Not a single bright spot in this election

Decided to write a short post on the upcoming mid-term elections, since that’s the big news until next Tuesday.  I don’t know if the Republicans will keep or lose control of the House.  Regardless how the election turns out, President Trump’s disgusting antics hyping this Central American migrant caravan heading to the border, along with FOX news’ non-stop agitation propaganda hyping it as some ominous “invasion force” coming to spread destruction and disease,  goes to a new level of Soviet-level propaganda in American media.

For one who thought the Left’s relentless SPIN repetitive messaging information war was the most dangerous propaganda effort in American history, well this latest Trump/FOX  “invasion force” effort has given me a great deal of pause.  It’s hard to believe just a few short weeks ago, the anger I felt about the Dems and mainstream media vicious, orchestrated SPIN character assassination of Brett Kavanaugh had moved me to being a bit more sympathetic toward President Trump.

Leave it to Trump to choose the most divisive, self-destructive path toward ostensibly campaigning for Republican candidates by handing his political enemies a daily super-sized supply of free ammo to use against him and Republicans, that Dems can just kickback and rerun clips of daily streams of Trump bilge.  Trump has managed to sideline the Republican candidates in these races and turn it into all about himself… and the “invasion force”.

President Trump made some bizarre comments on illegal immigration late in the day yesterday.  He keeps hyping the military force he’s ordered to the border to help “repel the invasion force”.  The units being sent are NOT combat units, so all Trump’s hyperbole is just heavy doses of fear mongering to dupe his followers.  He made some comment about the military will shoot back if any migrants throw rocks.  What the military will be doing is working to prevent a humanitarian disaster, they aren’t going to be attacking unarmed migrants.  That FOX news and Trump’s strident pundit mouthpieces cheer on Trump’s saber-rattling is unforgivable.  Funny how so many of these same people would have been screaming bloody murder if any other president was diverting thousands of US troops to the border, when the military struggles to meet its obligations carrying out all the other vital national security missions around the world.  Yet they abandon or talk themselves around to supporting Trump’s morally bankrupt political theater antics every time.  At some point, these people look as pathetic, corrupt and as disgusting as the Democrats they revile.

If Republicans manage to hang on to the House, Trump will proclaim it’s all because of his reprehensible fear mongering and repeating his GOP Insurgent schtick.  If Republicans lose control of the House, rest assured, Trump will take none of the blame.

All that is obvious is Trump has sunk the Republican Party to a level of dishonesty, hypocritical posturing and abhorrent identity politics that rivals the Democratic Party, which leaves America with two totally corrupt parties.  No matter who wins on Tuesday, our political parties will continue to careen toward factionalizing America, to the point of being ungovernable.

There’s not a single bright spot in this election.

Update 11/2/2018:  President Trump walked back his bluster from yesterday asserting US troops would respond with force to migrants who throw rocks at them.  CNN reports:

“When the Trump administration first asked the Pentagon to send troops to the southern border, they wanted them to perform emergency law enforcement functions, CNN has learned.

The Pentagon said no.
According to two defense official familiar with the request, the Department of Homeland Security asked that the Pentagon provide a reserve force that could be called upon to provide “crowd and traffic control” and safeguard Customs and Border Protection personnel at the border to counter a group of Central American migrants walking to the US border to request asylum.
The Pentagon rejected the request on October 26, according to one of the officials, even as it signed off on providing DHS with air and logistics support, medical personnel and engineers.”


Also this:

“Defense officials have repeatedly emphasized the troops at the border are there to support civil authorities and that they are not expected to come into any contact with migrants.”



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5 responses to “Not a single bright spot in this election

    • Thanks, JK. The Turley piece says it all about James Comey. I don’t know if I can listen to the Wallace & Comey for an hour, lol. One minute of listening to them had me gritting my teeth.

      • JK

        (Sheepishly admitting) Me neither.

      • Good God JK, just think, there’s likely going to be more Comey testimony to read through this week… His “I don’t recall” game, in his latest testimony, is hard to take, especially when he effusively and expansively answered the Dem questions, which were just flimsy lifelines to keep him from crashing into the rocks of the Obama/Clinton 2016 corruption, littering the American political shore.

        Our American political ship keeps taking on water…

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