Warning: A gloomy political blog post

Patara at Appalachia’s Homestead brought to my attention, that China is urging it’s people to start stocking up. I had seen mostly the political news on the VA governor’s race and hadn’t seen this. China has over a billion people to feed and is facing a sharp economic slowdown. It is absolutely a true news story. CNN link is right here: China is urging families to stock up on food as supply challenges multiply.

I have no confidence in our federal government to respond adequately to a major crisis, that’s the truth. This is an upfront warning. that this is going to be a politics post. The default response from our political leaders, in both parties, is to deploy the National Guard to deal with everything, whether it’s for Pelosi’s post-1/6 sideshow, where they had thousands of guardsmen at the Capitol for months to TX where the governor sent them to the border. Here’s a quote from NBCWashington on the NG extension at the Capitol in MARCH, two months after the 1/6 attack:

“Army leaders had also initially questioned whether the Capitol Police had exhausted all other options to fill the need, such as asking other federal law enforcement agencies to provide security. But officials said military leaders thought it was important to find ways to work out the details.

The threat was tied to the far-right conspiracy theory promoted by QAnon supporters that former President Donald Trump would rise again to power on March 4, the original presidential inauguration day. That day passed with no problems, but law enforcement has said threats to buildings and personnel remain.”

I’m frankly sick to death of hearing about QAnon threats and remain highly skeptical about who is generating the “QAnon conspiracy theories.” I’m not doubting there are dangerous right-wing extremists elements that are legitimate concerns. And there are people believing these crazy QAnon conspiracy theories, but why doesn’t the FBI ever tell us more about who these QAnon conspiracy theory generators are? This reminds me of the whole “alt-right” media hysteria, where the liberal media and Dems created this whole myth about how massive the alt-right threat was and how there were alt-right everywhere. And, even the FBI sells that line too.

If QAnon loons spreading conspiracy theories are such a threat, then why haven’t the QAnon content generators been identified and banned from social media? The big social media platforms have no problem banning other right-wing people they don’t like or want silenced or ordinary people spreading conspiracy theories, but not QAnon… And we’re also told QAnon is on the “dark web,’ yet the FBI can’t find out who’s behind it or stop any of these QAnon conspiracy theories? Instead, it’s these crazy stories like today, “QAnon supporters gather in downtown Dallas expecting JFK Jr. to reappear.”

The FBI has spent months tracking down every protester at the Capitol on 1/6 and yet they can’t figure out who is behind QAnon conspiracy theories?

I’m going to add this link to the much hyped August 2018 “Unite the Right Anniversary” in Washington, DC that had the media frothing for months. CNN reported, “Approximately two dozen white nationalists rallied in the nation’s capital on Sunday, one year after clashes in Charlottesville, Virginia, left one person dead and elevated racial tensions in America.” Yep, two dozen, that’s it.

After that the liberal media didn’t have fainting spells about the “alt-right,” but it moved to other massive right-wing “threats.”

With the Youngkin governor’s race just a few days ago, the sleaze balls at the Lincoln Project staged a false flag op: UPDATE: “The Lincoln Project” Takes Credit For Posing As Tiki-Torch Nazis At Glenn Youngkin Event In Charlottesville.

The Youngkin effort is par for the course with Dem false flag operations and dirty tricks, yet the mainstream media glides by them. Back in 2018 news broke (and was quickly breezed by) that Dem operatives, working with some powerful Silicon Valley execs, generated fake Russian bots that were supporting Roy Moore in the AL Senate race in 2017 and then Dem operatives put up this whole media hysteria about Moore was supported by Russia (similar to the whole Trump–Russia Collusion spin garbage). Dem operatives also initiated some Dry Alabama influence operation against Moore, and of course, there was the whole mainstream media underage women allegation spin effort too and frankly when Gloria Allred shows up, I dismiss it as another Dem spin theater effort. Roy Moore is a detestable bigot, so no one really cared about any of these corrupt Dem influence operations and dirty tricks. Of course, it’s important to look at who one of those big Silicon Valley execs involved in that fake Russian bot operation was. From the Washington Post, “Disinformation campaign targeting Roy Moore’s Senate bid may have violated law, Alabama attorney general says” :

“The looming threat of new state and federal investigations adds to the scrutiny facing those involved in the campaign to undermine support for Moore and bolster Jones. Project Birmingham appeared to broadly mirror some of the same tactics adopted by Russian operatives who spread social and political unrest on Facebook and Twitter during the 2016 presidential election. In Alabama, its backers even introduced fake evidence that automated Russian accounts, called bots, were supporting Moore in the race.”

“On Wednesday, internet billionaire Reid Hoffman apologized for giving money to a group, American Engagement Technologies, that allegedly had ties to Project Birmingham. The donation was $750,000, according to a person close to Hoffman. Hoffman said that he did not intend for the organization or its leader, a former aide to President Barack Obama, to put the money to use in spreading disinformation. Hoffman also pledged a full review of his portfolio of political investments, two years after he began spending millions of dollars to help elect more Democrats to office.”

Another Silicon Valley bigwig involved in that Dem false flag operation, creating fake Russian bots, in the Moore campaign was Jonathan Morgan, the chief executive of New Knowledge. Fox News report, Democratic operatives created fake Russian bots designed to link Kremlin to Roy Moore in Alabama race :

“One participant in the project reportedly was Jonathon Morgan, the chief executive of New Knowledge, a firm that wrote a report – released by the Senate Intelligence Committee earlier this week – about Russia’s social media operations in the 2016 election and its efforts to hurt Hillary Clinton and help Donald Trump.”

