A link to an article on the Dutch Farmer Protests

This is going to be a short politics post. I read this piece, Pay Attention To The Dutch Farmer Protests Because America Is Next, by John Daniel Davidson, at The Federalist. I recommend it. Davidson lays out some important points about the green energy transformation that’s being accelerated. He links all the pieces together, especially the UN 2030 Agenda, the EU being completely onboard with this green transformation and the Dutch prime minister, Mark Rutte, being a green zealot:

“Indeed, Rutte — a walking embodiment of the Davos Man if there ever was one — is a big proponent of the United Nations’ “Agenda 2030” and its Sustainable Development Goals, which aim to squeeze farmers and ranchers around the world in order to reduce “emissions.” The policies that flow from these goals, such as drastically reducing the use of fertilizer, contributed to the recent economic collapse of Sri Lanka, which triggered mass protests that toppled Sri Lanka’s government and ousted its president earlier this month.” 

“Last year, Rutte spoke to the World Economic Forum about “transforming food systems and land use” at Davos Agenda Week, announcing that the Netherlands would host something called the “Global Coordinating Secretariat of the World Economic Food Innovation Hubs,” whose job would be to “connect all other food innovation hubs.””

“In Davos-speak, that means agricultural production and the supply of food will be centrally controlled by intra-governmental bodies and “stakeholders” consisting mainly of the world’s largest food corporations and international NGOs. Private farms and independent farmers will be a thing of the past, supplanted by global bodies making decisions about how much and what kinds of food are produced. The private sector and the independent farmers will have no place in the future that the UN and the WEF are planning.”

The US signed onto the UN 2030 Agenda in 2015, under President Obama. Democrats are 100% committed to the 2030 Agenda. In 2020, Klaus Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum, a non-government and lobbying organization, wrote a book about how to harness the economic, political, and social disorder caused by the pandemic and organize a “great reset.” That reset plan is supposed to manage the creation of a more sustainable, equitable world and accelerate the green-energy transformation. The green-energy transformation is the #1 objective.

In America, Democrats rebranded the American green-energy transformation as “Build Back Better. Last week the US Senate passed the “Inflation Reduction Act of 2022” that isn’t about fighting inflation at all. (Correction below) It’s the “Build Back Better” funding bill.

A lot of people on the right believe the government is trying to destroy the food supply and I don’t think that’s the main objective, but a totally foreseeable outcome. I think the main objective is to destroy small farmers and then push massive amounts of federal money to “green-energy compliant” big agriculture. If you thought the federal pandemic disorganization and chaos was a mess, just wait until Democrat elites are trying to micromanage farming in America… We will all starve.

Definitely, keep stocking up basics – this is going to be a total mess.

Correction: 8/1/2022: The US Senate has not passed the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 yet. Last week Senator Manchin, a Dem critical vote and hold-out on the bill, agreed to support it.

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