Told ya’ so

On May 18th, I wrote:

“Due to how politically damaging this baby formula shortage situation is to Dems heading into an important election in November, it will likely be resolved quickly- with some combination of reopening the closed plant and allowing the import of some foreign baby formula. It’s not likely to last for months and months and the liberal media will work hard to move past this story, that focuses on another Biden administration failure. Democrats have every incentive to get this baby formula shortage resolved quickly, so it won’t be hanging over their party during the campaign season.”

This summer’s likely to be a repeat of 2020

Here’s a tweet from The White House:

The Dem. November 2022 Disaster Control Operation has launched… All of this is so predictable, but it’s important to remember this baby formula crisis was completely avoidable and it shouldn’t take an upcoming, pivotal election to mobilize a presidential response. This White House response and liberal media hype about how fast the White House responded is all about partisan politics and the spin information war.


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5 responses to “Told ya’ so

  1. There’s a twitter account that quotes Thomas Sowell and just saw this one. I wasn’t psychic about how fast the Biden administration would try to resolve this baby formula crisis – it’s just this:

  2. JK

    Spent too much time up late last night – cousins from Oklahoma visiting – So I’m not gonna come up with precisely the sort of word most appropriate to my thinking. With that typed:

    I find it ____________ that of all the kit in the government’s toolbox the administration chooses The Defense Production Act to “fix” the baby formula shortage.

    I mean, that specific act? All these years I’ve been of the understanding that Act was intended to speed up stuff like tanks and ships, long-range escort fighters [P-51] and ammunition.

    Baby formula? !!!

    C’mon man!

    • JK

      Ummm. I think I’ll go with delicious. Baby formula being, of a sort, “food” does seem appropriate.

      (Better’n that split pea gruel I once was forced to indulge in. Did I ever tell you LB about the time me and my then-wife, travelling from Wichita back to Arkansas for Christmas got trapped in a snowbank? … Probably not: I don’t like admitting stupid.)

      • I haven’t spent much time on Twitter for a while, but let me tell you the blue checkmark feminists, both Dem and Republican, got all preachy about what kind of milk you can feed babies, who aren’t being nursed by their mothers. Goat and cow milk were roundly renounced, as unfit for babies and lots of the “experts say” kind of comments. It’s amazing the human race survived so long without “experts” and the Twitter blue checkmark commentariat…

    • Well, Trump’s Warp Speed kind of gave a green light to using the Defense Production Act for anything and certainly Dems will never miss an opportunity to expand federal reach.

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