Got that – this Silicon Valley exec’s company was who the Senate Intelligence Committee relied on to write their report on Russia’s social media operations in the 2016 election and then he was involved in a Dem false flag operation helping Dem operatives create fake Russian bots to smear Roy Moore in 2017… Still waiting on that investigation… It’s totally nuts.

Here’s another headline and link: Facebook suspended five accounts for spreading misleading information during an Alabama election, including a lead social media researcher who helped the government discover fake news

I’ve been trying to analyze the Dems spin information war since the 1990s, when the Clintons initiated their “war room.” In 1998, I first dipped my toes into the world of social media, writing comments on the Excite message boards, and mocked the Clinton spinmeisters and highlighted their stupid spin word games on those message boards during the Clinton impeachment drama. Back then the Excite message boards was where the politicos and journos hung out. Today it’s Twitter.

I also believe Trump borrowed the Dems corrupt spin war model, so while many people, I know think Trump will save America, well, I doubt it. Trump cares about his rallies, which are just massive agitation propaganda efforts to incite people & raise money. Mainly though, Trump really wants to get back on Twitter or find a social media avenue to get back into the spin information war and owning media spin cycles. As for Repubs in Washington – they’re concerned about collecting big money from donors and power too, so I don’t expect Washington to save us. Plus they’re all hanging out on Twitter too. Trump cares about getting back on Twitter, all the journalists and politicians hang out at Twitter – and all they care about is how to “spin” everything. Spin equals the ability to drive and control public opinion in America.

The Dem and media corruption is still vast. I am a nobody homemaker, recently widowed, and my blog currently has 135 followers. On Twitter I have 58 followers and I suspect most of them are bots or something. I pay for my WordPress account and continue to write, even though mostly I feel like I am a lone voice in the internet wilderness.

So, my concerns after watching this latest Dem spin smear effort, targeting parents at school board meetings, is that the labeling of Trump-supporters, Republicans, conservatives, and even now parents who dared complain about CRT was to smear them as “potential domestic terrorists.”

My stories about Desert Storm are true and I do believe staying calm and focused on doing everything you can to stock up and prepare your own family, as best you can, for the shortages and uncertainties ahead, is sound advice.

I am not trying to tell anyone to shut-up or what to say or not say – it’s a free country. Where I worry is that preppers might become the next Dem target, in a critical food storage crisis and that’s why staying calm and committed to helping each other and encouraging others to stock up can be a vital resource to help themselves and their families and neighborhood get through this crisis. I worry since the prepper community relies on liberal-owned social media platforms to share information.

I hope that some state governments start getting their heads out of their you know what and start addressing this looming crisis, but I suspect many of them are too busy with their Twitter spin battles too, to even come up with any plans. And my other fear is that the DC pols solution is to send in the NG and expect them to solve everything. Heck, I’m surprised they haven’t sent them to unload ships yet. The NG cannot possibly be the whole government solution to deal with a massive food shortage and mass panic. Here’s the other thing – if there’s mass panic and people clearing out stores – that gives the federal government and governors all the cover they need to take more drastic action and so these are the same people still trying to cling to all their COVID government overreach.

I’m not trying to alarm anyone, and this is just my opinion. I’m just saying that staying calm, especially in emergencies is crucial- it will help you get through any crisis. Staying focused on encouraging as many people you can to stock up is wonderful, as is sharing all the prepping and survival knowledge. It’s going to take people with all sorts of skills – not just a stocked pantry to get our country through a massive food shortage combined with another possible COVID wave, plus all the partisan political turmoil. I feel that some areas where there are lots more conservative people, it might be easier to rally people to work together in a crisis than in others. If you live in Chicago or St. Louis with that idiot mayor, who tweeted this, I feel sorry for you:

Focusing on anger at people in your own family or circle will leave you and them totally alienated, but yeah, I understand urging family to stock up and not being heeded – after all, our “illustrious” CDC recommends a 3-day supply. Everyone in our government is too invested in their media spin war to come up with a plan. I have no idea how much food retail companies have or are holding back or how much various states and the federal government have in emergency food supplies. All I do know is the prepper community, even the most extreme ones, are way ahead of the game in a serious food shortage situation and the YouTube prepper community could be a truly valuable resource to each other and to millions of other unprepared people.

Every person who heeds your advice to start stocking up now is one less person in a dire crisis, if this shortage situation becomes much worse. No one person can solve this crisis by themselves – we’ll all have to put in our oars and row, but first and foremost is always – take care of yourself and your family first, so don’t get overwhelmed by the magnitude of all the bad things on the horizon – take it a step at a time with preparing.

Here’s a suggestion, in military lingo, if you’re up to double-time, by all means speed up your pace:-) If people have a 3-day supply, encourage them to shoot for 2 weeks or a month and then keep on going. By working together and staying calm, I believe grassroots America could be the vital resource that pulls America through a serious shortage crisis. A lot of political mayhem, mass panic and no calm, principled leadership to be found, here in America could be very bad. However, our country was founded by brave and fearless people, who faced adversity head-on, and I still remain hopeful that there are enough good and decent people, with that same American spirit to pull us through this.

Note: It’s 9:48 am, November 3, 2021 right now and I have been doing some editing on this blog post, because I wrote it last night and reading it this morning saw some small things I wanted to change and add.

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