Short blog note

I decided to remove my short blog post from earlier today that was pure speculation on my part, because as I thought about it, there’s enough speculation floating about concerning the Chinese spy balloon and “flying objects.”

I just listened to tonight’s Pentagon briefing that was broadcast during the Super Bowl apparently and learned next to nothing new, other than the phrases “kinetic threat” and “out of an abundance of caution” make me grit my teeth and feel like I’m being misled. The Assistant Sec, of Defense who took part in this briefing with the NORAD commander is the same one who spouted WH talking points during the Congressional hearings last week.

Here’s where I listened to the briefing:

It’s not a good thing to hold a briefing, provide no real information and people walk away with even more questions than before the briefing started.

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  1. Robet Cloutier

    Some poor kid had his brand new Remote Controled replica F-14 blasted out of the sky over Lake Huron.

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