Will Biden get the boot?

Just a short politics post here. I became suspicious as soon as the Washington Post and New York Times began hyping the Hunter Biden laptop story recently and it’s now news that Hunter Biden is under investigation in Delaware by Justice Department investigators. Andrew C. McCarthy wrote a piece at National Review about this investigation the other day: The New York Times Suddenly Discovers Hunter Biden Laptop and Corruption Investigations Are Real

Back at the end of February, Devon Archer, a Hunter Biden friend, who also sat on the board of a Ukrainian natural gas company, Burisma, was sentenced in a different matter involving fraud: Hunter Biden’s pal sentenced to prison for role in fraud scheme. After this news, media stories began to trickle out about this ongoing investigation into Hunter Biden in Delaware. Assuredly, the mainstream liberal media hacks who carry water for Dems constantly and prominent Democrats knew about this ongoing investigation, but somehow Hunter Biden’s laptop story was off-limits in the mainstream liberal media since October 2020, when the laptop story broke and Twitter banned even mentioning the laptop story.

For that same media to now start hyping the Hunter Biden laptop was a red flag to me. I tweeted;

I saw this Tucker Carlson video tonight:

Yes, I believe Tucker has this right, but what remains to be seen is whether Dems push Biden out before 2024 and then have to contend with a President Kamala Harris or if they wait until the 2024 presidential election draws closer and pressure Biden to announce he won’t be seeking reelection.

To be sure Hillary Clinton is busily hitting the liberal media news and late night TV talk show circuit to try to sell herself as the Ukraine foreign policy guru and president-in-waiting. Bill Clinton revved up the Clinton Foundation recently too, so you know the Clintons are actively grifting for more money.

Whenever the mainstream liberal media runs negative stories about Dems now, there’s an ulterior partisan political motive, because the liberal media is really just a Democrat political messaging operation at this point, just like FOX News and right-wing media carries water for former President Trump. The liberal media suddenly talking about the Hunter Biden laptop story they deliberately buried for over a year evoked a lot of angry responses from the Trump-supporter pundit circle, but I was waiting to hear them begin questioning, “Why now?”


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3 responses to “Will Biden get the boot?

  1. False flag. Biden’s not going anywhere, least of all for something his son did. There is no connection to the President other than him being related.

    • JK

      “There is no connection to the President other than him being related.”

      To be sure the amounts of money were not in any meaningful way similar, but I vividly recall my Dad asking,

      “Son, where is all this money coming from?”

      Surely a fellow who served over forty years in government “service” (and subject to laws concerning those very issues) would express some curiosity?

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