A dose of prepping common sense

Just watched this YouTube video, by Prepper Potpourri, which I’ll call Prepping 101: Use Common Sense. This lady offers some great advice about not buying out of fear and making sure you take care of your normal bills and needs, before rushing out to purchase “prepper items or gear.” This video is only around 10 minutes long and really a departure from so much of the online prepper community, “Doomsady Is Near!” type videos.


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7 responses to “A dose of prepping common sense

  1. JK


    As my dearly departed Dad used to say, “The end of the world comes but once, utility bills are forever.”

  2. JK

    You probably already know all this stuff LB (knowing where you worked quite awhile) but as it came up on a “feed” I subscribe to I figured I may as well post it here:


  3. Thanks, JK. I thought I knew a good bit about food storage, until I started learning more about “prepping.” In the past few month I’ve learned an amazing amount of new stuff from many of these YouTube preppers and various websites. I’ve also learned some old-fashioned ways to preserve and store foods by watching some of the “homesteading” YouTubers and also my favorite cooking/history channel on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/jastownsendandson

    • JK

      Thanks for that LB, but I’ll have to watch that after Sharon and I return from our “regularly scheduled” (Sundays & Wednesdays) trip to take our “blind” friend (blind in one eye, peripheral vision only out the other “blind” – however amazingly enough, he often spots things – generally wildlife – neither Sharon nor I [I’ve got an excuse, I’m driving lol] even notice, often him having me stop the truck, we get out and he points “blind.” LOL!

      I digress.

      There’s alot of good stuff on our ‘Arkansas Educational Television Network’ you might get some good ‘tips & tricks’ off of – why it hadn’t occurred to me earlier I dunno – homepage:


      But this show specifically:


      I’m “actually friends” with the Phyllis lady does the prep/cooking – an old … belay that! … ‘former ladyfriend’ was/is an Arkansas game warden who, when the show was recording episodes in “our area” was tasked to keep an eye out that ‘all was by the book’ – I’d say what actually went on but now that she’s a district manager … Anyway suffice to say that’s a pretty informative show.


      • Oh wow, JK, there’s a bonus recipe for Sweet and Sour Raccoon on that My Arkansas site, LOL. I don’t much care for wild game, not even venison, which I ate plenty of as a kid. I was that kid lamenting over how I didn’t want to eat Bambi’s family, but somehow having no problem eating the cows, pigs or chickens.

  4. JK

    Thank your lucky stars LB, you weren’t (as I was kin to some really hillbilly hillbillies) sat down at a Thanksgiving Layout and invited to, “Carve the Possum!”

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