Politics, large and small

I’ll be glad when this election cycle is over. I haven’t voted yet, although early voting is open in my state and I plan to vote sometime this week. The political ads in this hotly contested GA senate race, between Warnock and Walker, haunt me on TV and online. Everywhere I turn there are ads for both. This is a politics post of sorts.

I am sick of being bombarded by political ads.

There’s always this argument people on both sides make about how this election is the most important election in our lifetime. Republicans are blabbing about how only Republicans in charge of Congress can save our country, while Democrats are blabbing about how only Democrats in charge of Congress can save our democracy. Whatever… I’ve been listening to this partisan claptrap for decades now and neither side has done much except spend, spend, spend. The US national debt is over 30 TRILLION dollars.

America is entering into a serious economic crisis, largely self-created, and all our politicians talk about is more programs for this and more programs for that. They also rant about how “the other side” is destroying America. The thing neither side in Washington does is slash wasteful spending or programs.

Rather than write about the inside baseball Washington politics though, I’ve been thinking about how the overall “global” Great Reset launch is going. Facets of that Great Reset are starting to impact hard in Europe and here in the US. Russia and China are dealing with a severe economic downturn too and although they aren’t embracing the WEF Great Reset plan, their own efforts to establish themselves as the alternative to the US dollar are not going smoothly. It seems like economic upheaval will be worldwide for the foreseeable future.

I’ve also been thinking about how this green-energy transformation might get derailed faster than anyone imagines. Honestly, I expect major corporations and banks to bail on this endeavor, if they start facing stiff resistance from consumers and start losing a lot of money. I expect them to be trying to regroup quickly, just like they’ve been doing since the COVID mitigation policies imploded. Public confidence in the COVID policies, which large corporations pushed as hard as Dem politicians, has crashed. Both Dem politicians and corporate America appear to be backpedaling and trying to distance themselves from the Dem COVID messaging. Far left corporate zealots like Bill Gates will likely cling to the Dem policies, but if it drives their consumers away and/or they start losing a lot of money, many others corporate boards won’t.

It’s one thing for small businesses to flounder and fail, but major corporations and big banks aren’t going to let social-engineering destroy their bottom line. While we’re likely in for a lot of upheavals and chaotic times, I just don’t think this unholy marriage of political and corporate power, that now works together to force political and social change in America, is between two equal entities. Corporations create jobs and wealth, while politicians create nothing – they’re parasites on the public and especially on big political donors. I can’t see major banks and corporate boards being the passengers on the Titanic who passively went down with the ship.

Just as Democrats have pretty much run from COVID this campaign cycle and even the most ardent BLM “defend the police” politicians are pretending they’ve always supported the police, I expect, in the not too distant future, they’ll be pretending this forced green-energy transformation wasn’t their policy. I expect many big banks and big corporations to jump from the green-energy/ESG ship in the not too distant future, as public outrage over the economy tanking grows and runaway inflation begins to seriously impact their own bottom lines.

Will Republicans in charge or Democrats in charge be better? Well, being a conservative, I would automatically answer: Republicans. However, at this point, I’m sick to death of all the politicians in Washington and more concerned about who is my state’s governor, which is a bulwark against federal overreach. I am thankful our founding fathers embraced federalism. Brian Kemp is an easy vote for me here in GA. Warnock v. Walker, well, I hate the binary choice arguments, so I won’t know for sure if I will just leave it blank on my ballot or swallow my conscience and vote for Walker… all so Republicans might gain control of Congress and not do all the things they promise… as usual. The devil’s advocate argument is Schumer and the Democrats have demonstrated they are more than willing to ram through all of the far-left policies without batting an eye. Choices, choices…

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