Billions of dollars are sent to the State of California for Forest fires that, with proper Forest Management, would never happen. Unless they get their act together, which is unlikely, I have ordered FEMA to send no more money. It is a disgraceful situation in lives & money!

I’ve tweeted some about Trump’s chaos lately, but every time I sit down to write a blog post, there’s an internal debate whether to let Trump dominate my blog or write about some other topics.  Truth be told though, worries about Trump’s erratic behavior, his administration in constant personnel turmoil and the Left’s relentless Trump hysteria can’t be avoided.  This endless scorched earth SPIN war is the defining political/media event in America.

America’s problem isn’t just Trump’s chaos. The endless scorched earth SPIN information war between Trump/Fox vs. Dems/mainstream media looms as a very grave national security crisis, that no one seems to see.

Often, I feel like I am a lone voice in the wilderness tweeting and blogging warnings about spin.  Since 1998, I’ve been trying to examine ways this SPIN war could evolve in America and what the final stages of this self-destructive SPIN war would look like.  I never in a million years would have dreamed up a Trump’s “GOP Insurgency”, the complete dismantling of the GOP,  or the alliance of Trump and FOX News to create a spin front to combat the Dems/mainstream media lock on controlling the news media in America.

The culmination of the vast corruption by both the Clintons and Trump in 2016, the corruption within the highest levels of the Obama administration, the corruption of the media portends things won’t end well for America without a dramatic sea change in our politics and in the media.  That said, here’s the latest on our national embarrassment – Trump, the Dems and media’s  SPIN war.

America endured another Trump, Chuck and Nancy Show last night, in this ongoing government shutdown showdown/The Wall stand-off.   All three of them looked and sounded stiff and ridiculous.  These speeches were just one more spin battle to fight for owning another spin cycle and the media obliged with high-pitched lamentations about whether the networks should grant Trump prime time to make his wall showdown speech, followed by demands for Democrats to be granted equal time to offer a response to Trump’s speech.  Of course, then the feverish media doom-casting about “What if Trump declares a state of emergency?” erupted.  Trump, of course gloried in the media spotlight and many of his loyal FOX pundits, as usual, helped sell the Trump “CRISIS!” hysteria, to manipulate Trump’s base.

At the same time, many Congressional Democrats and Republicans were urging Trump not to declare a state of emergency, as were some Trump advisers.

Trump opted not to pull that state of emergency trigger (yet).  Schumer and Pelosi offered the same “no money for the wall” red line.  Each side, as usual, declared victory in this staged spin battle and American endured another political spectacle that only fueled more media hysterics, more extreme partisanship and eroded our American political culture a bit more.

By this morning, Trump, lashed out on Twitter with the above tweet.

Reporters immediately contacted FEMA for comment and FEMA had no comment.  And therein lies the seeds of Trump’s self-destruction, if anyone cares to cut through the spin and partisan hysteria.  Once again, Trump, likely from watching something on TV this morning, impulsively decided to lash out at Democrats in CA.  He tweeted this without any consultation with this advisers or talking to FEMA.  He’s going to pressure CA pols to reform their forest management programs by cutting funds, to aid helpless victims of forest fires.

This impulsive lashing out, one-man-show tweeting, leaving his own top advisers in the dark, assures Trump will never settle into the presidency or build any sort of unified team.  It’s always going to be endless chaos, emanating from the top.

Many Trump mouthpieces and supporters in the punditry class, ignore or downplay Trump’s tweeting as just, “Trump letting off steam” or  pretend the tweets aren’t really presidential announcements.   Other Trump supporters, play dumb, dismissing his tweets, by airily waving them aside, claiming they don’t follow his tweets or pay attention to social media.

This morning’s impulsive presidential order will fade from memory quickly and in the scheme of  Trump impulsively executing his presidential duties via tweets, this one ranks as small fries compared to his Syria announcement after a phone call with Erdogan.

With that tweet Trump announced a military withdrawal without informing or consulting anyone on his national security team or America’s allies.  They all found out via his tweet.

