More political storms are cooking

Despite wanting to skip politics and culture war craziness, there was a bit of news yesterday, that brought home there’s no escaping any of this. So, now it’s gas stoves some government bureaucrats say are a safety threat. Here’s this from CNN, A US federal agency is considering a ban on gas stoves

“A federal agency is considering a ban on gas stoves, a source of indoor pollution linked to childhood asthma.

In an interview with Bloomberg, a US Consumer Product Safety commissioner said gas stove usage is a “hidden hazard.”

“Any option is on the table. Products that can’t be made safe can be banned,” agency commissioner Richard Trumka Jr. told Bloomberg. The report said the agency plans “to take action” to address the indoor pollution caused by stoves.”

I don’t believe for a second this is about childhood asthma, nor do I believe this was just some extremist bureaucrats acting alone. This is another orchestrated green energy push.

Everything we use that uses fossil fuel will likely become a target of the climate change/green energy zealots. For several years there have been efforts to try to ban wood-burning stoves too. Here’s a 2018 article: Pollutionwatch: Canada moves to limit wood burning. The most extreme green and culture war efforts often start in Europe or Canada before making their way here to America, it seems.

Assuredly, some big name foodie chefs, who are into liberal politics, will leap on board trying to sell the idea of banning gas stoves, but for many cooks, especially professional ones, gas stoves are a must. If such a ban happens, I expect a great deal of pushback from some foodie types, who love gas stoves, but a massive media virtue-signaling campaign would accompany a ban, trying to sell the American public that this ban is about saving children’s lives. “Saving the children” is always a popular Democrat talking point used to ram through legislation and regulations.

This gas stove ban that was floated won’t be the only move to force Americans to stop using fossil fuel, so rather than get angry, hopefully Republicans in Washington can start anticipating more crazy green energy regulations and legislation, instead of just ranting about this proposed ban, and figure out ways to block them.

Being angry isn’t a plan to defeat people who will use every power of the state to force their political agenda into laws and regulations. The right now just runs with outrage political theater and reacting – not playing offense. So much of the right-wing ecosystem is about getting pissed off, but very little is about looking ahead at anticipating and preparing to counter the most extreme green agenda that’s just around the corner.

We live in some very strange and troubling times. I don’t have a gas stove, but that really doesn’t matter, because these extreme green policies will escalate, so while this proposed ban doesn’t affect me directly, the next crazy green policies might.

I tried to explain this to one of my kids during the 2020 “Summer of Love” and all the tearing down statues. He told me that he thinks Confederate statues should be torn down and that US military bases shouldn’t be named after Confederate generals. I told him I oppose every aspect of what the lawbreakers were doing, destroying public property and I told him it won’t stop at Confederate statues, because the ultimate goal of the far-left is always to “destroy the patriarchy,” which is a euphemism for our American system of government and economic structure. The US Constitution and our capitalist system are the real targets with “destroying the patriarchy.” I believe that what happens with public property should be decided by local and state officials, if that public property falls under their jurisdiction and by federal government for federal property, but the process should be open to debate, not rammed through by ruthless political activism and a rampaging mob.

While many people believe the green agenda is about fossil fuel usage and the ozone layer/climate change, those are just part of the green agenda. The green agenda is about controlling every aspect of our “carbon footprint,” that means everything we do, from what we eat, to how we live, to how we get around – EVERYTHING, from cradle to grave. There’s even a faction of the extreme green movement that wants to control who can be born and when people die too. That isn’t dystopian science fiction anymore – the euthanasia crowd has made headway in some European countries and in Canada.

This floated gas stove ban will follow the same trajectory as the Confederate statues and US base renaming demands, assuredly more bans and demands will follow. I’ve seen articles for several years about the European and Canadian extreme green proposals, so this gas stove ban didn’t surprise me at all and more extreme green proposals are in the pipe, (sorry bad pun) while the right-wing politicians and media are poised to put all their energy into “investigations” that will go nowhere, due to the slim margin they have in controlling the House. Republicans won’t be able to get any legislation passed, nor can the House prosecute anyone – all they can do is investigate and then make criminal referrals to the Justice Department. Oh, and they can keep the right-wing media filled with endless investigation drama… just like Democrats spent the past year flooding liberal media with J-6 “insurrection” investigation drama.

Seems to me the people who are planning ahead to force their agenda into political reality have more momentum than the people jumping up and down screaming about, “Look what the crazy leftists are doing now!” or wanting to stay on the rehashing the past hamster wheel… Ashli Babbitt, blah, blah, blah, Hillary’s emails, blah, blah, blah, the dastardly FBI, blah, blah, blah.

More aggressive green energy policies are already in the works, so don’t be surprised when they get floated right before the green zealots in the Biden administration and Democrats are ready to implement them. Republicans will still be ranting about crap that happened years ago, while we’re left literally out in the cold, with no way to even cook our Hoover stew… Hoover stew was a Great Depression dish made with broth, hot dogs, macaroni, stewed tomatoes, and corn.


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2 responses to “More political storms are cooking

  1. Robet Cloutier

    Hoover stew was also cooked open an open flame. Flame  powered by  burning wood or gas.

    • My great-grandmother used a gas stove in her kitchen, after moving away from the wood-burning stove she grew up with. She made a hot dog and macaroni concoction, that wasn’t Hoover stew, but it fed her large family. She made some sort of white sauce that she mixed into it. Unfortunately, she didn’t throw in cheese, which would have made it a much better comfort food, in my book.

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