“Aggressive niceness” might be good for what ails America

A few weeks into the Biden presidency and despite the Biden administration hype of “America United,” it’s obvious the partisan rancor remains. This week the US Senate commenced the second impeachment trial of former President Trump, so the media coverage leans heavily into rehashing the January 6th attack on the US Capitol. The political winds blow in favor of Democrats falling short on votes to convict and Trump being acquitted again.

A lot of ink has been spilled painting the millions of Trump supporters as QAnon, anti-science, violence-loving kooks, but there’s been much less attention given to the dedicated #Resist liberals bigotry and zealotry, especially within the media. The mainstream media paints the picture of Trump supporters as ignorant, second-class citizens, who aren’t fit for polite society or any respect.

Since January 6th, many Democrat and liberal media mouthpieces have become the moral arbiters of “The Truth” and they’ve been aggressively preaching a new spin word game, to frame the events of January 6th. They dubbed the attack “an armed insurrection,” bandied about the terms “white supremacy” and “domestic terrorism” frequently. Trump’s insistence that he won the presidential election has become termed “The Big Lie.”

The latest Dem spin war game targets, not only Trump-aligned pols and right-wing media mouthpieces, but also every Trump supporter in America for shunning and demands that they denounce Trump and “The Big Lie.”

Last week an op-ed, Column: What can you do about the Trumpites next door?, by Virginia Heffernan, a Harvard-educated LA Times political columnist, generated a good bit of response on social media. Heffernan took a rather simple neighborly good deed and turned it into a massive political and personal moral dilemma:

Oh, heck no. The Trumpites next door to our pandemic getaway, who seem as devoted to the ex-president as you can get without being Q fans, just plowed our driveway without being asked and did a great job.

How am I going to resist demands for unity in the face of this act of aggressive niceness?


Breaking this down, an urban liberal, fled the city due to COVID-19 and finds herself living next door to some self-sufficient rural neighbors, who support President Trump. The rural neighbors plowed this ungrateful, uppity urbanite’s driveway and rather than be grateful, the urbanite wrote an angry op-ed in a large newspaper, turning an uncomplicated neighborly good deed into a partisan political issue.

Heffernan’s piece goes on to make the argument that her neighbors’ support of Trump is akin to people in Lebanon supporting Hezbollah or French people collaborating with the Nazis during WWII.

Heffernan sounded angry and resentful about her rural neighbors plowing her driveway and it came across as she didn’t want to have to express gratitude to her neighbors for plowing her driveway and that speaks volumes about her own moral character. For all the effort she went to trying to pull historical analogies to broad brush all Trump supporters as evil people and anguishing over what phony gestures of gratitude she will offer, the one thing missing from her piece was any recognition of her neighbors as individuals with lives beyond partisan politics.

The important lesson from this op-ed isn’t the one the author intended. For the good of America, across all partisan political divides, we should embrace the “aggressive niceness” habit of her Trumpite neighbors whenever we can and it just might be good for what ails America. Only by working hard to take politics out of our daily lives, as much as possible, can we work to build some stronger bonds within our communities.


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6 responses to ““Aggressive niceness” might be good for what ails America

  1. JK

    I was sorta hoping LB, you’d put your 2¢ in on this, the “journalist’s” ahem, ‘observation/quandary.’

    I’d earlier seen another’s “take” on the same thing that I found to be totally aligning with my own life experience:


    “You’re not from around here are ye” I’ve found myself saying to, for example, a group of ladies sitting alongside the road, the one tire very obviously flat and me walking to the driver’s door offering to change the tire hearing the retort “Stay back we’re calling 911!” (I just waited patiently back between our vehicles as I was aware from having traveled that road often there was to be No Cell Coverage in that particular spot.)

    And sure enough. Finally “arranging” for the travelers to sit in my pickup (and outta the way!) I did the deed and then refused payment. And that wasn’t the first time something similar occurred in my experience nor do I (hope) expect it to be the last.

