Dem COVID-19 Spin Games Hitting More Bumps

I don’t know anything about the person who tweeted the above tweet and I have no idea where or when this video was taken, but this little girl’s actions sum up my feelings on all of the COVID-19 rules, hype, politicization, and endless hysteria.

The little girl’s actions especially sum up my feelings about anything both the mainstream media and Dr. Fauci say about COVID-19, at this point. In the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, I trusted they were providing science-based information, yet the more Dr. Fauci has spoken and the more hysteria the media ramped up in the past year, the more it sounds like they’re pushing the Democrat political agenda rather than unbiased medical information.

This doesn’t mean I refuse to believe in science or that I am a COVID denier or against COVID vaccines or that I refuse to wear a mask.

I strongly suspect my husband had COVID in January 2020, an idea which was considered a heresy by the experts for a long time, because the earliest verified cases of COVID in the U.S. did not go as far back as mid- January 2020 and it was not politically tenable to suggest China lied about when their COVID-19 outbreak started. The CDC collected archived blood serum samples from the American Red Cross and studied them for COVID-antibodies and found COVID-19 antibodies in some of those 2019 samples, yet the Fauci/Dem/liberal media spin narrative quickly moved past that information. They still repeat the Chinese government and WHO COVID-19 timeline (propaganda).

The first confirmed case of COVID-19 in the U.S. was January 15, 2020, with a man in Washington state, who had just returned from Wuhan, China. My husband got very sick around that same time, in GA and my husband hadn’t traveled anywhere, but our son had been sick about week before with the same symptoms. Although my personal situation has no science to back it, it’s not much less suspect than many of the public health pronouncements on COVID-19, which have been tainted with both domestic and foreign political considerations and US public health officials in Washington, who seem too willing to trust Chinese government and WHO information, even as the Chinese government’s lies about the virus have been exposed.

I followed all of the COVID-19 rules and I spent 2020 at home taking care of my husband. I didn’t take any vacations or attend any social gatherings (large or small), I wore a mask in public, I followed the social distancing rules and at first, I trusted Dr. Fauci and the DC public health officials made science-based recommendations. I don’t have any trust in Dr. Fauci or the CDC at this point, but I went ahead and got my first COVID vaccine last month and will get my second shot soon. I still wear a mask in public places and I still follow social distancing rules in those places, even though I strongly suspect that when exploiting COVID-19 fear and inciting hysteria for political advantage reaches the point of diminishing returns for Democrat politicians, we’ll likely learn from the “experts” that there’s no evidence to support that any of these “mitigation” efforts were effective at slowing the spread of COVID-19 and that most of these efforts came with huge health and societal costs.

Whenever COVID-19 numbers in red states don’t conform to bolster the Dem’s COVID spin narrative, that Dem governors’ COVID mitigation restrictions are working magnificently and red state governors, who ended lockdown and mask mandates, are creating a serious public health threat, Dr. Fauci doesn’t ever have any explanation for information and data that runs counter to his belief in imposing more restrictions on people’s lives. He just pivots back to hyping more restrictions, from double-masking to insisting that even fully vaccinated people must still live a very restricted life, controlled by media-induced fear and government-imposed COVID-19 rules.

When this Democrat COVID-19 con game reaches critical mass, sadly our political class, both Dems and their media cohorts, who often seem more like comrades, will still be on Twitter generating the spin attacks that evil red state governors jeopardized public health by lifting COVID-19 restrictions too soon and they’ll still be doubling down, defending their corrupt and destructive COVID-19 “Trust the Science” spin crap show.

Another gloomy forecast is Republicans and Trump-friendly media will still likely be countering the Dem spin crap show with their adopted Trumpian counter-spin crap show, because they’ve bought into that “at least Trump fights the left spin,” as being a viable strategy to defeat the massive Dem/media spin control of mass media in America.

Control of the mass media spin messaging propels the left’s culture war, which relies on mass media spin information war to mold and control public opinion in America

The Trump spin approach remains doomed to fail and will never actually defeat the Dems’ massive spin apparatus, that includes, not only most of the media in America, but also the big tech social media giants, who jumped onboard with becoming the online censors of Republicans and conservatives speech, working to silence Trump-friendly conservative and Republican voices, who gain too much traction or pose any threat to the preferred liberal spin narratives. And now corporate CEOs have jumped into the Dem spin war too.

Trump’s dishonest, bombastic, reactionary spin show provides the Dems endless spin ammunition, while at the same time assures that Republicans and conservatives will stay locked down by Trump’s circular firing squad leadership style, wasting more time on in-fighting than uniting for any common purpose to counter the Dem/mainstream media spin war.

