Still clinging to hope for America

Here’s where I’m at with this election – Biden won. Period. I’ve seen no evidence to support some massive “systemic voter fraud” case that President Trump insists happened.

Sure, President Trump has a right to pursue legal challenges and sure there’s likely plenty of voter fraud and shenanigans around the country, but in no scenario do I believe there’s proof of some massive “systemic voter fraud” legal case with merit or enough cases of voter fraud that will lead to changes in the margins to flip several states to red and garner Trump a win. It’s just not happening, in my view.

I regretted voting for Trump very quickly after the election and it’s not because he lost, it’s because of his shameless lying and trying to create some big media sideshow, selling he was robbed, without having a single shred of evidence. Even worse is he’s latched onto every internet rumor and allegation, without any investigation or concern those stories were false. Trump’s vast conspiracy claims have about as much veracity as Hillary’s “vast, right-wing conspiracy” deflections.

One of the things I detested most after the 2016 election was the Dem rage, hysteria and corrupt spin war antics tossing out various spin lies in the media, to try to gin up enough public outrage to somehow change the outcome – even launching that entire Trump-Russian Collusion spin lie in January 2017, before Trump’s inauguration. That spin lie was launched with the aid of top FBI officials and top former intelligence officials working with Obama administration officials and the Clinton campaign. There will be zero accountability for their corruption seems a sure bet. The Dem-Clinton public corruption has run unchecked for decades and frankly plenty of Republican insiders seem just fine with public corruption in DC too.

I regret breaking my rule of never buying into binary choices of the lesser of two evils, because there is no lesser evil – only evil. Trump will continue to act out and fume, but I also realized that I want to stop fuming about the Clinton and Dem political machine scoring another victory and that there will never be any accountability for any of their wholesale public corruption.

The surreal disconnect after four years of having both Dem/mainstream media scorched earth spin war blazing across American media AND Trump/FOX/right-wing media scorched earth counter-spin blazing too, is we live in a deeply divided country, where even corporate news media spread so much partisan spin disinformation that’s it’s very hard to trust any of their reporting on anything.

One last thought about this election and then I’ll end this post. Biden started making carefully crafted statements about how he will work to unite America, but it felt surreal to hear his words and think back over the past 4 years of scorched earth #Resist spin information war Dems have blazed across every avenue of mass media 24/7. Now Biden, Dems, liberal news media and pundits all pretend none of the last 4 years happened and it’s, “What is wrong with you mean Repubs… Biden is trying to unite America… Now hurry up and get on board!”. These people are as deceitful, hypocritical frauds as Donald J. Trump. What a bunch of lying losers we have leading America!

I still cling to hope for America’s future and I pray that someday we find some decent, honorable leaders to forge a better path for our country, but it takes a lot of effort to cling to that hope after watching so many dishonest frauds engage in this level of mass, organized lying, that is our domestic scorched earth spin information war.


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5 responses to “Still clinging to hope for America

  1. JK

    Son of Duff puts up a linked article which, in my humble estimation makes some valid points. Well perhaps more than just ‘some’

  2. JK

    In many many media reports I’ve seen, am seeing, and expect to see until the Constitutional requirements (not the media requirements) are met to declare who “won” the recent election I’m seeing various assorted statements that, “There has never been any evidence of fraudulent voting through the mail!”

    I beg to differ:

    And as I’m typing this comment I’m listening to a relevant podcast. I highly recommend anyone reading here begin it from the start and listen with a ‘fair ear’ to the whole doggone thing.

    • JK, I would suspect there are cases of voter fraud in every presidential election, but the reason I am not taking Trump’s “mass voter fraud” allegations seriously is because Trump isn’t treating it seriously. He’s tweeted out random bs, a lot of garbage floating on the internet and is as unconcerned if the things he’s retweeting are factual or with how his reckless allegations are undercutting his own legal team’s efforts.

      Rudy has made all sorts of wild allegations and now the Trump legal team seems to be trying to put together some “vast, left-wing conspiracy” that sounds like something Sid Blumenthal would create – Dominion – the conspiracy that I’ve seen Trump peeps insist includes malignant actors like Venezuela and Cuba, to now today some of them were linking Dominion to the Clintons and Pelosi. If the Trump lawyers get anywhere in court, I’ll take Trump’s “vast, left-wing conspiracy” more seriously, but until then- I’m not wasting time trying to disprove any of his legal team’s allegations. I’m waiting for them to produce some hard evidence that holds up in court.

      I dread a Biden administration more each day, as I hear names floated as likely top cabinet members of a Biden administration. I feel like our system is severely broken and it sickens me that Obama peeps, DNC lawyers and the Clinton campaign got away with their 4 year Trump-Russia effort, the abuse of power and corrupting the top of the FBI, their friends inside the intel agencies leaking highly classified intel right and left to the media and the corruption of the mainstream media, who packaged and sold all of the Dem Trump-Russia spin effort.

      That said, all of Biden and the Dem/media spin effort to now sell “Biden’s uniting America” and “why won’t these crazy Trumpers get on board? is falling flat. Even if Trump is gone, the Dems and their mainstream media spin crew won’t be able to patch over the class warfare their spin war has ignited. The left’s culture war has always been a class war, at heart – the liberal elites against the uneducated, working class rubes.

      I hope for a better future for America, but as disruptive as Trump has been, he’s just a symptom of the larger Dem spin information war – he dared gain a foothold against the Dems’ total control of mass media spin war in America and our serious divides won’t be healed by some focus-group tested Biden sound bites.

  3. JK

    All the more reason LB, I’d recommend that you perhaps especially ought to listen to that particular podcast The Host is Canadian and while the Barnes guy is a lawyer, he is not a “Trump lawyer” – Indeed if I had to come up with exactly what sort of lawyer he is I’d suppose I’d call him a public interest lawyer. And that sorta of lawyer is, as Grandma used to say, “Rarer ‘n hen’s teeth”!

    Where Trump’s concerned him not taking stuff seriously has been his MO for as long as I been even generally aware of the guy so I’d expect no less (or more for that matter. But then again he’s no lawyer and no court in the land would ever demand of him “Put up or shut up [or actually in point of fact a court would say ‘Put up or you’re in contempt. Bailiff! Escort the man to the clink.’]

    Guiliani on the other hand is a lawyer and by all accounts of his History he seems to’ve been a good one – or at least his string of successful convictions would so suggest. I’ve kinda got a suspicion he’s in possession of “some stuff” the Dems would prefer not get aired in court – not that the media will ever report any of it but at this stage I doubt that’s the entirety of the point.

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