Biden to the rescue… not

Instead of unleashing American fossil fuel, to increase our gas supply, President Biden apparently is going to authorize the Defense Production Act for solar power production….

President Biden revoked a key permit for the Keystone Pipeline upon becoming president and has worked consistently to hobble American fossil fuel. The Biden administration’s answer to rising gas prices was to tell people to buy electric cars.

Then came warnings about electric grid problems this summer and the possibility of rolling blackouts around the country. It doesn’t seem like our power grid is ready for a massive increase in electric cars, even if they were available and affordable.

This has been a trend with liberal policies for a long time, but it’s now reaching critical mass. America is still reeling from the aftermath of the BLM pressure campaign to “Defund the Police,” which led to cuts in police funding in many areas of the country and a dramatic increase in crime.

When this latest green energy push creates more devastating economic woes for America, the Biden administration and Dems will shift blame or try to create another “crisis” to divert attention away from the economic nightmare roiling across the country.

Why is Biden using the Defense Authorization Act again? The short answer is it’s a massive power grab and that act gives the president enormous powers to utilize the US military and also to control private industry and supplies during a national emergency. This is a presidential power grab to force green energy policy on Americans in the midst of a Biden-created energy crisis

In my post yesterday I mentioned the commitment to push the green agenda, regardless how much damage it inflicts on Americans. Brace for more economic chaos while this White House, Democrats and the liberal news media regale us with reports about how wondrous solar power is and how Biden has saved America.

How long will Americans put up with out-of-control inflation, especially soaring gas prices, increasing shortage problems, and constant disruptions in the supply chains? My guess is this situation will become unsustainable quickly.

And the Biden administration solution is to use the power of the presidency to control and push solar energy production.

If I were a gambler, I’d feel it’s a safe bet that we’re in for a very tumultuous summer and heading into the fall election season.

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