A different potato salad recipe

My family loves my potato salad, but several years ago I decided to try a new potato salad recipe, that’s completely different than mine. It’s the Barefoot Contessa Old-Fashioned Potato Salad recipe that I found in one of her cookbooks. It’s made with red potatoes and it’s got a lot of chopped fresh dill in it.

When I told my husband and sons that I made a different potato salad recipe they complained about how they love my potato salad and why mess with that. Then they tried this new potato salad… and they loved it. I make mine sometimes and other times I use this Barefoot Contessa recipe. If you’re looking for a different potato salad recipe to try this 4th of July, I recommend giving this one a try. It goes together quickly. Go generous with the chopped fresh dill , because that makes this potato salad absolutely delicious.

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