Spring is begun…

“And though the vegetable sleep will continue longer on some trees and plants than on others, and though some of them may not blossom for two or three years, all will be in leaf in the summer, except those which are rotten. What pace the political summer may keep with the natural, no human foresight can determine.  It is, however not difficult to perceive that the spring is begun.”

—Thomas Paine, The Rights of Man

In the above photo, I decided to try some fabric as a backdrop and those bunnies I found in a small store in Butzbach, Germany, in the early 90s, I think. I loved shopping at a flea market in Butzbach too, where I found some very good deals on knickknack junk.

I started reading this book a few years ago and decided that this Spring I want to take the time to finish it and also to spend a little more time outside working in my small flower bed in front of my house. Yesterday, I pulled some weeds that I should have cleaned up in the Fall.  At my two mail box planters – I pulled out my dead mandevillas and geesh, the right side planter was swarming with fire ants, so I definitely need to treat that.  Time to start planning a few flowers for my flower bed for sure.  It’s the beginning of GA Spring pollen too – the yellow clouds of pollen are just getting started. My son washed my car the other day, as he was washing his car in my driveway.  Lots to do!

I found some inspiration in the above Thomas Paine quote, which is on one of the first pages of this Founding Gardeners book – heck, who doesn’t find inspiration in Thomas Paine, LOL…

Have a nice day!


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5 responses to “Spring is begun…

  1. JK

    Well LB I could have a nice day if, say for example, you and your husband travel up for reminiscences to Fort Leonard Wood that you stop by awhile in Arkansas and pull a few weeds that I’ve neglected since our first frost!

    Nice pull-quote there.

    • Jk, If I meander down to Arkansas, I want to camp out at least a month and explore. It is truly a beautiful state. I expected dome depressing pig farms or something, then when my husband and I drove across Arkansas in 2006, well, I was pleasantly surprised. I kept telling him, “This is really a beautiful state!”.

      We were on the way to NM to visit our son, before he deployed to Iraq, so we couldn’t stop to do any sightseeing.

      Oh, and we stopped at that exit, near where that extinct Ivory-billed woodpecker, has supposedly been spotted, lol.

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