Another “What if” pondering

In my “what if” pondering in the past week or so, it seems very odd that Susan Rice, former President Obama’s scandal-prone national security advisor, should emerge as a top-tier Biden pick as his running mate.  The Biden delays in announcing a running mate and the top names (Karen Bass, Kamala Harris, Susan Rice) may fit the BLM moment, but they don’t fit the real power player battles within the Democratic Party.  Last night, Twitter was abuzz that Michigan governor, Gretchen Whitmer, had visited Biden for a VP meeting too.  What if there’s an Obama camp power struggle and a Clinton camp power struggle going on behind the scenes.  It just seems inconceivable that Hillary Clinton, who has spent her life believing her destiny, is to become the first female POTUS and who has spent the past almost four years refusing to accept that she lost the 2016 election to Trump, would just sit back and gracefully accept Susan Rice lunging to the top of the Biden VP stakes.  There’s no love lost between Rice and Hillary Clinton.  Rice wrote in her 2019 memoir:

“Days after the tragedy, Rice was asked to do a round of Sunday TV interviews addressing the incident because Clinton was unavailable.

In her book she writes that her mother Lois Dickson Rice advised her to refuse, saying: ‘Why do you have to go on the shows? Where is Hillary?’

Rice told her mother that Clinton was ‘wiped out after a brutal week’ and that the Obama White House asked her to step up in the place.

‘I smell a rat. This is not a good idea. Can’t you get out of it?’ her mother said.

Rice told her: ‘Mom, don’t be ridiculous. I’ve done the shows. It will be fine.’

It was far from it and Rice committed what would become the defining error of her career.”

Bill Clinton continually pressured President Obama and other Obama officials (see Loretta Lynch tarmac meeting) in 2016, trying to force Obama to end the FBI Clinton email investigation and I’ve been wondering if the the Clintons want Hillary to be in position to finally step into the presidency, as Biden becomes unable to handle the duties.  In light of Biden’s obvious cognitive decline, that Hillary would sit back and meekly accept Susan Rice as Biden’s running mate just seems so completely unfathomable, after decades of watching Hillary fight and claw her way to attain power.  Would Hillary not try to push herself into that favorable “one-step-away-from-the presidency” position or would she gracefully cheer on some other woman (especially Susan Rice) stepping into that position.

While, it certainly seems Susan Rice is the Biden top choice, whom Obama would gladly embrace, the dark horse no one mentions at all is Hillary Clinton.


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3 responses to “Another “What if” pondering

  1. JK

    “In my “what if” pondering in the past week or so”

    The “past week or so”?

    Hasn’t it been more like “the past couple years or so” (lol sorta)?

    Something else though where Rice is concerned – never held elective office; so whether she really has anything helpful to add in ‘the electibility department’ is .. oh what’s the word I’m looking for to describe what I’m looking for .. I guess I’ll go with debatable. But that’s not precisely it.

    I find myself wondering whether Rice really has “that thing” that drives a person to even want to be, to have to go through (that ‘go through’ bit comparing fairly well to something very very similar to … well I’ll just go ahead and type it prostitution). She’s ideological sure. She’s ruthless sure. But still I can’t bring myself to see her having much enthusiasm for ‘that thing’ – and where that thing is concerned it seems to me a big part of showing the electorate you’re their guy (gal in this case) is enthusiasm.

    Hillary’s got it in spades (excuse please given whats been afoot recently) but I really don’t think Susan Rice has any of it.

    • JK, Team Obama trying to get Biden across the finish line goes way beyond just the insane partisanship, methinks. Two gentlemen, Barr and Durham, at the DOJ, have led to this desperation to find the “right” VP choice. To compound their difficulties, their VP selection process has been ham-stringed by the Left’s BLM present moment. The VP choice must appease that BLM far-left contingent, while also being trustworthy in working to bury the Durham investigation. Biden can’t be relied upon to put two coherent sentences together in a row, so assuredly Team Obama wants a reliable lieutenant making sure the job gets done. And as always, there is Hillary (and Bill Clinton) in the shadows.

      • JK


        And a sidenote – few weeks ago my youngest nephew was visiting and puts it to me, “So Uncle JK, who do you think has got the best chance of being Ramblin’ Joe’s running mate?”

        I thinks a minute maybe two and says, “Florida’s Val Demings.”

        Says he, “Who? And I was thinking Rambles said he was gonna go with a female?”

        Says me, “She is a she and didn’t you watch the impeachment proceeding in the Senate, she was sitting right alongside Schiff and she’s got all the bona fides she’s gonna need – look her up at your leisure.”

        Email comes winging in couple days later. “I think maybe you’re onto something. Thanks Unky.”

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