Another national disgrace

I try not to watch or read a lot of news lately, because both sides of the American political aisle irritate and disgust me in various ways. Yesterday I was sickened by this tweet:

The Biden administration failed to react to the baby formula situation until it reached crisis level, with numerous states reporting almost half the retail stores that carry baby formula in their states were completely out of baby formula.

It’s a national embarrassment that US officials are trying to procure emergency supplies of baby formula to feed American babies from foreign countries. It’s not some political achievement to cheer. This is both disgraceful and totally pathetic.

As our economic woes worsen, just keep in mind these clowns in DC handling this baby formula crisis are at the helm as our economy tanks.

Politicians can’t save America. I believe our only hope is if a whole lot of Americans start working together in small communities, towns and states across America to mitigate the economic fall-out – taking care of ourselves, our family, our friends and others in our communities.

Tall order there.

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