Define “imminent threat”


Still getting up too early these days…  Over on YouTube this morning, looking for music to listen to, lol.  Here’s a real blast from the past.  I loved the Beatles. I love this song!   My oldest sister, who is 8 years older than me,  had a lot of records.  I loved listening to all her records, because the Beatles were more her age group than mine, being a teen in the 70s.  I loved her Barbra Streisand albums too.  Nice break from the SPIN.   Yesterday, geesh walked past the TV, where  my husband has FOX News on constantly in the sunroom – they were busy recycling “the North Korea crisis” SPIN  again…  Old Seb and John Bolton, “President Trump must do something” ..blah, blah, blah, “They’ve got labor camps there”…

No shit, but it used to be real events that triggered an international crisis – now it’s Seb Gorka(God, that man is an idiot, imo),General Keane and John Bolton…  What’s up with that???  The North Korean nuke crisis has been an “imminent threat” for the last decade, always SPUN with a sliding timeline of when North Korea is expected to have nuclear weapons…  Color me just a bit tired of all these “crises”.  North Korea might pop off a few missiles to gin it up,  pressure the US, but “imminent threat” needs some serious work on defining more precisely.  Just my opinion.  I’ve got to do some housework today… if I don’t get sidetracked by youtube videos, lol.  Have a nice day:-)

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