The Syria tweet proved the last straw for Sec. of Defense, General Mattis, but that wasn’t the first military decision via tweet, that Trump announced without informing the Pentagon.

Trump’s toxic leadership assures constant chaos in the highest office in America, but even more ominously it assures confusion and distrust at the highest levels of the Pentagon.

In this stand-off with Schumer and Pelosi over funding for his wall, it would not surprise me in the least if some TV news coverage of the stand-off incites him and he furiously lashes out via tweet, declaring a state of emergency… because he can and because he knows it will propel him to be the star of the SPIN universe, outshining every other news story in the world.

Even if America inches along, without a real constitutional crisis due to Trump’s melding the Office of the Presidency into a third-rate reality TV show with constant social media interactions with his fans and the media, the prestige and the dignity of the presidency have been forever cheapened.

The larger scorched earth spin war, could spiral into a real national crisis in many different ways, including hostile info war operations inciting mass panic, faking news stories of civil disruptions, and looming dangers from “fake news” coming not from Trump or the mainstream media, but from America’s enemies.  A few days ago Trump floated a “military version of eminent domain”, asserting he could send the military to seize private property along the border for his wall.  That Trump threat made me think of the Obama era conspiracy hysteria in the Southwest over Jade Helm, a 2015 US military training exercise.  In 2018 former NSA director Michael Hayden stated:

“AUSTIN — Former CIA director Michael Hayden said Thursday during a television interview that the 2015 Jade Helm controversy in Texas was an early example of Russian efforts to spread misinformation in the United States.

Speaking on MSNBC’s Morning Joe as part of a book tour, Hayden, a retired Air Force four-star general who also ran the National Security Agency, said Russians fueled the distrust over the military training exercise in an attempt to influence the American public.

“There was an exercise in Texas called Jade Helm 15 that Russian bots and the American alt-right media convinced most — many — Texans was an Obama plan to round up political dissidents,” Hayden said.”


America faces plenty of SPIN information war worries, well beyond just Trump, but Americans seem too busy fighting each other to notice the real threats from a nation torn apart by constant, aggressive domestic and foreign disinformation operations targeting the American people.  And sadly, President Trump seems the most ill-equipped leader, who might be called upon to avert complete civil disorder, if this SPIN war spirals totally out of control.

Ending on a positive note, the TRUTH is the strongest weapon against SPIN (lies), so each of us has the power to defeat SPIN in our own lives.  No American is helpless or unarmed to combat SPIN – that’s the TRUTH.  Just pull yourself from the partisan extremes,  learn to recognize spin messaging attacks against the American people and don’t allow media and politicians’ repetitive messaging agitation propaganda make you afraid or angry.  When all else fails, turn off the news media in your home for a bit and spend time with your family, do things with friends, or take up a hobby.

Trust me, that’s what I’ve been doing.  Yep, more crafting pictures coming soon:-)


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12 responses to ““Crisis”

  1. JK

    Well LB, if I ain’t ever said I will now if only because my dear ol’ Grandma always insisted I properly express gratitude – Thank you very much for continuing to pay attention to this stuff so I don’t have to.

    I suppose maybe I ought thank Peter too but though I’ve taken a shine to reading his blog so far, I’ve never commented on it. Perhaps you?


    • JK, I’ve been studying SPIN info war since the mid-90s and determinedly since SPIN personally changed my life during the Clinton impeachment. It’s not a matter of choice to me, it’s a duty to expose that the US military chain of command was corrupted, as part of the Clinton scorched earth impeachment SPIN operation. I’d like to just walk away from following this, but feel duty-bound by my oath to defend The Constitution to keep working, in whatever small way I can, to expose and defeat SPIN info war operations America. On Twitter I have only 52 followers, my blog 111 followers. On Twitter, I try to strategically target my retweets and comments to people, who might have a way to make a difference. Not much of a reach really, but I keep plugging along.

