Another IG report

Here’s another IG report just released:

Report of Investigation:Recovery of Text Messages From Certain FBI Mobile Devices



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7 responses to “Another IG report

  1. JK

    The courts have been very busy these recent days. Might take a gander at the comment I left over on Malcolm’s … if you bother with the link you’ll probably see the “humor” I see. The Court really took Congress to task for, basically, abdicating its Constitutionally enumerated primary duty – and hilariously (or in “junior high level schoolroom civics” fashion if you will).

    Remember … I think it was Pelosi who said, “We’ll have to pass the bill to see what’s in it”?

    Well the court really spanked the defendant class – went so far as to, in its citing precedent go all the way back to Marbury v. Madison! Heck, there’s even at least three instances of the courts citing Webster’s Dictionary.

    Can’t hardly go no schoolroom more’n telling the Congress to go to the dictionary.

  2. JK

    Ummm … LB?

    Is there anything you feel (know) I need to consider so as to be as informed as I might be should I wish to follow (or otherwise keep current with) “somebody” who does Twitter?

    Can I do so keeping just my “JK” intact?

    I’d be doing so from a desktop – any harm in that?

    • JK

      Oh. I’ll not be twittering myself.

    • The media repeats all the Trump tweets and there are sites online that have all of Trump’s tweets, I believe. Everything the media and political class fixate on flows from Trump’s tweets and his public comments.

      I don’t post my tweets on my blog and I tweet strictly to observe the media/political spin war, because it all stems from their interactions on Twitter.

      If I figured this out, America’s adversaries assuredly have too, but I don’t know how attuned our own top officials are to grasping our domestic spin info war, because they are too blinded by partisanship to see the forest for the trees.

      You can observe the media/pols tweets and retweets spin frenzy offensives and counter-offensives, in real time on Twitter. My personal Twitter objective is to spin my own message about the dangers to America from SPIN and to “blow up” emerging partisan spin attacks… by retweeting both sides lame spin attacks, adding my own mocking comments. Since I have very few followers and don’t work to “make friends” there, lol, doubt my efforts matter in the big picture. It makes me feel better though.

      I intend to leave Twitter behind me once this 2016 scorched earth spin war ends.

      You can open a Twitter account using an anonymous Twitter screen name, like I use libertybelle, but to register, they ask for a name and email address. You can have a Twitter account and not ever tweet anything, but to see what specific people are tweeting, you have to either use the search box on Twitter or the easier way is to follow those people you are interested in and then a lot of their tweets show up in your twitter feed.

      Twitter has a direct messaging option where you can chat with people privately. I have never used that and never will direct message on Twitter. I suspect many of the journalists, pundits and pols maintain a very active “direct messaging” Twitter life that helps fuel their Twitter Tweet stream spin efforts. Sorry, for the long-winded explanation.

      • JK

        Well, looks like what I was interested in the NRO “Wire” maybe is a pretty good approximation. At any rate just abit ago looking there showed me Mueller dropped the bomb (other shoe) I kinda figured he would.

        I’m not exactly sure what the person is (careerwise) but I’m fairly confident s/he’s legally trained, probably a fullblown lawyer but heck, might be just a really really competent sidechair. … I think maybe I can id after the correct fashion:


        You mention “twitter feed” I’m not sure I enjoy the implication of the ‘feed’ part so I think for now I’ll just keep thinking about it.

        Thanks though.

  3. JK

    Wish’t I’d had this to read back on December 5th so I coulda skipped all the crap I been doing since then. For instance I’d known that, as soon as Flynn’s legal team called into question Strzok’s six months late 302, and in Judge Sullivan’s court of all places, the very next day Mueller’d do exactly what I was referring to in my comment above of the 17th (I swear its a pure coincidence!) @ 3:02.

    However … as text is included down at the very bottom of this link I’m soon to paste, “Adam Mill is a pseudonym” … I find myself marveling at how any person could keep so many bowling pins in the air at a single juggle and wondering at the total number of people I’ve been fortunate enough to encounter equaling about six and at least four of those have gone on to their reward …

    I’m here to tell ya LB, sure makes a feller curious.

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