Oh yay, Election Day is here…

Election Day has arrived.  My husband and I went and voted this morning.  There were only a few people at a time trickling in, no line and no wait.  Here in GA, Buddy Carter is my Congressman and I happily voted for him again, but since Trump, I don’t consider myself a Republican anymore and with my conservative views, I assuredly don’t fit in the Democratic Party.  I also don’t fit in the Libertarian Party or any other fringe political groups.  So, I guess I’m an Independent.

The GA race for governor has been one of the most contentious in the country and I left my ballot blank for governor,  just like I did in 2016 with the Hillary or Trump choice.  Stacey Abrams lost me completely the more she talked about her views.  She started off sounding more centrist, but as her campaign went on she moved to very progressive left positions.  Aside from her rise in GA politics, Abrams has several published romance novels, which won her some popularity points with me, of course, but still her progressive ideas sound like lots more government spending on lots more government programs.

Brian Kemp, the Republican candidate, well, he lost me with that first asinine campaign ad pointing a gun at his daughter’s date, plus the whole overplayed “Good ‘Ol Boy” schtick and on top of that he added jackass Trumpian wannabe antics.   He went from losing my vote to earning my ire with how he handled the Democratic concerns (read that as largely fear mongering effort) about voter suppression and then, with his call for FBI assistance to investigate the Democratic Party of GA.  Being on the ballot himself,  he obviously has a giant conflict of interest in any state voting issues in this election and he should have stepped down as Secretary of State or recused himself.  Definitely not rocket science here, that the ethical thing to do as Secretary of State of  GA would be step aside when you stand to gain or lose depending on the election in question. Instead, just like his idol, President Trump, he chose to feed his political enemies free ammo.

On predictions for the House and Senate, well, I have none, other than the sure bet that before the dust even settles on these midterms, both parties and the media will leap full throttle into 2020 hype and hysteria, all centered on President Donald J. Trump.  He now lives rent free in just about every politico’s head.  No matter what the issue, somehow Trump will be a factor.

Oh, and one more midterm prediction.  Hillary will be back in full force making her presence felt among 2020 Democrat hopefuls. Unlike so many others, who have written her off, I believe she will fight tooth and nail to be the Democratic nominee in 2020.  Truthfully, that’s not much of a prediction, since she already signaled this with the upcoming Bill and Hill cross-country speaking tour and in a recent interview she clearly stated that she wants to be president.

We will remain stuck in the 2016 scorched earth spin war for the foreseeable future.


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19 responses to “Oh yay, Election Day is here…

  1. JK

    Well glad to hear you’ve officially acknowledged you’re joined with us Independicrats LB, I think you’re gonna enjoy our post election obligations more than either the Dems or the Reps “boast” of.

    When, for instance “some of our candidates” lose you’ll not be expected to set any cars on fire, risk breaking any nails in general melees (riots) or heck, even march on or picket Washington DC.

    Come to think of it, none of that stuff is expected when “some of our candidates” win either.

    Can’t promise you’re gonna be able to avoid housework though.

  2. JK

    Oh yeah, before all her back issues fly off the shelves here’s you a few excerpts so to decide which of her novels you’ll be wanting to decide first which to get for your Kindle:


    Sorry though about my not being able to locate a link for Kemp’s Rocket Science 101 textbook.

    • I am not reading her novels JK. Geesh, I just found that bio bit interesting, because, well because I like romance novels. However, I am very particular about which romance novels I read – HISTORICAL romance novels, mostly set in Regency England, but occasionally I do read some set in the American Old West.

      I’m now finding myself in a similar snit here with Kemp as I was in over that orchestrated Dem smear campaign of Kavanaugh. Kemp won this GA governor’s race, fair and square, but it looks like the Dems are going to pull another of these hanging chad type scenarios or scream racism/disenfranchisement. I get very perturbed when all sorts of party operatives/lawyers pour into a state to try to hijack the election process and that’s what I sense the Dems are trying to do here.

      If I find the energy, I might be writing a post about the Kavanaugh smear campaign. “Poor” Dr. Ford has made almost a million bucks off this charade so far:


      I saved the Kavanaugh Report that Senator Grassley released last week, but haven’t had time to read it yet. Kind of wanted to skim over that a bit before attempting a blog post:

      Click to access 2018-11-02%20Kavanaugh%20Report.pdf

      Then again today was Day #1 of Dem House Impeachment Histrionics. David Corn, led off with “The List” of House Dem investigations they want to kick off:


      And there was Pelosi out their with her Cheshire cat smile, talking about “bipartisanship” this morning too… By afternoon, Nadler, Swalwell, Eric Holder, Schiff, et al. were hyperventilating about “saving our democracy” from Trump.

