Special needs prepping

Tomorrow I will have a blog post about some thoughts on prepping supply challenges for people with special needs. With supply shortage problems escalating, I strongly believe anyone with special medical needs or special dietary needs should really put extra effort into thinking ahead and stocking up on supplies.

In 2020, I took personal preparedness much more seriously, because my husband was placed on home hospice care in late January 2020 and completely bed-bound until he died last year. I am an insulin-dependent diabetic and have heart problems, so I put a lot more effort into prepping supplies.

If you wait for someone else to come take care of everything for you, in this shortage environment, you may find your problems way more critical much faster than you can’t find your favorite brand of a particular food item or toilet paper.

If you have special needs, I highly recommend you move your prepping efforts, of not only basic supplies, but as many of the supplies specific to your special needs, into high gear. I’ll jot down some things I learned throughout this pandemic in tomorrow’s post.

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