It’s another typical Jan. 6th for the GOP

This will be a short politics post – fair warning. In the US the House of Representatives, which Republicans won control of in this past November election. They’ve been trying to elect a Speaker of the House. This getting a Speaker voted in, so the rest of the Representatives can get sworn in and seated, is usually a formality. However, this year there are 20 Republican hold-outs obstructing the process and insisting Kevin McCarthy, the choice of 200 other Republicans, is unacceptable as Speaker and that we need a Speaker who will “drain the Swamp,” or various iterations of these 20 hold-outs are bravely fighting to restore accountability and standing up to the corrupt DC establishment.

What’s abundantly clear, is these 20 are disorganized, because they couldn’t even agree among themselves who their alternative choice for Speaker was going to be and even more telling that this is just a political spin stunt was these 20 hadn’t been working to gain a consensus with other House Republicans, because electing an alternative choice will require gaining the support of almost 200 of their Republican colleagues, who voted for McCarthy.

Among the right-wing media, many of the biggest Trump-aligned talking heads have been tirelessly championing these 20 hold-outs as if this disorganized band are heroically going to save our republic. If they couldn’t effectively organize and settle on an alternative choice or rally enough support for an alternative choice from their fellow Republican House members, then it’s highly unlikely they have some grand plan or the political skills to “save America,” “drain the swamp” or accomplish much else – other than grandstanding… oh and some of the loudest are already trying to fundraise off of this mayhem they have created.

When people turn what’s generally just a ceremonial procedure into a sideshow or mayhem (yes, I[‘m going to say it – like the Jan. 6th escapade of trying to hijack certifying the electoral college vote), the chances that they have the organization or skills to handle tasks that require more complex political objectives is highly unlikely.

Right out of the gate, this band of 20 flamethrowers have set the reputation of this Republican House leadership in flames, McCarthy looks incredibly weak, even if he does eventually win the speakership and these 20 hold-outs, after 11 rounds of voting, still haven’t agreed, even among themselves, on an alternative choice.

It’s way past time for Americans to start expecting competence over spin optics. I’m not a fan of Kevin McCarthy, but these 20 hold-outs creating a media circus, without having any plan or idea what to do besides try to force McCarthy to step aside demonstrates a total lack of looking beyond their own egos. Even former President Trump realizes this isn’t a good optic and has urged them to stand-down and move on, which will likely happen soon.

The only thing that will come out of their political stunt is it handed Democrats and the liberal media endless video of House Republicans looking inept, disorganized and not ready to lead – just like Jan. 6th a couple years ago damaged the GOP’s reputation severely. While the most strident part of the right buys into all these ridiculous and counterproductive public spectacles, there are plenty of Americans who are tired of the media clown shows. They were appalled by Jan. 6th, but also disgusted by the Dem-led Jan. 6th investigation sideshow too.

The election in November was not a resounding win for either party.

It’s just another typical Jan. 6th in America, it seems – the Republicans in total disarray, again. I can hardly take all this “winning.”

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