A long, hard road ahead for America

This morning President Trump was tweeting hard and heavy, from resurrecting a conspiracy theory about the death of a Joe Scarborough aide years ago to three retweets of anti-Muslim videos from a British  the leader, Jayda Fransen, who heads a neo-fascist group, Britain First.

The mainstream media and Left jumped into full-throated denunciations and some are calling for Trump’s impeachment … again.

I’ve had the same concerns about Trump’s use of his private cell phone and private Twitter account from the beginning.  The first concern is who controls Trump’s Twitter feed?  Is it some benign algorithm or do human hands tweak his feed?   The entire world knows how easily Trump can be baited and manipulated.  This makes him a target for manipulation by both his confidantes, partisan enemies and America’s adversaries.

Trump follows only 45 people on Twitter.  It has been reported that he does not use email or a computer and his aides print out emails and news articles for him to read.  Did someone send him these tweets to retweet?  Most of his news he seems to get from TV.  This makes me wonder how he came across THREE Jayda Fransen tweets to retweet?

It just seems very odd to me.  The media jumped quickly in with stories about Dems insisting Trump needs to be impeached by Christmas and there are pile-on stories questioning his mental state, reporters blabbing on that he is delusional and stating that recently Trump is questioning the authenticity of the Access Hollywood tape.

President Trump is totally unfit to carry out the duties of President in any way most Americans expect the office to be run.  However, he was duly elected and millions of Americans still support him.  And then there are millions of other Americans who have been working tirelessly to get him impeached even before he was inaugurated.  A vast amount of money and effort, much of it  shouldered by “journalists” and pundits in the media has been expended to #Resist, which really is an effort to take down Trump, by any means necessary.

I follow timelines and something odd happened on Twitter a couple of days ago, on Monday.   Keith Olbermann announced he is shutting down his #Resist Twitter effort, which has been relentless.  The Hill reported:

“The former ESPN, MSNBC, Current TV and Fox Sports host said he was “confident” President Trump’s presidency would end soon, thereby making it the “correct moment” to exit from making further political commentary.

“I am confident now even more so than I have been throughout the last year that this nightmare presidency of Donald John Trump will end prematurely and end soon, and I am thus also confident that this is the correct moment to end this series of commentaries,” Olbermann said, adding that Trump will either be removed from office or forced to resign by his own party sometime in the next 13 months.”


As soon as I saw Olbermann’s statement, I believed there was a new massive scorched earth attack from the #Resist bigwigs brewing.  His statement sounds like he is confident the plans are in the works.

I don’t know whether far-right Trump loyalists sent Trump those Fransen tweets, which is possible, but if not them, then how on earth did THREE of Fransen’s tweets show up on Trump’s Twitter feed?

Of course, in the end Trump chose to retweet those tweets.  The national security implications just thinking that a President relies on unvetted Twitter droppings and FOX News punditry over vetted intelligence should give every American pause.

If Trump ends up impeached, the #Resist effort has so poisoned the well, that millions of Trump supporters will believe it was a coup.  And, the Left’s  orchestrated antics to take down Trump, no matter what, provide a mountain of evidence to bolster that belief.

The scorched earth mentality  corrupts the moral fiber of many Trump supporters, just like the scorched earth mentality corrupted the moral fiber of many Clinton supporters.  The followers buy into believing the endless morally bankrupt drivel political pundits package and sell.  Conservatives used to point out these corrupt excuses, but in the era of Trump, many former conservative pundits (and even some Evangelical leaders) now sell Trumpian beliefs.  Yesterday, I read the most pathetic piece by D.C. McAllister, at The Federalist,  selling voting for Roy Moore is okay, because God often picks bad people to do his good works.  She cited Scripture to promote voting for a morally reprehensible candidate, as doing God’s will.   Her piece is on par with much of the brain trust in the Trump camp, many of whom spent decades preaching Christian values and the importance of character.  Now, it’s “In Trump We Trust”, and is as entrenched a cult of personality as the Left’s.

Before the election last year, I wrote a post stating that I believed no matter who won the election, America was on the road to a constitutional crisis.    America’s 2016 corruption reached epic proportions, with two candidates fully committed to running scorched earth information warfare. The level of wholesale public corruption, where vast sums of money went into scorched earth information warfare and this any means necessary mind-set led to the GOP insurgency.  We had two totally corrupt narcissists, willing to do and say anything to win.  America’s constitutional institutions remain under attack constantly, by both Trump and the #Resist movement.  Trump is not the only one undermining American institutions.  The #Resist tried to sell ditching the electoral college, questioned the legitimacy of the election,  and have run a constant effort to impeach Trump.  That Trump dossier leads back to the Clintons too.

The spin cycles are spinning out of control.

The entire spectacle is  a national disgrace and a national embarrassment.  Even worse, it’s getting impossible to even know which information to believe.  Many journalists were happily praising the Washington Post for catching James O’Keefe’s effort to pedal a fake Roy Moore accusation to a Washington Post reporter and yes, it’s good the reporter vetted the story, but that in no way atones for the many Trump stories, hard news journalists have tweeted or retweeted without vetting first.

How many chances do you give a news organization for getting the story wrong or watching their journalists retweet stories without fact-checking, before you decide they have lost their credibility?  In February 2017 a racist ad that was purported to be a Fred Trump political ad was widely circulated on Twitter.  Glenn Kessler, at the Washington Post, retweeted that fake video too, as did many journalists that day.  He is the Washington Post fact-checker.  Trump isn’t the only one instigating tweet storms, with dubious or false information.  The so-called hard news journalists do it too.  Often their tweets get thousands of retweets, while their corrections get very few.

At some point our institutions will fracture and begin to tear apart from this endless scorched earth information warfare and the rampant public corruption it feeds.  The fraying social fabric shows signs of tearing apart and  at some point our country will fracture into seething factions.   How fast our country fractures depends on whether anything emerges from this burning wreckage to pull our country together.

Trump being impeached or forced to resign will only deepen the divides, but that sure seems more likely every day.

It’s a long, hard road ahead for America.




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