Rough seas on the horizon

Well, it’s that time of the year, where people write and blab about the year that was or the new year we’re about to enter. This blog post will straddle the fence between the two. As long as I’ve been writing this blog (since Dec. 2012), with the New Year I’ve often written about how I was intending to shift my blog away from the partisan politics and more toward writing about history and things that really matter. Closing out this year I’ve been thinking about the winter storm that brought Arctic temperatures to a large part of the US and dumped several feet of snow on Buffalo, NY and not partisan politics. How we, in our daily lives, interact with our family, friends, and in our communities matters more than all the political drama that consumes news media and social media.While it’s important to think of particular items to stock up on or skills to have in order to survive a cold weather emergency situation, what’s fascinated me with the stories coming out of Buffalo and around the country has been how some people showed the very best of human nature, helping a stranger or even a group of strangers, while some showed the worst of human nature, like a convenience store clerk, who, with temps in the 20s, doused a homeless woman in the parking lot with a bucket of water. She was trying to get the homeless woman to leave the parking lot of a convenience store in Baton Rouge, LA.

In 2023, my blog will likely continue to be a hodgepodge of politics, a dash of history, random commentary based on what’s on my mind, and emergency preparedness. Since, I’m big on collecting sayings, above, is my fortune cookie in last night’s Chinese takeout. It seems about as profound as anything I can come up with, as a thought sailing into 2023. Let’s all resolve to keep smiling and keep our chins up… and maybe have a lifeboat, a life preserver vest, and learn to swim, along with learning to sail… Sure looks like we’ve got some rough seas on the horizon.

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