A viewpoint I completely reject

I’ve seen numerous homesteaders and preppers mention this channel, Pinball Perparedness, and give him rave reviews, but let’s just say I find so much of the former military peeps’ advice totally off-base and counter-productive toward moving America away from civil disorder and chaos. They take military strategy and tactics from other conflicts and try to apply it to a possible SHTF in America. Sorry, the first people to be silenced and obliterated from the popular social media public spaces will be preppers and homesteaders who offer advice like this:

The interesting thing about the online preppers really into guns, ammo and blabbing about civil war and SHTF is they have built their online forums using platforms owned and run by liberals. In fact, I suspect many of them rely on the income generated from their online social media influencing efforts to survive. That’s the most glaring strategic mistake ever – to rely on people who despise you and your views, to run your online business. Trump made this glaring mistake too – he relied on Twitter and facebook, platforms run by people who hated him and wanted him destroyed, then he had no plan for when they actually did ban him. It took over a year for Trump to get back on social media – Truth Social. If you think the liberal elites are out to silence you, then building your communications capability using their platforms is a huge risk.

Why on earth would anyone be talking about poisoning people, as something to think about? I’ve watched several of this man’s videos and I don’t agree with most of his military takes, but that happens a lot when I listen to men talk about military strategy and tactics – I take apart their plans and look at each part, then I think about what they say their goal is – we can call it a “mission,” but I prefer to think in terms of ends, ways and means.

First, America isn’t Ukraine, which was invaded by a foreign army and we certainly aren’t Iraq, where American strategic planning failures for the follow-on operations, after toppling Saddam Hussein, led to a full-blown insurgency developing. Our strategic planners chose to ignore the very real cultural divides between the West and the Muslim world. America had operated trying to maintain a small footprint in the Muslim world for many years, because of this cultural clash. They decided to embrace what I call catchphrase strategy, buying into slogans rather than sound strategic thinking. We were sold a “global war on terror” and “building democracy” in places, where none of the ingredients to building a functional democracy were present. Then when our military was facing a real SHTF situation dealing with the Islamic State, we had top generals wanting to turn the entire US military into embracing COIN, when US policy failures created the situation for that insurgency to develop and grow.

Second, rather than plan for everything falling apart, I prefer to devote my energies on finding ways to pull Americans together. I refuse to spend one bit of my energy planning for civil war – ZERO. I will devote every ounce of my energy toward finding ways to avert civil disorder, lawlessness, and God forbid, civil war. I will work as hard as I can to help as many people as I can and to try to pull Americans toward being kind to each other and being messengers of hope and offering a helping hand.

We are still the United States of America, even though most of us see the disturbing divides that have deepened due to the 24/7 spin information war blowing hot air onto every little spark of discord (real and imagined), as one incident after another goes viral and spreads across social media and news media.

Like I wrote in 2015 – “Brilliant geopolitics experts, almost to a man, say “that’s the way it’s always been  and I have seen nothing in history to indicate  it can ever change.” Of course, if you accept it can’t change, very few people will even bother trying to change it.” Sorry, no disrespect intended toward this man’s service or expertise, but I reject this way of thinking completely, because that’s why nothing ever changes.

I’m not a feminist and reject modern feminism as a leftist ideology meant to undermine and erode western democracies, but in the real world men and women think very differently. I prefer to use military strategic concepts, not guns and violence, toward avoiding a collapse of the system (civil war or anarchy). I believe we should be investing more energy into the oath we swore – to protect and defend The Constitution, rather than already giving up on America, as past the point of no return.

And for the record, I pay for my blog at WordPress and I have never monetized my blog. I have planned for years what happens if (when) efforts are made to silence me – long before Trump was even in the American political arena, because I lived through an effort in 1998.

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  1. Robet Cloutier

    Lots of Trojan horse operations I reckon.

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