More 2016 questions

Here’s a short read by Peter Kirsanow, in The Corner section at National Review, titled, “Ask Obama”.

Kirsanow points out :

“The mainstream media remain invincibly incurious regarding the former president’s role in the Russia affair. Presumably, underlings in Obama’s national-security apparatus were running about obtaining FISA warrants, leaking, unmasking, and spying on a presidential campaign and transition without the former president’s involvement, let alone direction. He remained oblivious despite Lisa Page’s September 2, 2016 text to Peter Strzok that “potus wants to know everything we’re doing.” Everything? There was a heckuva lot going on.


The following is an 11 minute John Batchelor interview about the Steele dossier that poses some interesting possibilities:

Definitely plenty of questions about the Steele dossier swirling since the Mueller report was handed to the attorney general.



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