Messaging battles surround us

I watched this video from a small YouTube prepper channel this morning and think this lady, Cynthia, did a good job presenting information on propaganda. She appears to have a lot of notes and took time to put this together. I wish she had listed some of the resources she used, besides her old dictionary and the Orwell novel, 1984, because she had some very interesting information that I’d like to read.

She mentioned the marginalization of the alternative media and dissenting voices and persecution of independent journalists (beginning at 2:02). I’ve seen plenty of that from both partisan sides in America (from ranting about fake news on one side to Twitter banning journalists on the other side.)

I’ve been distrustful of government always, likewise the media and whenever I hear a new message, my bs radar kicks into gear. I’ve probably written more on my blog about the spin information war blazing across American media than any other topic. I don’t know anything about the lady in this video, but I appreciate that she took the time to do some research, take notes and present this information in an orderly manner. Perhaps, I can learn some lessons from that, since I tend to ramble on.

In my rambling blog post yesterday, I wrote that I’m not wasting time trying to prove the government’s lying about the inflation rate and I’m not. That’s because I assume the Biden officials are lying about just about everything they tell us ( I thought the same thing about the Trump administration too.) Ditto, for Obama, GWB, Clinton (who lied non-stop). Even a president I admired a great deal, President Reagan, had some disgraceful lying to the American people with his administration. Seems to be par for the course

It doesn’t matter if the federal government inflation rate formula comes out to 6.5% (this is the site I used by looking at 80,000 consumer goods across the country, because where I live in GA we have three major grocery store chains in my town – a Kroger, Walmart, and Food Lion. There are some dollar type stores too. I also use a nearby military commissary sometimes. On the items I buy at the grocery store, many of them store brand, prices have gone up way more than 6.5%. Even the $1 French and Italian bread that Walmart’s bakery has been selling for years is now $1.47, which is a 47% increase. Dollar Tree upped their prices from $1 to $1.25, which is a 25% increase. In my example of the Walmart bread though, the loaves marked down for quick sale were $1.03 and that’s more than the fresh loaves used to cost. The Great Value brand canned vegetables, 14.5 ounces, used to be 50 cents and they’re now 58 cents – that’s a 16% increase, according to the percentage calculator site I am using.

My math skills are lamentable, so I rely on calculators and sites that do it for me. However, the bottom-line is I know the cost of the items I routinely purchase has increased significantly more than 6.5%. The lady in this video is way more organized than I am, because she said she writes the price she paid on her canned goods and other grocery items, along with the date, so at a glance she can compare previous prices she paid for items. Her advice on taking screenshots and printing out information you want to keep is excellent too, because I’ve lost information on my computer numerous times and information often does get scrubbed online. I’ve seen news articles altered in real time or disappear completely. For this same reason, I switched back to buying actual paper books, because the e-books could disappear too or if there’s some issue with the internet, be hard to access.

Even Merriam-Webster online has changed definitions of words in the midst of liberal propaganda efforts to align the definitions with that propaganda effort. None of us has the time to keep track of all of this, so for me I’ve always believed it’s important to know what my core beliefs are and dig in my heels on those.

Often the messaging does use children or victims to pull at our heartstrings.

She mentioned agendas and how money can corrupt people. I continue to write my blog for personal reasons. I do not make a cent from it and I prefer to keep it this way. In fact, I pay WordPress annually for my blog and domain name. My blog has never attracted many readers (147 at present) and my Twitter account followers is under 60, but I keep writing mostly into the wind, but I sincerely thank those who take time to stop by.

I often hear people say, “I only listen to this pundit or this news source.” or “I only listen to this content creator or that content creator.” I don’t trust any one source, actually and I look for corroboration, more details, background information. Most people don’t have time to do a lot of research, I understand, but it’s a good habit to get into to work not to react to media and social media messaging and follow the advice this lady offered.

When I see information intended to anger me, scare me, or get me worked up, I think this lady is on target to say ask a lot of questions, like who is paying for this message, what’s their agenda and I always try to figure out “Where is this messaging trying to lead me?” Often it’s to accept some new words and phrases, political cause or agenda or redefine common accepted meanings (see the gender politics words games as an example).

Once again, I think this was a well done video and worth watching. It was refreshing to see an ordinary American citizen do some research and then put in the time to put together information with notes. I watched this lady’s YouTube channel during the hurricane last summer in FL, because she’s in that area of the country.

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