The main reason Trump supporters cite for supporting Trump is “he’s a fighter!” Unfortunately, Trump’s undisciplined and short-sighted outbursts aren’t a winning strategy to defeat a massive, sophisticated, well-organized and funded spin information war, that is only part of a multi-faceted leftist culture war. The left’s culture war ideologues are deeply burrowed into the American education system, they control the Democratic Party agenda, they have powerful support among America’s big tech giants and corporate America, and they control most of mass media political messaging in America.

The COVID-19 spin scare is beginning to lose its effectiveness at keeping the American people fearful and thus compliant to Dem COVID spin power grabs, so the leftist spin message operations have already begun priming the media spin battlefield for pivoting to their next spin “CRISIS” messaging, moving away from COVID-19 onto CLIMATE EMERGENCY… Seriously, the Dems and their liberal media friends are already prepping their media spin battlefield for this pivot:

The Biden administration wisely began muzzling President Biden as their COVID preacher, after inauguration, and instead allowed the media gadfly, Dr. Fauci, to assume the role of unofficial COVID czar, so that once he’s no longer useful to their spin messaging, the media will stop their Fauci lovefest coverage and the Democrats can just pivot to ramping up CLIMATE EMERGENCY hysteria.

More bizarre American spin war ahead, for sure.


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3 responses to “Dem COVID-19 Spin Games Hitting More Bumps

  1. JK

    Anecdotally LB.

    I believe I informed you of my “fighting a housefire” (January 28th 2020)? That I’d entered the house without a mask and definitely not kitted out with an OBA?

    (“What’s an OBA?” I hear you ask )

    Now getting to the point.

    Within the next two weeks I began experiencing a very unusual set of symptoms. But because of the proximity to the fire and, because the most noticeable (and discomforting) effect was respiratory I simply attributed what I was experiencing being an aftereffect of the fire.

    However, this was a highly unusual respiratory condition I experienced – and I am definitely no stranger to respiratory “issues.” I have a letter bearing the date 23 February 1959 composed by my, then newly awarded the initials ‘MD’ following his name Navy Lieutenant Dad, writing to his then CO requesting a transfer to a ‘dryer climate’ because his three-year-old son – me – had had five separate incidents of pneumonia. Indeed among my earliest memories was me peering through the *plastic sheeting of an oxygen tent toward my parents.

    And I was the kid in every class carrying around an inhaler.

    Fortunately the, then limited to asthmatic kid, improved to such a point in my late teens enough that I was enabled to enlist. But now decades later the asthma’s come roaring [wheezing lol] back and joined to diagnoses of both first, COPD and then emphysema.

    I consider myself given that medical history, something of an expert witness on issues pulmonary.

    Above I mentioned “unusual respiratory condition”?

    For a period of about three weeks my ‘regular cough’ turned “unproductive” meaning no phlegm to such a degree I took to dosing myself up to five times daily with Mucinex. Too, and also highly unusual for me I experienced near constant headaches – before that bout I can’t recall my having much in the way of headaches with the exception of some few times some fellow or another may have taken exception to something I said and punched me in the nose.

    But utterly weird, for me, I had some terrible stomach “issues.” I puked severally – the last time period previously I recalled puking had been, at least, some thirty years earlier.

    The condition lasted, give or take, about three weeks. It was the dickens. But at the time like I also said, I just put it down to having been in the midst of fighting a fire.

    And then a month or so after I read what the CDC had on its website about “the symptomology of Covid” and I think to myself, “Wow, that sure sounds familiar!”

    Then in June (2020) comes round my annual VA physical – I’m a participant in a genetics study the VA’s had going on for quite a number of years so that, rather than the *regular number of vials of blood my pals have drawn for their labs I regularly have at least twice theirs and sometimes thrice theirs – June 2020’s physical I “contributed” nine vials.

    Three weeks after that my doc calls me up and says “Oh by the way JK, the covid antibody showed up in your labs; is there anything you may’ve forgotten to tell me?”

    “Well doc” says me, “Now that you mention it … “

    • With my husband’s illness in January 2020, it will just remain a question mark, because trying to get him tested for antibodies was not even on my list. I did ask hospice about a flu vaccine last fall and hospice did order a flu vaccine and the nurse brought it to our home and administered it. Knowing if he had COVID wouldn’t have changed a thing.

      Listened to some of the YouTube video of that couple and they present quite a lot of interesting information.

      • JK

        I know. Just that my thinking was along the lines of, ‘She is much closer to the coast than I am so if me, far inland could be somehow exposed to it the odds would seem to be likelier there.’

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