      By tonight, the media and Dem mouthpieces are ranting non-stop about Trump’s “threat to free speech”, because the White House announced the temporary suspension of Jim Acosta’s press credentials.

      If Day 1 of the Dems with some “power” is any indication, they and media stand the risk of overplaying their Trump smear efforts, like they did with Kavanaugh, and end up galvanizing more support for Trump.

  3. JK

    Well I hope Georgia’s Democrats ain’t gonna get me in their sights a’cause I may be seen as torpedoing Ms Abrams shot at supplementing her income as she awaits another GoFundMe opportunity for political office. Or Oprah denies me access to her appearances …

    Yep. Hanging chad elections has come a long way in such a short time, from cottage to nationwide growth industry in less than two decades leads me to think maybe the Hedge Fund guys get with Congress to figure out something similar to using debt to finance home mortgages except this time rather than supporting bankers support public sector pension funding. Now that Maxine Waters is heading House Finance that ought to be a snap.

    Yeah I read that RCI article but I figured cutting the girl some slack. After all I figured she’s gonna have to make payments toward the loan she and her husband took out for the home improvement project to build all those open-to-the-street-doors her PTSD condition now demands.

    Thanks for pointing me to the Grassley release. Assuages the sense of loss I’d developed over the Dems apparently losing of their erection for continuing the Kavenaugh Inquisition. (Oh God I’m sounding like a character in a Georgia political candidate’s daydreams.)

    Mr. Corn apparently read your “Perpetually Traumatized” post and figured to document for posterity the House of Representatives’ Odyssey Forward! legacy. (I can’t wait to read it. [Sure).

    Far as what’s in store for us after this week’s Sunday Shows Sumup and then Monday morning’s first day of the next Presidential Campaign I’m worrying it’s gonna be more Gameshow Channel than Hallmark Romance.

    • “I’m worrying it’s gonna be more Gameshow Channel than Hallmark Romance.”

      Perhaps they might be aiming for a more extreme reality TV show… um, like a political version of Survivor combined with Naked and Afraid… I think Trump’s more likely to win against Nadler, Schiff, Swalwell and Waters, plus with their sanctimony and extreme leftist lunacy, they’re more likely to assure Trump’s reelection than they are to actually get impeachment proceedings through the house.

      Poetic justice would be a 2nd special counsel investigating the Crossfire Hurricane Obama corruption. Now there’s some massive corruption at the highest levels of the FBI, Obama DOJ and Brennan/Clapper.

  4. JK

    “Perhaps they might be aiming for a more extreme reality TV show… um, like a political version of Survivor combined with Naked and Afraid…”

    You may well be LB, entirely correct.

    It’s not often that I take (ala David Duff) occasion to copy and paste in entirety, somebody else’s post:

    “We were told just days ago by all the great and good in the media when Martha McSally conceded that gracious losing is absolutely essential to our democracy. Well, here’s Stacey Abrams explicitly saying in her concession speech that she’s not conceding and, basically, alleging a dire plot to deny her the Georgia governorship, and assuredly almost no one who praised McSally will utter a peep of protest.”

    No LB, your eyes do not deceive you, that’s it, two sentences and yet the former mentioned stands as surviving and the latter mentioned; though I do not dare … cough cough … impute that a “candidate of two sjw qualities” could possibly exhibit Afraid.

    Lest you doubt the two mere sentences bit:


  5. Upon seeing Abrams speech yesterday evening, I tweeted:

    “Abrams following the Dem “Resist” SPIN model. Angry, fear mongering takes precedence over being gracious in defeat. #FollowingTheHillarySoreLoserPlaybook☹️”

    I noted several Trumpers immediately noted this situational take on the virtue of “being gracious in defeat”, with how the media and the Left chirp a happy chorus when a Republican loser, immediately concedes defeat and warbles on about wishing the Dem winner much success. Conversely, the Dem loser, “resisting” admitting defeat, engaging in shameless race-baiting & spewing conspiracy innuendo, and casting doubt on our election process, gets elevated to cult status by the media and Left.

    This same selective rule for civility is what feeds both sides of our rabid partisans. Trump talks about a “rigged election” and he’s tearing down our democracy, while Hillary spouting the same sentiment fueled the entire “Resist” movement, which many in the media fully aid and abet, and the Left embraced as a virtuous, patriotic effort to “save our democracy” from the evil Trump. It’s all such a farce by the Left, as I’ve said many times, “Resist” is a corrupt effort to overturn legal elections with massive spin campaigns when possible, failing that to delegitimize the winner. It’s masks lawlessness as patriotic duty.

    Then Dems wonder why so many conservatives and Republicans no longer trust the media and loathe Dem lectures on “civility”…

    I no longer believe anything the NYT or WaPo report about Trump, until I wait 24 to 48 hours and see if the story is just another Dem SPIN messaging effort or legit.