    In a similar vein:


    (My cop nephew emailed me that.)

    Stay warm LB. If your weather’s anything like my weather. 14° currently. Forecasting up to 14″ of snow over the next three days. Sun’s shining brightly though – for now.

    • JK, We’re only supposed to be getting rain here and temps well above freezing.

      I’ve been cutting back on following the partisan spin crap, but I must say watching the frauds the media hyped as role models and their heroes, from Avenatti, to the Lincoln Project sleazes, to Andrew Cuom, be exposed as liars, crooks and sleazebags, would be hilarious, if it wasn’t so pathetic and sad. Yet, none of these liberal journalists (and media organizations) who created these phony narratives will ever admit they failed to do any vetting and/or investigation into these corrupt people.

      Back in the beginning of the COVID “mitigation” efforts, I was so naïve and willing to buy into the “experts.” It was a sad letdown to realize the “trust the science” was nothing more than a spin campaign and the abuses of power in several states alarmed the heck out of me. At this point, I’m sick of all the politicians and I’m trying not to pay any attention to the media gadfly, Dr. Fauci.

      The mainstream media works tirelessly now to hype not only Biden, but even corrupt liars like Andrew Cuomo, but they’re willing to turn on the Lincoln Project sleazes, because of the “former GOP” attached to them. Hunter Biden allegations though – it’s still a mainstream media blackout and cover-up. What a bunch of frauds!

      I often think the media organizations, to include social media, who make a fortune off of the spin war sideshow, are more dangerous than the politicians.

      • JK

        Heh heh LB.

        Three nights ago my eldest daughter called me up and my end of the conversation – after getting all the family goings-on thoroughly covered – consisted nearly verbatim[!] of, after what you put on for your weather report.

      • Well JK, Trump has been quiet a few weeks, but the media and Dems tried to keep Trump dominating their spin narratives with impeachment and now that impeachment drama is over, Trump will likely plan some ways to launch his own spin attacks personally again. He won’t go away quietly and the mainstream media and Dems delight in their Trump spin fixation. So, can’t see much changing anytime soon.

        Trump’s likely to be right back insisting he won the 2020 election in a landslide and that the election was stolen, so it will be interesting to watch Senate Republicans contending with more Trump crazy, because they were too weak and craven to convict him.

        Despite my abhorrence of the Dem media sideshow with impeachment, I believe Trump was guilty. The Dem hypocrisy and double standards on political violence, especially excusing so much of the BLM and Antifa mayhem last year makes Dems totally compromised “prosecutors” and all of their sanctimonious impeachment speeches fall flat against that history.

        It’s going to be interesting to watch how the mainstream media reports on Trump’s “comeback tour,” which I think is a given now that the impeachment trial is over. Trump needs to ramp up his public profile to raise money, as he’s likely going to be trying to outrun an avalanche of Dem-generated lawsuits against him.

  2. JK

    Candidly I never read the article[s] of impeachment (but I’m given to understand there was only one) nor did I follow along on any of the lawyerly process type stuff from either side so I’m in no position to weigh in with an opinion as to whether guilty, not guilty, or any of the possible verdicts (if any others are applicable).

    But as I recall my Constitution I hesitate to come down firm on whether the process was as they say, ‘by the book’ – though I did see the Chief Justice refused to participate which leads me to think his and my ‘by the books’ has to be at least similarly grounded.

    Of course I have seen he got *acquitted (because impeachment is a political process rather than a judicial process I, personally, am a little persnickety at even using that word to describe the vote tally – and that’s what it was, a matter of votes rather than even, a “proper” process.

    So far as my expectation[s] of/for the media, I’m thinking they’re soon to find themselves in a bit of a pickle because for so long the guy was “the only game in town” so, except for continuing with wherever they’re going with Covid … and witch-hunting generally … well – like I say, I think they’re soon to find themselves in somewhat of a pickle.

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