Lots more questions about the Hillary email investigation & Crowdstrike too

I am wondering if the FBI’s Clinton email investigation was stage-managed by Clinton lawyers from the start?

The news that Attorney General, William Barr, appointed a U.S. prosecutor, John Durham, to investigate the origins of the Russia investigation has set off a media and spin firestorm.  The general media consensus about Durham’s reputation seems to be that he is an apolitical, by-the-book, hard-nosed prosecutor with extensive experience investigating organized crime and high-level government corruption.  We can be sure that no matter what he finds or doesn’t find America’s rabid partisans will continue to foam and froth at the mouth and our endless spin war over 2016 will grind on.

With so much spin to sift through, my most trusted source of information and analysis on this ongoing 2016 mess, remains Andrew C. McCarthy.  Here’s a link to a Byron York podcast  from last week, where his guest is Andrew McCarthy,  that covers the latest happenings.

In various comments on my blog last week,  JK and I tossed a lot of theories, suspicions and links back and forth, so I’ll include some of them here:

May 17, 2019 – The McCarthy Report podcast hosted by Rich Lowry, where Andrew McCarthy covers the latest.  After minute 28:30, JK thought this information was rather a bombshell: https://www.nationalreview.com/podcasts/the-mccarthy-report/episode-46-the-dossier-durham-and-disagreements/

May 18, 2019: The John Batchelor Show, with Thaddeus McCotter and Andrew McCarthy as guests, is a podcast offering insights and works to connect the dots into the origins of the Steele dossier and investigation of the Trump campaign:  https://audioboom.com/posts/7264660-the-unconnected-dots-of-steele-trubnikov-surkov-halper-page-pappadopolos-andrewcmccarthy

May 18, 2019: In a comment, JK posted this link to a McCarthy NR piece, The Steele Dossier and the ‘VERIFIED APPLICATION’ That Wasn’t.

May 18, 2019: JK posted this link to another John Batchelor Show podcast, titled, Why did Christopher Steele name Russian names to the State Department October 11, 2016? @ChuckRoss, where Batchelor interviews Chuck Ross, a reporter at The Daily Caller, a right-leaning news site, that, unlike the mainstream media, actually covered the Awan Brothers scandal (see the many investigative reports by Luke Rosiak – if you go to this link, scroll down and there’s a long list of other Rosiak reporting on the Awans).

Since I veered into the Awan “scandal”, which the mainstream media blew past in another “nothing to see here” Dem spin cover-up effort, JK mentioned this Awan scandal, so here’s our exchange, which gets to the real problem for America with this endless scorched earth SPIN information war  – AMERICA’S NATIONAL SECURITY TAKES A BACKSEAT TO PARTISAN POLITICS:


Thanks for that link – yeah I’d seen that but hadn’t gotten to the ‘bright idea part’ of clicking on the guy’s tweet to open the whole thread. Remember LB, I’m Twitter-Ignorant.


Sometime/Somehow I expect we’ll see (maybe not in our lifetimes though maybe our kids will) But anyway I’ve long thought, in at least the Podesta emails hack specifically, “the unrung bell” has the fingerprints of the Awan Crime Family Syndicate all over it. Nobody it sometimes seems to me even remembers those Pakis having access to virtually all the D-Team’s stuff, computerspeakingwise.

I believe you are right there, JK. I found it hilarious with the Dem outrage spin cycles about various Trump administration security clearances, like Kushner’s, yet they all turned a blind-eye to the having a Sec of State running the State Department from an unsecured, makeshift server that two flunkies (with no computer-expertise) put together in the Clinton’s basement and then add in the Awan brothers, who were providing IT services for not just the DNC, but for several Congressional Dems. And add in that the, tens of thousands (one estimate was around 49,000) State Dept emails on the Weiner laptop. Abedin’s family is Muslim Brotherhood-connected, so how she got a security clearance is a mystery to me. The Awan brothers had financial disasters in their background, fraud too, I think, so how they were cleared to be handling computer IT services in Congress baffles me. They stole computer equipment too, I believe…

The mainstream media threw a lid on all of that.

The Dems are total frauds and have zero credibility when it comes to national security.

With the unfolding Steele dossier and “at the beginning” queries into how the investigation of Trump/Russian collusion began, another source I trust is Trey Gowdy, former SC Congressman.  On May 14, 2019, Gowdy made a comment in an interview with Sean Hannity, that instigated a “rats scurrying effect” of finger-pointing between James Comey and John Brennan.  I avoid watching Sean Hannity, because I place him in the same category as Rachel Maddow – pathetic partisan shills, who will say anything to prop up their own partisans.  That said, here’s the link and here’s the Gowdy comment that led to media spin efforts between Saint Comey of Mount Extremely Careless and John Brennan, Our Lord of Unassailable Intelligence Professionalism:

HANNITY: Last question —

GOWDY: So, whoever is investigating this, tell them to look for emails between Brennan and Comey in December of 2016.


