More mayhem ahead

On January 6, 2020 a mob of Trump supporters broke into the US Capitol, where both houses and Vice President, Mike Pence, were carrying on their constitutional duty to count the electoral votes from the November presidential election, which Joe Biden won. That MAGA mob first listened to incendiary speeches from President Trump’s son, his personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, and President Trump himself. President Trump had branded his effort to overturn a lawful election, which he lost, as “Stop the Steal.”

After more than 60 post-election legal challenges by Trump’s lawyers, there was no evidence of massive election fraud presented in these legal challenges. Trump would have had to produce evidence of election fraud to overturn the results of three states. His lawyers never produced that evidence. All they produced were hearsay, rumors and dubious statistical assertions.

Trump refused to concede the election and he initiated a massive spin effort to incite his followers to “Stop the Steal.” He strong-armed Republican officials in GA, pressuring them to change the results of the election. As a last ditch effort he publicly pressured Mike Pence to interfere in the Congressional counting of the electoral college votes. Pence refused and stated he did not have the power to change electoral college votes, which were certified by each state.

Against this backdrop, a mob of angry MAGA misfits stormed the Capitol, while Trump watched the events unfold from the White House. With the mayhem still ongoing, Trump released a video praising the attack on the Capitol and Giuliani was calling Republican senators, trying to strong-arm them into delaying the counting of the electoral college votes.

Five people died in this attack, including a Capitol police officer.

Trump’s incitement and grotesque manipulation of these supporters shows unconscionable callousness and a total lack of judgment. Trump truly is unfit for the office he holds and I believe he deserves to be impeached and banned from holding federal office ever again. He has not offered a single word of condolence about the death of a Capitol police officer, despite his mantra of how much he supports the police. He tried to get out tweets last night about his social media though. That is his main concern.

The reality though is this corrupt spin information war that continues to drive America into a land of raging partisan loons, assures that impeachment likely will fail and that Trump will quickly regroup and use the Dem and media rage about the attack on the Capitol to rally his supporters and spin this event into an unfair attack against him or the Left treating him so unfairly.

This corrupt media-driven spin war assures that Trump will probably survive and America will be dealing with more scorched earth spin war for the foreseeable future.

I’ve warned about the dangers of this spin information war since 1998, when Dems and the liberal media controlled the political spin narrative in America and Republicans had no clue how to counter liberal spin. I’ve written dozens of blog posts, tweeted thousands of tweets, written comments at various sites warning about the dangers of spin information war, all to no avail.

When Trump came along and entered national politics in 2015, I noted that someone had taught Trump how to spin just like the Dems. Since 2015, the American spin war changed into a supercharged spin death match of the entire mainstream media and Dems pitted against the Trump’s one-man spin POTUS reality show.

At this moment, days away from the end of Trump’s presidency, Democrats want to impeach Trump for his role in the attack on the Capitol. Twitter and other social media big tech honchos jumped on board the Dem spin effort selling impeachment and yesterday decided to ban Trump from using their platforms. Twitter didn’t just ban Trump, but also some MAGA pundits. Twitter also began screwing with the follower lists of many MAGA supporters, ostensibly to root out bots. Trump will seize on this liberal big tech banning and play the victim again and he’ll be right back fueling his followers’ rage against the Left. Democrats and the liberal media are already overplaying their hand attacking not only Trump, but all of his supporters.

It seems that even a speedy impeachment will be outpaced by the rapidly shifting spin cycles in this perverse, corrupt spin information war.

Many Republican leaders keep assuring themselves that Trump only has 11 days left in office, while Dems are hysterically ranting Trump’s an existential threat to the republic. My belief has always been that Trump is a man who has no boundaries or rules he lives by, other than self-interest and self-promotion. He has nothing to gain by going out quietly, at this point. I expect more Trump-induced chaos. The belief that Trump is contained and will behave with decorum, flies in the face of reality, which is Trump is cornered, facing probable impeachment, unending legal problems, collapse of his brand and financial ruin, if his MAGA reality show crumbles to dust.

Trump’s going to cause more mayhem in the next 11 days.


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8 responses to “More mayhem ahead

  1. Don Kaag

    There was plenty of documented evidence of election fraud all over the country, but the Courts refused to look at any of it. Sworn affidavits. Security camera footage.

    • Respectfully, in GA the the GBI was called in by the Republican Sec. of State in early Dec., but didn’t find the fraud Trump insists happened, so Trump turned on that Sec. of State & Republican governor, Brian Kemp. He has pressured Kemp to take actions for which the governor has no legal authority to carry out.