      The mainstream media serves as the largest SPIN front for the Dems #Resist effort, working to delegitimize Trump 24/7. Trump does himself no favors with his constant stream of conflicting and often detail free SPIN attacks.

      Trump made The Wall, as described by Trump in ever-evolving grandiose details, as the be-all to our illegal immigration problem. The media and Dems have latched onto Trump’s “The Wall” and conflated it to be the symbol of the omnipotent evil they perceive Trump to be. Hence, the phony sanctimonious preening from Pelosi about the Wall being an “immorality”.

      Trump has pivoted, at this late date, trying to offer actual details and showing a willingness to be open to flexibility on the actual structure of border security, but even a week ago, his stupid tweeting a meme about “The Wall is Coming”, fed the Dems negative spin about the Wall.

      CNN Acosta’s border tour yesterday wins the prize for total lack of self-awareness to reality while reporting by a section where there already is a physical barrier and asserting everything was quiet there… Of course, it was, because the physical barrier helps keep it quiet and helps prevent illegal border crossings.

      Trump’s SPIN is as idiotic and inane as Schumer and Pelosi’s.

      My goal remains to defend The Constitution from the yahoos on both sides, as clearly as I can, in my tweets and on my blog.

      Yesterday was a Trump spin constitutional corruption in terms used that smacked of the same kind of crap the Dems pulled with their “guilty until proven innocent” SPIN bs during Kavanaugh. Trump floated a ” military version of eminent domain. Then yesterday he and his mouthpieces were ranting about Trump having the “absolute right” to declare a state of emergency.

      Our founders were very careful with the words they chose – the President has duties and powers to execute his office. He does not have “absolute rights”. Powers can be checked, if abused. Absolute rights are a whole different kettle of fish and frankly, in America the rights belong to the people.

      SPIN is always semantical games using deceptive words to deliberately corrupt and corrode our bedrock fundamental principles and fuel dissension between Americans. It’s a vicious mass media agitprop effort to destabilize America, that’s being embraced by partisans and the media in America…

  2. JK, Wanted to mention that as an intel professional, you’d be pulling your hair out trying to fathom the endless “what the hell is THAT, oddities that occur on social media. I’m just a homemaker, who has a very superficial understanding of intel ops and this stuff leaves me totally baffled.

    Knowing how you don’t follow social media stuff and remembering my telling you about the strange followers on a Pinterest account of a friend of mine a few years ago and how I wrote about many of the bizarre Trumpers on Disqus comment sections at The American Thinker and other right-wing sites, who showed up en masse to attack anyone who was against Trump, well on Twitter out of my 52 followers, I only personally know one of them. The rest are an odd assortment though and I’ve even got a fake account of the VCSA, Army Vice Chief of Staff following me. That account’s, following and followers lists have a whole bunch of what appear to be Chinese peeps, with their bios in Chinese… That’s even more bizarre than my friend’s Pinterest followers, which seem to be mostly fakes.

  3. JK

    Well … just very recently i’ve sorta/kinda dipped my toes into reading a little bit from my girlfriend’s FB … there’s this … oh I don’t know the proper label for it is but, it’ some sort of something where a bunch of “locals” show up to either hoorah or moan – yet to be treated to much middle-ground yet. Anyway, Arkansas’ new crop of pols has just got officed and in my county specifically it’s like a “gossip rocket” has blasted off for the Kuiper Belt – if you don’t know what that is just trust me its way out there.

    Anyway the url is something like, FB insert county Gossip – as our city mayoral office, by tradition or sumpin equally mysterious, has been, for at least as long as I been alive, held by a person with the same last name as the named “Owned-Editored&Published’ that appears on the masthead of our local paper (not to mention our local AM/FM station too!) I figured maybe I;ve got old enough now that it’d be socially acceptable if I was to seek out a second opinion.

    Mine eyes have been opened! I’m here to tell!

    I ain’t been able to draw no firm conclusions yet but yesterday’s issue of our weekly paper and every news broadcast of the last days or so could not possibly be more different from what I been reading on FB.