    The media is on another spin jag trying to sow dissension and divides in the Trump administration (a frequent tactic they use to feed Trump’s paranoia and which he falls for constantly). If it’s not Gen Mattis and Gen Kelly they are reporting as saying something negative about Trump or Trump being ready to ditch them, it’s some other high-level administration official. Couple days of “can Trump trust Pence” and “Is Pence loyal” Dem spin in the media going on right now. It’s reported for an audience of ONE – Donald J. Trump, but he still hasn’t learned not to take their bait and not to listen to them.

    With the GOP Insurgency, the problem remains a very divided weak GOP, which benefits the Left and which is why the Clintons adopted that Pied Piper strategy promoting Trump in the 2016 GOP primary, in the first place.

    The Trumpers see the corrupt Dems antics clearly, but say, “F-that!” and adopt an “any means necessary” ethos to destroy the Left and any NeverTrumpers, who refused to get on the Trump train.

    The NeverTrumper faction isn’t really a faction at all , it’s just a lot of former Republicans and conservatives, who didn’t support Trump in 2016 and/or disapprove of his behavior as POTUS. There’s no unity or organization within Never Trump types, with them ranging from full turncoat Republicans ( see Bill Kristol & Jennifer Rubin), who went all-in for Hillary and were begging Republicans to vote for Dems in the midterms, to the mealy-mouthed Jeff Flake apologetics and being a willing pawn for the Dems always, to many who decided on a “calling balls and strikes” approach of praising Trump on policies he pursues, that they agree with, but calling him out for his undignified outbursts and name-calling.

    I’m usually looking big picture these days – wondering how in the heck America will survive with this kind of scorched earth mass media SPIN info war blowing hot 24/7. And I’m worrying about our national security, with the world watching this scorched earth SPIN war too and making strategic calculations based off “What the hell is going on in America?” or “What did Trump just tweet?”

    Trump will never be able to unify the GOP. He will throw any of his own supporters under the bus in a heartbeat and he and his mouthpieces are one trick “strategic” ponies – “Fight back!”. His SPIn troopers, just like Trump, attack without any larger strategic objectives. They have no real plan, no discipline to organize and everything they do depends on the whims of Donald J. Trump. And if there’s one thing you can be sure of, it’s that Trump is totally undisciplined and will charge headlong into attacking, falling for every trap his enemies set. He is the Dems best weapon against the GOP ever unifying or organizing.

    His admirers tout, “He’s a disrupter!”, but at some point disrupting the system leads to collapsing the system and THAT is what the far-left has been after for decades. Funny that, “collapsing the system” used to be something conservatives were warning about constantly, now Trumpers cheer it on…

    Collapsing system…

    Um, and the media isn’t talking much about this report: https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/u-s-military-crisis-could-lose-war-russia-china-report-n936431?cid=sm_npd_ms_tw_lw

    They’re talking about “can Trump trust Pence?” and “did you hear what Trump said about the fires in CA?”

  6. JK

    Yes. Big picture and, wait the 24 to 48 is now the must-do before accepting anything. God help us if a “real” crisis does come and rapid action will only be in the devil’s kit.

    And the media as well as all the bit-payers admonish us, “Relax, enjoy the show!” (Knowing full well that precisely the opposite of Relax is the desired.)

    Oh where has the country I used to recognize gone to?

  7. JK

    Probably because of fear Lynch is holding a grudge over his handling of the tarmac incident. Figuring the House’s Sergeant Major(?) to make ’em sit side by side.

  8. JK

    Possibly enlightening, hopefully helpful. “Sounds plausible” but I really haven’t a clue …

    • Well, JK, Corsi’s motives seem to be to hawk a book and cast doubt on the Mueller probe. His “woe-is-me” account is just meant to blow more spin smoke into the public square.

      It seems to me that this Mueller probe’s biggest problem all along is that Mueller and his team began with the presumption that Trump was guilty of some nefarious “Russian collusion” and that the information Comey provided was a reliable.

      Comey is the weakest link in Mueller’s probe.

  9. JK

    Thanks LB – Sorry Mr. Corsi and Doubleday (whichever).



    Just to be plain “Andy agrees.”

  10. JK

    Oh. LB I got to thinking (yeah I know, “dangerous”) Anyway, M changed the title of his blog and so the reference on your current post I left maybe wasn’t enough:


    (I hope y’all are enjoying more comfortable temperatures than we here in Arkansas have been and looks like, are going to the next few months. My network weatherman informed us last evening “It is now the the fifth coldest November pushing November 1954 into the sixth spot.” .. Yeah like I had to be told that – first time since we moved in here the propane refill couldn’t be put off into the new year.)

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