May 15, 2019, Streiff at RedState wrote a piece, Brennan And Comey Start Pointing At Each Other As Barr’s Prosecutor Closes In, which explains the divergent versions of how the unverified Steele dossier got included in the intelligence report in 2016.

Often I come across information from sources, whom I have no idea who they are , if their information is reliable, verified or corroborated, but it’s still fascinating and raises more questions in my mind.

Andrew McCarthy mentioned a Twitter account, Undercover Huber, which is an unverified account, although that doesn’t mean much of anything really, just no blue checkmark seal of approval from Twitter as a person who is worthy of notice.  I’m both an unverified account and also a total failure in the “influencing” world of social media. Undercover Huber has almost 70.000 followers and Andrew McCarthy mentioned him, so I pay attention to Undercover Huber tweets.  I have an unverified account on Twitter, down to 50 followers and I feel certain Andrew McCarthy is never going to mention me, lol.  Anyhow, reading Undercover Huber tweets are very interesting.

McCarthy retweeted another unverified Twitter account thread, from an account, brennan’sorangejumpsuit, who has posted some tweet threads using government documents available through FOIA and news reports, where he pieces together and highlights intriguing bits of information, like this: https://twitter.com/15poundstogo/status/1110736622029549573 and this: https://twitter.com/15poundstogo/status/1130065451906666496

The tweet thread that McCarthy retweeted is this one: https://twitter.com/15poundstogo/status/1127666411143401474.   The thread is long and leads to questions veering in several different directions, but since I am a timeline person and I prefer to understand matters from a  “let’s start at the beginning” approach, here’s what caught my attention:

One question I have is whether Crowdstrike participated in the FBI’s investigation (cough, cover-up) of whether Hillary’s private server was hacked by foreign powers. That would undermine Crowdstrike’s credibility/objectivity.

The FBI’s investigation of HRC’s private server began with an IC IG referral on 7/6/15. The formal investigation opened 7/10/15.

Exactly in between those two dates, on 7/8/15, Crowdstrike was awarded an emergency, no-bid, 364-day contract with the FBI:

The FBI is in no big hurry to disclose what that contract was for.

I found this Crowdstrike information very interesting.  If the FBI signed an emergency, no-bids contract with Crowdstrike as soon the Hillary email server investigation started, what on earth was Crowdstrike contracted to investigate?  Who at the FBI approved this emergency contract?  Was the DOJ involved in this emergency contract with Crowdstrike?  Did the FBI ever independently analyze the Clinton homebrew server or devices turned over to the FBI or did Crowdstrike, which is also on the payroll of Perkins Coie handle all the computer forensics work in the FBI’s Clinton email investigation?

It seems to me, that answering these Crowdstrike questions will explain a lot about why the Hillary email investigation was handled totally unlike other FBI investigations.  James Comey being publicly cornered by Loretta Lynch, to make the call on whether to prosecute Hillary Clinton, after her infamous tarmac meeting with Bill Clinton, may have been par for the course in bending all the rules to accommodate the Clintons special treatment rule at the Lynch DOJ.  The special rule may have started at the beginning, with Clinton lawyers working through the Lynch DOJ to make sure FBI  computer forensic experts never laid hands on the Clinton server or the devices Hillary deigned to turn over (2 ipads out of 5 and none of her 13 blackberries per the FBI Notes released in 2016).

I am wondering that if the Clinton lawyers made sure that Crowdstrike, a firm also on the Perkins Coie payroll, handled all of the Clinton email computer forensic investigations, did Crowdstrike also do the quickie Weiner laptop investigation in October 2016, when Comey reopened the Hillary email investigation???  And, if  Crowdstrike was tasked with that Weiner laptop investigation, who all was involved in orchestrating that?  Comey takes all the heat about the Hillary email investigation, but perhaps, the Lynch DOJ or even higher, President Obama, himself, may have been directing the Hillary kid-glove treatment from the get-go.

Finding out who was calling the shots in the Hillary email investigation is important, because James Comey will be the one to take the fall as the Clinton cronies close ranks, imo, even if he was just a man caught in the middle with Clinton loyalists and Obama higher-ups (some overlap there) directing this investigation and FBI investigators who wanted to do their job.  Comey is someone whom both sides of rabid partisans love to hate, which makes him the perfect candidate to become the Clinton’s spin patsy, if they want someone to take the hit, so they can declare “There’s been accountability, so for the good of the country, it’s time to move on.”  Saint Comey doesn’t realize that the Clinton/Dem machine will throw him over the cliff as the fall guy in a heartbeat, while protecting Loretta Lynch and the other DOJ rats.

Exposing the full scope of the corruption, all the way to the top, will expose too many powerful Dems, not just the Clintons, so I doubt that will happen.

Alas, it’s always more questions and zero accountability in the Clinton public corruption maze…

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