    Been awhile since I was “in the loop” but I’m at about 99.9 confidence in stating The Powers Who Be better be hair-on-fire-alarmed at the level of Chinese Hooliganism that’s going on.

  4. JK

    Read this bit of the author’s take on the study which I haven’t read and thought, “this might be useful [the study, not simply “the take” on your more recent studying of the Info Voids:


    A question that’s occurred to me since I originally got “interested” in the twitter phenom was something like, “Is this deliberately framing [narrative] or is it more a swarming [ie birds such as starlings/schools of smaller fish – NOT say killer bees … lately though I’ve begun to question my framing of my premise] … but where social media {hereafter SOM) is concerned I acknowledge my Superiorly Studied/Informed.

    • Thanks for that link, JK. Very interesting. The “swarming” concept raised is fascinating. I’ve wondered about “swarming” in regards to SPIN info war since ’98, admittedly in a military information warfare context. I suspect there might be a combination effect of orchestrated info war operators dumping inflammatory videos on social media (killer bee type swarming), to incite a feeding frenzy (swarming of schools of fish who swallow just about any bait ).

      • JK

        Given what we’ve stumbled across today LB, but still keeping in mind how many followers she’s [McKew] got on her twitter doo dad, … I think we ought not minimize too soon (and you *probably* aren’t) the part Narrative plays in this thing.

        Swarming … now I think more on it, is more likely tactical while the narrative bit is the strategic part. Still though, for me, an understanding in progress – with you doing most of the legwork since I’m not about to subject myself to anything more than the minimal Twittershit.

  5. JK

    Tnx, I think for now, or whatever future suspicion/conclusion you come up with/develop, I’ll operate based on your current suspicion. Makes the most sense to me at any rate.

    I did see Brian Stelter (via Drudge) musing whether “is it time journos lay off twitter?” As if …

  6. JK

    My limiting methodology where my assertion based on US Census data where the surname “Talia” is concerned had to, by necessity according to the way my training dictated, have some limiting factor.

    I went with “Within those families surnamed Talia, which provided children of such age as to, be of sufficient educational maturity to satisfy Press claims [no internet during ‘my education’ – and Census data lags] to influence the [US] general population into the early next century?”

    That census turned out to be 1940 – which, probably, comes as no surprise [or much] to us – Dad, b ’25, Mom, b ’35 …

    I am well aware of the unreliability of projections. The difference between mine and that that’s in use now was mine was formulated by the OSS and everything since 1985 is CIA.

    Besides, my specific training had only to do with me being a meteorologist. A simple schmuck in other words.

    • Thanks, JK, My methodology, such as it is, stems from my childhood fixation reading the dictionary every day, trying to practice how to pronounce words, without stuttering. Whenever I read a word or phrase I wasn’t sure what it meant… off to my dictionary and our set of World Book Encyclopedias, I went. Googling is much easier, but I think I learned more from my old “methodology”, lol

      This has been a very interesting night of pondering stuff, for sure. Thanks for all your insights and input!

      • JK

        We do work mighty good alongside one another looking back. Probably because we sometimes [frequently? lol] fail to come to a similar “conclusion” – don’t know about you but, looking back and then forward unto today I don’t know I’ve concluded anything yet. You may’ve had better results – like the tv commercials say,”Results vary.”

        We (all of the US this time, not just we two) find our media “closed” unlike has ever been before – what was in our youth, opinion is now dogma and, barring another prominent Republican the media’s latched onto for “crossing the aisle” dying pretty soon I, personally, can’t see any of the various media interests (FOX, CNN, MSNBC et al) giving up on any of their “accepted experts” … no matter how ephemeral those experts’ history proclaim.

        This McKew chick’s resume’ is so awfully, blatantly obvious that, given the media’s previously getting burned so badly by that O’Bagy chick, that they [media] haven’t come to pawning her off onto some politician’s back-burnered staff bodes … very ill.

        I’m happy to be elderly.

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