      In over 60 legal challenges, Trump lawyers failed to make the case for massive voter fraud. AG Bill Barr, stated that they had no evidence of massive election fraud that would have changed the outcome of the election in 3 states. Trump turned on Bill Barr and Barr resigned.

      In his call to GA Sec of State, Trump engaged in a strong-arm effort to pressure him to find the votes to change the election outcome and in any sane world this is election tampering directly from the POTUS.

  2. JK


    The plain text of the Constitution spells that it is the various States Legislatures enumerated powers to fiddle around with election law. Election law fiddling is not ceded in any State’s Executive nor Judicial branch such as we have recently witnessed.

    On pandemics (or for that matter any other “public emergency”) the United States Constitution is silent.

    About a decade ago my own state, Arkansas experienced, albeit on a very much smaller scale – though no changes emanating via agency of any Enumerated Branch – a “problem” which root cause sprouted from mail in balloting.

    In late November of the year 2011 four sworn affidavits were delivered to authorities of Arkansas’ State Police. Those affidavits submitted to Arkansas’ AG who then turned what evidence that office had gathered over to “higher authorities.” In February of the year 2012 rumors began to escape the grasp of law enforcement circles:

    A question then arose whether ‘simple affiants’ had sufficient standing for any [Arkansas] state court to address which resulted in a resort to Federal statutory guidances.

    Meanwhile the press arguing continued even after the point upon which indictments had been handed down:

    The issue[s] for the Arkansas state judiciary branch was that the legislative branch having never addressed the issue of mailed ballots (statutorily) caused the state’s judiciary to defer to Federal Statute whereupon Rule 901 was decided operative:

    [A source that’s “easier” for non-lawyers to get the foundational stuff is this:
    However lacking in applicable caselaw.]

    The *problem we find ourselves in, in these current times is that, as I see it, Time constraints [Constitutionally] bind us and, no matter one’s personal “feelings” in whichever person or party, the schedule set by the document must rule. For now.

    However we face grave danger in the Republic and, in my opinion as well, no matter whether any of us individually ‘be convinced of our cause’ we each must, individually recognize there’s a problem. A grave problem.

    A fundamental problem that’s beyond mere ‘personalities’

    “We have met the enemy and he is us”

    Oh. I about forgot:

    • Your friend, JK, kind of nails all of it. The Kavanaugh thing though was Chuck Schumer spearheading one of the most vicious smear campaigns to hijack the vote from happening on an already completed confirmation hearing.

      Trump’s effort to pressure Pence to overturn the state’s electoral votes was corrupt as hell, but so was what Dems, led by Schumer, did to Kavanaugh – they unleashed that media smear campaign to pressure Kavanaugh into withdrawing or Trump to pull his nomination.

      Trump learned to withstand the Dem spin attacks and to fight back, but he used the same corrupt spin efforts that Dems use and there was no way to score any lasting win, just to escalate the spin war into media crazy town with several spin cycles a day.

      Next effort to defeat the spin war from the right, hopefully has more strategy, beyond becoming as amoral with spin and smear attacks as the Dems and mainstream media.

      One other comment, this big tech effort to silence Trump and screw with his supporters on social media will create more backlash and the Dems riding this nutso attack on the Capitol, as cause to propel all their PC controls on free speech into action, I fear, will lead to more right-wing resentment and “resistance.”

      America won’t just settle down with Biden as president. Trump wasn’t the only one escalating the spin war and its hard for me to stomach Dems and mainstream media posturing and preaching like they are the moral exemplars. Have seen several Dem pundits and liberal media types demanding everything from reeducation programs for Trump supporters to demanding all Trump supporters need to be identified and put on a list… Bad omens everywhere.

      • JK

        Not picking nits but “The Kavanaugh thing though was Chuck Schumer spearheading” – On that I’m thinking it wasn’t just Schumer Remember there being a whole bunch of unauthorized persons (inside the Capitol as well as other government buildings) accosting several elected officials – something I haven’t seen mentioned (of course since I don’t watch teevee it could’ve but) with this most recent crowd.

        As I recall some Senator (or maybe Rep) was trying to get in an elevator and was physically prevented by protestors (thinking about it, may’ve been Sen. Flake) At any rate that was ‘up close and personal’ “peaceful protesting” whereas in this we’re talking about now, at least the Congress-critters had time to get to the tunnels before being subjected to having to be in the physical presence of Trumpsters.

        A cursory search yields these reminders:

        This next esp for the pics:

        And this last for the number of arrests – 300 as opposed to the 83+/- lately reported:

        I don’t think Schumer was personally capable of doing the logistics and organizing all that mayhem we saw then.

      • JK, Please now, the persons trying to stop Jeff Flake were women and as you should know angry liberal women, and as such, can do anything the want.

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