It’s kind of hard to have a moral compass with those two belief systems guiding you. The spin war is constant slick word games to manipulate and confuse people and it’s the means used by corrupt, powerful people to keep Americans in two hostile camps and buying into crazy ideas.

I still hold out hope we can turn things around in America and I’m not ready to throw in the towel – that’s what I should have said the other day.

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